Mad News, May 21-27, 2010

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May 272010

We’re so pleased to hear the report that Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) will be a Season 4 regular.

Tom & Lorenzo do January & Elisabeth on the red carpet.

Emmy strategy: How many sample episodes to send? AMC thinks 6 is the magic number. Also, can Lost beat the Mad Men Emmy streak in its last season?

The details of AMC’s Emmy strategy are spelled out with this list of episodes submitted for consideration. Given how Basketcases struggled with early episodes, it’s interesting to see that AMC seems to agree: Only the second half of Season 3 is represented.

Consumer buzz about networks/cable stations broken down by category. AMC is categorized as “hip.”

Christina Hendricks is playing an android in an upcoming video from alt-pop superduo Broken Bells (producer Danger Mouse and singer James Mercer from the Shins).

Ironically, AMC is looking for an ad agency or two.

Robert Morse talks to the L.A. Times about “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and other classics.

New York Magazine busts Jon Hamm for false self-deprecation in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable interview Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox, Alexander Skarsgard, Ray Romano, and Matt Bomer.

John Slattery played Tony Stark’s Dad in Iron Man 2 — but the role of the younger Howard Stark will go to Dominic Cooper in the WWII-era adaptation of Captain America.

Mad News compiled by Deborah & Karl.


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  1. I think the competition for Best Drama will be MM of course. But MM's competition will be Dexter, Breaking Bad, and the Good Wife. I always root for MM, but this could e the year that someone else will take home the trophy. And I would glady sacrifice that for a win for Jon Hamm. He was outstanding this season I thought.

  2. Breaking Bad has been awesome this year ("Fly" may be my fav of all time) but they could only include the first 6 eps since they haven't aired the whole season yet. Some of the best eps were unfortunately left off. "I.F.T." and "Sunset" were pretty amazing, tho.

    Seriously, those of you who enjoy MM for the characters and acting chops are really missing out by not watching BB. Give the first season about 3-4 eps, it gets going toward the end of S1 and never lets up.

  3. brandt –

    That last parody was very funny. Loved it. Thanks for the link.

  4. I think this is going to be an off-year for Mad Men in terms of the Best Drama category. Not because it was a bad season – far from it – but this is how the Emmys (and really, most major U.S. award shows) work: if a show has not gotten enough love due to logistical or creative reasons up the point of ending, or has been insufficiently rewarded for its impact on the television industry, it will always get something in the end. Always happens.

    I think Lost was lame and impenetrable in a bad way; it's the kind of show that people either watch because they've already invested time in it and see it as a "project" and not a television show, or as a way for people to sound smart by claiming they "understand" all the ridiculous logical fallacies and ciphers into a narrative. That being said, it's been a surprise hit for ABC for years and I'm sure the television insiders are going to give it love this year.

    Breaking Bad is the dark horse, mostly because it is *awesome* but entirely underrated.

  5. I’ve just seen the last season of “LOST”. People really believe it could beat out “MAD MEN”? Seriously?

  6. Lost was one of my absolute favorite shows and I'm sad it's over. The last season wasn't very good, but I'm sure there will be a few actors nominated again like Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn. They truly deserve it.

    I guess, regardless, I'm going to be happy with whatever show wins. 😉

  7. Dominic Cooper doesn’t look a thing like John, so we’ll see how they make this work.

  8. Also interesting to me is that Kiernan is being put up for Guest Actress. I saw her listed in credits at the beginning of S3 as a Guest Actress (anyone remember how she was credited in S1 and S2?) and that’s an immediate tell-tale sign of an Emmy push. It would be really fun to see her get that nom because odds are she’d be up against Betty White (for a myriad of appearances) and other big names.

  9. I give Breaking Bad a much better shot than Lost and 24 at winning Best Drama over Mad Men this year. That last episode, “Fly,” despite its being one of those ‘bottle episodes,’ was more daring than anything Weiner has attempted yet.

  10. This was a funny overdub of a satirical season 4 ‘preview’ of Mad Men

    “You want a brand new oven?”

    And the Lane Pryce accent is hilarious!

    Just skip the last 20 second (a gross sound effect for the web site that created it)

  11. I agree with Tom & Lorenzo on January: she’s sooooo pretty.

    Disagree on Elisabeth. I like her in that dress. I think it does very good things for her arresting eyes.

    And more Bobby Morse, please! Could he be any cuter? 🙂

  12. That season 4 preview has been around a long, long time. I think these two parodies are much funnier:

    Meshugene Men: (absolutely hilarious rendition of the theme song)

    MA Men:

  13. I agree with Tom & Lorenzo; Elisabeth is a lovely girl but she should wear jewel tones. January FINALLY looked beautiful.

  14. A cute but tangential addition: the New York Times has an article about the bartender at TJ Clarke's. It doesn't mention Mad Men's references to the place, but it does say that it opened after an extensive renovation in 2003. It's one of those pieces that makes me sad I don't live in or near NYC.

  15. RE: AMC is categorized as “hip.”

    AMC is a lot of things, but I'm not sure "hip" is anywhere near the top of the list.

    Other than Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Three Stooges, AMC is unwatchable! They interrupt their movies at least every 8 minutes and the films are heavily edited. And, they repeat some titles a lot.

    On the other hand, TCM is a perfect example of what a non-broadcast/non-premium movie channel should be. Great films – unedited – and no commercials!

  16. I think Jan looked great except for the lipstick color. A little too orangey. and yeah, Elizabeth looks dowdy in those colors. She needs something bright.

  17. I'm glad to hear that Kiernan Shipka will be back for Season Four as Sally Draper.

    If I'm not mistaken, there has been a different actor in each of the previous three seasons, playing the part of Bobby Draper.

    I wonder if we'll see a new Bobby in Season Four?!?

  18. I certainly hope not. The older "Bobby" gets, the more distracting it is to see a new kid playing him every season.

  19. I like the Bobby they had in season 3. Hopefully he looks old enough for whatever year they start season 4.

  20. My brain is still trying to process the fact that Matthew Fox and Jon Hamm were in the same room together. Sitting right next to each other.

    So… much… hot… I don't EVEN………………… OMG!

  21. Here’s a trailer for AMC’s upcoming series Rubicon which for some reason incorporates a lot of footage from Mad Men.

    From what little we get to see of it, Rubicon seems to maintain the same cinematic qualities as AMC’s other two series. It will definitely be interesting to have two AMC shows airing back-to-back on Sunday nights

  22. Hey, does anyone know when all the old data will return? I've been rewatching Mad Men from the beginning, and I wanted to read some of the old blog posts, but it looks like they still haven't been restored since the Great Purge? Even an estimated ETA would be great. Thanks.

    P.S. Is there a messageboard or forum? Apologies if there is one, I looked around before plopping this request into this post as a comment.

    • I am working on the restoration. I have the files. It's a matter of getting the existing blog and the old files to communicate with each other, which is surprisingly tricky. I need to hire a consultant.

  23. TV Fanatic dishes it with Rich Sommer, who's guest starring on the season opener of "Burn Notice" this week.

    He also drops a bit about John Slattery directing an episode of Mad Men S4.

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