Jul 262010

Hey guys.

No really, that’s it, we just wanted to say hi. We’re incredibly excited to welcome back our wabbit-season-only readers, and even more excited to welcome in viewers who have only just found us. And the most excited to welcome new Mad Men fans–because it’s not so much about us, y’know? But about this show we all love watching and discussing.

If you’re new, have a look around. We’ve been around since late 2007, discussing Mad Men, its nuances, actors, creators, successes, and anything else.

Up top you’ll see tabs–Please read our about section for a bit on who we are and some of our policies here at the Basket. We embrace debate; we don’t tolerate meanness, and well, we kind of get to decide about where that line gets drawn. We adore conjecture; we ban spoilers. Ban ’em. (Spoilers refers to anything that hasn’t aired yet. Once it’s aired, if you don’t want to know about it, stay away from here!)

We have an episode guide and a quotes directory.

We have an always-in-progress Bible (that is frankly waaay behind; that be my fault) that includes the also-always-in-progress (but much more current) Cultural References.

Thrillingly, we have a STORE!

We have a “Mad News” tab. How this works is, any Basketcase (yeah, that’s you) can submit a news item through the Basketcase News Submissions on the left. The first time yu submit a link you’re moderated, after that they go straight through. The most recent five appear on the left, the most recent forty under the Mad News tab. Please try to check to see if your link is already there. And oh, yeah, once a week or so we publish our own Mad News post, because there’s always plenty these days.

Have a look at our left sidebar–oh hey! A PayPal donation button! Some of you know our blog broke down (and the person who maintained it uh–is incarcerated for nothing to do with us) and it’s cost us a basket of money to restore. Some of you have already generously donated, and we so, so appreciate it. Feel good. Add to the donation basket.

On the right sidebar, my personal favorite, the Random Quote section. Check it out. Hit refresh. Check again. I can do it all day.

Scroll down a bit on the left sidebar, and you will see our collection of exclusive interviews–these folks love talking to us, and we love it more. Bryan Batt, Elisabeth Moss, Matt Weiner, and yeah Jon Frigging Hamm, among so many others.

But really and truly what we are mostly about here at BoK is talking about the show. You can peruse by category or date (both can be found on the right) or just start working your way backwards. We just. love. talking. about. Mad Men. And hopefully you do too! Jump into any discussion, new or old. Feel free to register.

And thank you for loving this show.


Roberta (speaking for both of us).


  14 Responses to “Hello new visitors: A big Basketeer welcome!”

  1. I always forget about BoK during the off-season, but it means I always have lots to come back and read! Anyway, looking forward to following along this season (and maybe even commenting, instead of hiding behind my lurker shell!).

  2. Has anyone seen the brief preview clip for episode 2? Yikes. It doesn't look like the office drama is going away anytime soon.

  3. Princess R–way to come out!

  4. It's good to be back! Thanks for the welcome. (I've been back for some time, actually, appreciating your faithfulness, loving the new writers who are blogging, lurking and cheering you on through the mire you've been navigating with the site — congratulations on triumph over adversity!)

  5. #2 Echos, yes, and the point made last night that Lucky Strike is 71% of billings is bound to make next week even more tense.

  6. I want sweaters and ears.

  7. …and our own special song.

  8. Yaay for the new season. I have so many blogs that I follow that I tend to just skim or read the tiny bit that gets displayed in my RSS reader in the off season. Glad to be back for an exciting new season.

  9. Anyone who didn't catch Terry Gross' interview with Matt Weiner on Fresh Air on NPR this afternoon needs to check it out. It was very interesting and Terry is definitely a Basket Case, the audio is already up and you can download it in a variety of formats or read the transcript http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?stor

  10. Thanks for the link, Dark Peggy.

  11. @ 7 Anne B-I can't help you with the sweaters and ears, but…

    @ 8 GoodSally-tune in tomorrow, when it will be music day on Basket of Kisses (not on the whole blog, just my little corner of it. The corner isn't really mine, just on loan from the wonderful Lipp Sisters).

  12. Thanks for the warm welcome, Roberta. It's always a pleasure to visit BoK right after the latest MAD MEN and read the community's insightful remarks. It forever enhances my experience of the show. And I've recently moved to NYC from Sydney (where the new season begins September 25) so look forward to finally watching it with you all. Oh and look out for more of my MAD MEN promos soon. Best wishes, Lyle

  13. Oh Lyle (et all) you can count on a season finale party in Manhattan–once the date is secured (we'll keep our eyes on the schedule), save the date!

  14. I'll be there!

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