Love and Marriage

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Jul 162010

I was thinking about all the couples who are married on MM, and wondered about their survival when season 4 starts.

There’s Lane and Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t love NY, so you wonder if she’ll be around for much of season 4, or go back to London. There’s Joan and Greg. I think his days will be numbered, and his treatment of Joan was always despicable to me. We have Roger and Jane. Is there anyone who really thinks she’ll be with Roger “till death do us part?” I think not. There’s Henry Harry and Jennifer. Harry’s wife is barely seen, but when last we saw her, she left the dance floor after seeing Pete and Trudy taking center stage dancing. Now Pete and Trudy. Interesting couple, since last year’s finale seemed to put them on the same page, and had them seemingly happy. One can only wonder how long that can last w/ a character like Pete. I’m not sure Pete has the ability to be as happy and loving and committed as Trudy, but I’m sure season 4 will provide us w/ more insight into that. And since Don will be single, will he ever marry or will he just continue with his myriad of woman?


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  1. Harry Crane is married to Jennifer. They have a baby.

    Perhaps now that Harry is head of the TV department of SCDP we will see more of Jennifer in S4

  2. You are right. My bad. I always call him Henry, knowing full well his name is Harry.

  3. Of course, many are waiting to see if the separated Duck and Chauncey will reconcile. And will Lois reunite with John Deere? Francine and Carlton? Crab and Duck?

  4. Roger and Jane could easily be married until death do they part. She's a fledgling alcoholic and he's got a bad ticker. Toss a coin on which one goes first.

    I could see Trudy dumping Pete if she finds out about the baby.

    There is no Mrs. Bert Cooper, correct? He has a sister Alice but I can't remember if there is or was a spouse.

  5. I think there WAS one, Brenda. She apparently introduced Roger and Mona. Mentioned, I believe, in the episode where the merger with PP&L was discussed in a scene between Roger and Bert. (The Mountain King, I think.)

    Edited: Confirmed.

    Bert: Yes, well, I don't like being in the position of selling out my life's work because you have an increase in overhead.

    Roger: So Mona's crying on YOUR shoulder now?

    Bert: The late Mrs. Cooper introduced you.

    Roger: Well, let her know it didn't work out.

  6. #6 Thanks, Glass Darkly. It would be very interesting to see Bert swept off his feet by someone.

  7. Rudy,

    I had completely forgotten about Margaret's wedding. I don't watch "The Grownups" as much as some other epsiodes of season 3. But she seems to be a good fit for Harry.

    Glass Darkly,

    I wish there were a Bertcentric episode detailing his marriage to Mrs. Cooper. Or anything Bert for that matter.

  8. The last time we saw Sal, he was married — to the lovely (but poorly tended) Kitty. I doubt the marriage will continue for long, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

    Jimmy and Bobbie Barrett: at last sight, still married. I'd bet my paycheck on that one lasting for some time.

    An important part of any partnership, especially marriage, is self-knowledge. At least some sense that you know who you are or are becoming, and are content with sharing that developing story with someone else, is pretty fundamental to the process. (I'd argue, despite what we see in the movies, that marriage is a process and not a destination.)

    We don't see many contented people on Mad Men. Plenty of developing stories, though.

    One of the things we can see at play on this show is that it's not always how you feel about your partner that makes you happily married. How you feel about yourself can matter just as much, if not more.

  9. In other news and inexplicable marriages, Katie Holmes is both a Jackie and a Peggy, season 4:

  10. I've read that the overall theme of the show this season is "Who am I?".

    I expect that this exploration of that concrete, yet metaphysical question, will see the characters examining things in life they mechanically do, simply because it's the way things are done.

    Love and Marriage are big items on that list.

    So much of the 1960s dealt with that kind of examination, bringing about major shifts in approaches and attitudes in society – some of which are still playing out today.

    I love how the show is based in an era, yet presents an essentially timeless story – weaving people, places, times and events into a compelling, exquisite viewing experience.

  11. # 9 – "I wish there were a Bertcentric episode detailing his marriage to Mrs. Cooper. Or anything Bert for that matter."

    How about if Bert and Roger's mother started seeing each other?

    She was truly a hoot, in her very brief appearance in Season Three.

    Old Mrs. Sterling and quirky Bert would make an interesting pair.

  12. I'm putting in a vote for Bert to hook up with a character played by Michele Lee … named Rosemary.

  13. #5 Glass Darkly,

    Even reading the transcript, Bert could have suggested it was his late mother, not his late wife, who introduced Roger Sterling to Mona.

