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Jul 082010

If Betty Draper has to go to the supermarket, then by god, Betty Draper is going to be the most beautiful woman to ever handle fruit.

Tom & Lorenzo

The Basket of Kisses gets a lot of love from another great blog, Tom & Lorenzo (T-Lo to their friends; Project Rungay to their fans).  And I hope the guys know that we love them right back.  In the interest of some cross-blog promotion:  Basketcases, did you know about T-Lo’s recent series of features on the art of dressing the ladies of Mad Men?

For the Maddest of fans, this is a deep vein of good stuff.  Here’s just some of what you can find:

  • Joan’s, Betty’s, and Peggy’s signature colors, and what it means each time one of them wears her own
  • Wardrobe meets plot:  where Peggy probably got the clothes she wore in late 1960
  • How clothing colors or styles can signal mood, strength, vulnerability, and other things
  • What tailoring and accessories tell us about characters’ ages, availability, and class
  • The gentle art of dispensing red-carpet advice while complimenting the office manager’s fashion choices
  • How well Tom and Lorenzo understand Peggy Olson (is she Matt Weiner in a skirt?) and Betty Draper
  • Departures from the early-60’s norm:  where Midge fits in the picture

These in-depth, sensitive, and thoughtful posts are about much more than the place where character and clothing meet.  They go deeper, to discussions of each woman’s life, her relationships, and the era.  It’s fantastic work by a well-matched couple who care very much about this program, and know what it means to all of us.

I don’t know you, Tom and Lorenzo, but I wish I did.  Love to you and all who sail upon you.

Keep up the great work!


  10 Responses to “Mad Love: Tom & Lorenzo”

  1. Why don't you guys meet up since you both live in New York, right? Maybe view an episode together?

  2. I've only read a handful of their MM posts, and they amazingly insightful. These guys are fans first, gay second. I kid.

    The stuff you can learn about motives and character through wardrobe is an area of study unto itself, and these guys bring it all with super thoughtful comments and observations. Every post contains a major A-HA about our show. Really great stuff.

  3. Their episode recaps have been fabulous too.

    Its my Monday morning ritual during the season: check out BoK, T-Lo, and Alan Sepinwall (another great reviewer) Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Reading these reviewers makes me realize that I watch MM from such a superficial level. The discussions are almost a bigger part of my MM enjoyment than the show itself. (OK, ALMOST)

  4. Love love love the boys!

    And I agree with what everyone's said. This posts have not only been great fashion dissections, but they've been incredibly insightful analyses of character, time, place and mise en scene which have revealed things to me about the series that I'd never noticed before.

    I don't feel like I've really seen an episode until I've read their recap.

  5. To lsaspacey – Tom and Lorenzo live in Philadelphia, though they do come up to NY for various reasons, including Project Runway-associated events. I had the opportunity to meet them 2.5 years ago in the City, and a sweet duo they definitely are.

    I was, heretofore, unaware of this blog, so I'm glad to add to my web resources about my favorite TV series.

    All the best,


  6. Tlo is one of my daily reads, and their Mad Men fashion writeups the best of their best.

  7. oh they rock….not as good as this site (BoK), which I check every single day, but those boys have it going on for the shows I love to watch. This particular series about the MM fashion was spot on.

  8. “That is some Lady Bird Johnson-ass hair on Betty there.”

    Oh my God, I can’t wait to spend my virtual Monday mornings with these men again.

  9. TLo's blog is an absolutely must read for me daily. Their analysis of each "Mad Men" episode (along with BoK) makes me realize there is so much going on and reading both blogs makes me smarter.

    Here is what TLo had do say about BoK today (here is the link):

    Also, also: If you haven't made Basket of Kisses your Number One resource for all Mad Men-related news, you really should. It's ours. They do a fantastic job over there of making sure your average Mad Meniac always has something to read and comment on. That they gave us major link love today is only partially why we're linking back. We keep meaning to remind everyone to check out the site in the Mad Style posts, but after all that damn writing we're so eager to hit "publish" and get it out there that we forget to do so. Seriously, if you love Mad Men then you have to bookmark this site.

  10. Thanks BoK for creating such thoughtful content.

    Can't wait for the new season. Between this site and Tom and Lorenzo, I should get to work on Mondays by the crack of 11.


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