May 202010

Colin Hanks has a new show. Which is getting good reviews but I totally forgot to watch the premiere.

Here’s an interesting item: This forthcoming book is described in the headline as “Mad Men memoir,” and the article lede describes it as “the cult memoir which inspired the Emmy-winning drama “Mad Men”.” Except I’ve never heard of it, and honestly, I read everything about Mad Men, so I kind of feel like that “which inspired” bit is a little creative editing.

AMC is letting viewers vote on Mad Men episodes to run during a forthcoming marathon.

Maxim magazine “readers” demand a recount after Christina Hendricks was left off the mag’s 2010 Hot 100 List.  January Jones was also robbed checks in at No. 33, [Peyton List is No. 66 and] Alison Brie is Agent 99 [Now corrected, I note that placing Christina above No. 1 would complete the proper sequence –K].

Speaking of Alison Brie, Nerve excerpts her hilarious story from a book titled Worst Laid Plans: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People.  Given the title, you should not need a content warning, but consider it given.

Matt Weiner is hosting a showing of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying as part of  a classic film series organized by the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Jon Hamm gives Collider some long answers about Shrek Forever After and some very short ones about Mad Men. Well played. In other interviews on that Shrek thing, he also mentions the Mad Men Barbies (h/t Basketcase seagirl), and loves how easy the movie was to do.

Seagirl also pointed out that Hamm cuddles makeup artists.

The Washington Post has posted the transcript from their live chat with Bryan Batt.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan compares the penultimate episode of Lost to Mad Men. Mo Ryan is, of course, a long-time friend of the Basket.

Mad Men is favored to win the BAFTA International.

Vincent Kartheiser did a photo- and videoshoot for Tyler Shields.

An interesting article on how a TV show gets green-lighted.

Speaking of new TV shows, AMC has ordered a period Western. Yum!

Michael Weatherly yells at Mad Men while watching.

Mad News compiled by Deborah and Karl.


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  1. "Seagirl also pointed out that Hamm cuddles makeup artists"

    So cute I can't stand it…picture and post!

  2. "From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor," Jerry Dell Femina's memoir of his career in advertising, was a bestseller in the early '70s and would have been required reading for any Mad Man writer.

    It takes no stretch of the imagination, to imagine it could have been inspirational for Matt Weinhold.

  3. The book is Jerry Della ­Femina’s, so yeah, it could have been an “inspiration” for the show. Remember, Jerry was/is one of the creative consultants on the show. He appears quite a bit in the season 1 DVDs, and maybe even in some of the videos on AMC’s web site?

  4. Christina looks mind-bogglingly beautiful on the front of Esquire this month.

    I'm pleased to see Maxim readers – I will admit, I read Maxim when I was in college, when you're an early twentysomething male (and female) it's hard to resist it – voting for Christina. And January.

  5. #4 – You'd probably best delete that. It's very interesting, but I'd take it off.

  6. Yep, that's a pretty clear violation of the site's no spoiler policy, although since the server incident, I don't see that policy posted on here.

  7. G8, I deleted the spoiler comment.

    The full site restoration is REALLY TRULY in the works. Given that "Spoiler Warning" posted his/her spoiler anonymously, I'm pretty sure that he/she knew that the comment was a violation of our policy (I've deleted that link before). Someone is taking advantage of the fact that we have less moderation during the day than in evenings.

  8. I don't envy you ladies! It must be a ton of work to restore everything. Best of luck!

  9. Numerology is a hobby of mine (along with the tarot) and after doing Jon Hamm's numbers I see that his first name corresponds to a '3' which symbolizes optimism and charm. Seems appropriate. '3's are also artistic. They are writers or poets or actors. Excellent communicators. Articulate. '3's emit an outgoing and friendly vibration. On the down side, they can be childish and self-centered. Jon Hamm's Destiny Number (derived from his birthday of 3/10/71) corresponds to the number '4'. '4's are the worker bees. They are associated with practicality and steadfastness. They're down to earth. Another way of looking at the number 4 is as the number 22 (2 and 2). 22 is one of the two Master Numbers in Numerology. 22s are the builders and acheivers.They are visionaries who see their ideas concretized. Lazer focused and intent.

  10. How is #4 a violation of your policy? Want to know as I want to comply.

  11. I can see where Jerry Della Femina's book might have been used for researching the NYC advertising scene in the 1960s. I read it back when it was published and it would be interesting to read it again now.

    Here's a link to an Asian website with an interview with Jerry Della Femina, in English, circa 1969. I get the sense that his actual experience in those days, was not unlike what we see on the show.

  12. January is on the maxim list at number 33 and Petyon List is 66.

  13. Here's an even better interview with Della Femina, in which you'll find striking parallels with Mad Men, including the formation of a new agency with four guys (and a secretary), Mr. Della Femina's humble beginnings, and selling his big agency to the English:

  14. Saw the new Colin Hanks show, The Good Guys….God, it was really bad, but good music throughout, that is all that I can say about it. Very Stupid. I only watched it because he was in it. Sorry folks. It will probably be a hit because it reeks.

  15. oracles, when you delete a comment, the other comments renumber.

    I will add a quick temporary update to our spoiler policy under "About."

  16. My bad on missing January on the list. And spotting Peyton List on the list, but forgetting to mention her. My dude cred just took a big hit.

  17. Regarding "From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor," publisher Canongate claims it's "never been released in the UK," but my copy is a 1971 British hardcover published by Pitman Publishing, London. It's a great, funny book, and I'm sure it was one piece of source material for Weiner and his team but it's a little bit of a stretch to say it "inspired" the show.

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