An Ode to Matt Weiner on his Birthday

 Posted by on June 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm  Matthew Weiner
Jun 292010

Today is the birthday of our friend Matthew Weiner
And we wish him health joy and all things that are finer

Matt is the soul and pounding heartbeat of Mad Men
A show of such excellence, it’s not just a fad, (when

more popular shows, we all know won’t endure
like the Housewives whether desperate or real, to be sure.)

Matt famously pitched the pilot script of our show
And landed the Sopranos gig over at HBO

But they ultimately said they were not interested
In a show with Japanese art of sexualized giant squid

HBO’s loss became AMC’s win
And we all fell in love with this Gold Violin

The Lipps wanted to speak with this show’s brilliant inventor
And fin’lly met Matt at the Jacob Burns Center

He was warm and engaging and he is such a crusader
Which is why I keep asking he and his fam to our mom’s seder

After frightening all of us during the contract debate
Matt returned for S3 as showrunner (thank you, Lionsgate!)

(It was during that time, when losing Matt was what we feared
that he threw us a bone by growing in the beard.)

Do not think that Matt is the only family star, though
His son Marten plays Glen, and have you heard of Arlo?

The actors Matt chooses do not have plastic faces
Much to the delight of his loyal Basketcases

There was a lot of back and forth about an episode on Kennedy
And I think the results brought Matt a bit of serenity

We raise our glasses in a collective Basketcase toast
To Matt Weiner on his birthday, we love you the most!


  6 Responses to “An Ode to Matt Weiner on his Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Matt!

  2. Wonderful ode!! (If we were on Facebook right now, I'd click "Like") 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Matt! Live long and keep prospering! 🙂

  3. But they ultimately said they were not interested

    In a show with Japanese art of sexualized giant squid

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Great stuff, Roberta. And hippo birdie to Matt!

  4. Like!

  5. My gift to Mr. Weiner is to let him know that there was a Mad Man Party at the White last year!

    from: 'The Promise: President Obama, Year One' by Jonathan Alter [page 294]

    I dearly hope that Mrs. Obama came as Joan!

  6. Make that the White House….

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