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Jul 142010

When I watch the episodes now on DVD, I remember that when they first aired, I thought certain things were going to happen just based on what I saw on the commercial promo that advertised for the next episode. Not really false advertising, of course. Just my own misconception.

Here are a few of the things I remember:

Season 2, “The Gold Violin”: Jimmy Barrett calling to invite Betty to an event, saying, “Don’t you want to go?” This promo made me think that Betty & Jimmy might have an affair or at the very least, a flirtation.

Season 3, “My Old Kentucky Home” : Greg told Joan he really didn’t want to have a fight right now, to which she replied, “Then stop talking.” This if I recall was interspersed with a shot of Paul looking angry (in retrospect – probably at Geoffrey, the drug dealer?). All of this made me think that Greg and Paul were going to have a fight over Joan. (That would have been juicy!)

Season 3, “Wee Small Hours”: Harry tells Paul, “You don’t want to know,” and Paul says, “I think I do.” I know now that this had to do with Lee Garner, Jr., and Sal, but at the time, I thought maybe someone had complained about Paul’s work and Paul was in trouble.

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  1. You left out the best one! In the promo for "A Night to Remember", they showed Joan saying "Someone is not who they say they are." It was clearly intended to mislead the viewers into thinking Joan has discovered Don's secret, but was actually her describing a Soap Opera plot.

  2. The one where kennedy gets assainated it was something like they show roger & joan's phone conversation, and then jane saying "everything you do is for her?" Really she is referring to Margaret.

  3. Mathilde – I do remember that one & wondering if was about Joan. Though it occurred to me at the time that it could also be about Margaret or even Mona.

    CongratsItsACrane – I don't think I ever saw that promo, actually!

  4. In the preview for "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency" Roger sarcastically says "Bye bye Don" while waving his hand. Really made you think the tension between Roger and Don had hit a tipping point.

  5. Betty looking distraught and a little pissed in "The Grown Ups," saying (I'm paraphrasing) "What should I have done, Don? Just tell them nothing?"

    You'd think she was referring to the recent revelation about Don's past, but she was talking about JFK.

    And Federalist, you listed one of my favorite misdirections.

    I've learned at this point not to try to construe ANYTHING from the promos except for who we'll be seeing in the show.

  6. The one I remember most was "The Color Blue" when Bert Cooper was saying "I don't want to go to another funeral." and "I won't, I won't do it!" This gave the impression that someone at Sterling Cooper died!

  7. p.s. But Bert was talking about not going to the SC dinner.

  8. AMC using false advertising by implying things to be more salacious and twisted than they really are with the TV shows and movies they broadcast is like having several shots of tequila and getting drunk by said shots: it's very much expected.

  9. Oh my God! The body on the floor of the room, in the week before “Seven Twenty Three”!

    Jesus Christ that was a long week.

  10. All networks do that. NBC was infamous for doing that with "ER." Just take every preview with a grain of salt, knowing that they're not really going to reveal anything important.

  11. That's why I find the promo scenes on AMC.com far more revealing than what airs after an episode, it's not a bunch of random shots, it's a complete scene. That being said, I love them both. I can't wait to see what month/year Season 4 is set.

  12. # 4 – "Oh my God! The body on the floor of the room, in the week before “Seven Twenty Three”!"

    I remember that!

    I was convinced that it was Greg Harris, after giving in to a suicidal urge, at the prospect of being a doctor in Alabama, instead of having a future as a hot-shot surgeon in the Big Apple.

    I also remember how wrong I was – and how I swore off trying to guess what would happen on the show (at least, using promos and previews as any sort of reliable guide! LOL)

  13. The other misleading bit from the My Old Kentucky Home promo was when they had the surgeon's wife talking about how it wasn't the right time to have a baby and then they cut straight to Betty looking worried, making it seem as though the woman was talking to her.

    OTOH, I remember the only time I got something right from a promo that didn't end up being misleading was The Color Blue one, when they showed Betty in Don's office looking devastated about something and it was obvious that she'd discovered his secret box, because why else would she look that upset.

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