    Go back are look at the scene. When it was first shown I assumed Bert was talking about his mother. Given that Bert was the younger partner of Roger's father, it stands to reason Roger would know the name of Bert's wife. In the episodes with Alice Cooper it seemed that Bert was a life-long bachelor. During the conversation with Roger about Mona, it seems more logical the use of "the late Mrs. Cooper" means Bert's mother.

  14. If I’m not mistaken we have seen Jennifer Crane since being upstaged by Pete and Trudy on the dance floor during the Derby party. She was at Roger’s daughter wedding, discussing the experience of telephone operators during the day of JFK’s assassination. I believe she was also with Harry at the Sterling Cooper anniversary party.

    They seem like a good couple. She helped Harry get the promotion at the beginning of season 2 by essentially telling him to stand up for himself and ask for what he wanted.

  15. I want to see the Cranes at home. It would be really interesting to see Jennifer host a dinner party, having seen Betty and Joan host work related parties for their husbands in previous seasons.

    Pete and Don both have major secrets about their past. The revelation of Don's ruined his marriage. It would be interesting to see how Trudy reacts if/when she finds out about the baby. Pete and Trudy have a much better and stronger marriage than the Drapers did.

    The start of season 4 can't come soon enough.

  16. Harry could be a Henry. Harry is often a pet name for Henry.

  17. @C Carroll Adams,

    Perhaps. However, I can see someone of that era referring to his wife that way, particularly as a way to say, "You putz, my dead wife played matchmaker for you two, and now you're with a kid." It seems to me that he would refer to his mother as just that, his late mother, because that would make the same point even stronger. Still, I don't know and it might be me over-thinking this. It could also be that they haven't decided and can now play it either way.

  18. Just up tonight on the NY Times website…probably the most info one could ever hope to get on the upcoming season…and YES, this is a "Spoiler Alert."

  19. What a strange article.

  20. I agree Deborah. I think that Times article is a jumbled mess.

    Alessandra Stanley was the writer who botched the Walter Cronkite eulogy for the paper, check the editor's correction at the bottom of that one. The Columbia Journalism Review took her to task for that foul-up and documented numerous other problems she's had over the years.

    I didn't catch any *factual* errors in this one, though I'm in the dark about S4 of course, but the analysis of the show reads like a rushed freshman comp essay stitched together after a 2am scan of the Cliffs Notes of other writers' reviews.

    I'd set the over/under at eight and a half episodes total she's watched in three seasons.

  21. That WAS a strange NYT article, but the item that looks at how historic events are weaved into Mad Men was really well done.

    <<<<——- I added it to the links (over there) earlier.



    The Pete/Trudy marriage is an interesting one. Pete has obviously learned a few things about human partnership over the last few years, but of course The Baby is suspended over their heads, making us wonder how long Pete can keep it (and the whole Peggy affair) a secret from her. I suspect Trudy would not take it well at all.

    As for Roger and Jane, wasn't it Bert's sister who said, "Let Roger Sterling have what he always wanted — to die in the arms of a 20-year-old"? Well, Jane is 22 now. You wonder, if Roger keeps cheating death, eventually Jane will be too old for him.

  23. Just read something spoilerish, an article previewing the first episode.

    I'm not going to provide a link, but Google is your friend, if you must.

    I don't mind spoilers myself, but will not inflict them on others.

    There, now, haven't I been wicked? Can you not look? Do you have the will power to abstain?

  24. Even knowing some (or many) plot spoilers ahead of time does not dimish the joy of seeing and hearing an episode for the first time. Every word of dialogue has meaning (often multiple meanings) and the visuals require re-viewing to catch it all. So even if I "know" what's supposed to happen, it's not the same as experiencing it for real for the first time.

  25. Exactly, Floretta, even though we know the episode, has that ever stopped any of us from watching it five times?

  26. There’s Joan and Greg. I think his days will be numbered, and his treatment of Joan was always despicable to me.

    I agree. His treatment of Joan was despicable. So was her little act of domestic violence in "The Gypsy and the Hobo". As for the Harris marriage being numbered . . . I wonder. If Matt Weiner was smart, he would allow Greg to survive Vietnam and allow Joan to deal with a husband who was also a war veteran. It would make a very interesting storyline.

  27. There was a mistake at least in the early version on (the one I put in the Links section). She called it Sterling Cooper Draper Dryce rather than Pryce. Sure it was just a type since anyone who watches the show knows Lane's last name.

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