Mad News, April 27-May 5, 2010

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May 052010

Jon Hamm at Conan O’Brien’s live stage show!

Speaking of Jon: Basketcase seagirl shares his favorite movie.

AMC interviews the designer of the Mad Men Barbies.

Basketcase Jim B found out about the death of the designer of an advertising icon, an image seen (peripherally) in Mad Men.

EOnline’s Kristin Dos Santos drops teensy bits of news on S4–and mixes up “production” with “airing” but whatever.

The Met Ball is the fashion event of the season. During which, January Jones got fugged again, this time for some crazy-ass makeup. Kind of adorably, the Fug Girls also nail her for weird hair that’s in the background of another picture entirely. The Rungay girls, on the other hand, think the makeup is just the tip of the January icing, and hate the whole look (h/t freelancewoman). They are very funny about hating it, but I have to disagree. Without the crazy makeup and ridiculous gloves, the dress would be lovely and bold.

Speaking of January, I think she looks really pretty in this dressed-down candid shot. And she’s glad she doesn’t live in the repressive early 60s. She also says Betty has evolved.

The Daily Mail adores Christina Hendricks’s Met Ball dress, but I have to point out there’s a turkey on her shoulder. And it may have bled on her lips.

Speaking of the incredibly lovely Christina, the Daily News does a Taurus profile of her. Tragically, our birthday database is waiting for the blog restoration (which is still in the works!).

Lionsgate’s president of television says there’s no set end date for Mad Men.

Speaking of Lionsgate, there’s been an attempt at a hostile takeover.

In other business news, the BBC has “poached” a Mad Men executive in an attempt to create a British television drama as good as what American cable has. The Times Online thinks it’s needed.

A writer summarizes the shows his friends tell him he simply must see, including Mad Men.

Here’s an interview with Alison Brie.

AMC has an iPhone app. Did we already know that?

Slant doesn’t love the play Family Week, but finds Rosemarie DeWitt (Midge Daniels) “luminous” in it.

Periodically, someone has to mention that George Lois hates Mad Men. Someone has.

Blu-Ray News asks you to demand that DirecTV carry AMC-HD.


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  2. The Daily Mail doesn't "adore" Christina's dress, they say it shows off her curves, which it does: but it also leaves her with pushed up basketball tits, that make her natural breasts look like implants.

    In addition to the shitty turkey on her shoulder, Christina's makeup also makes her look older and a bit crazy, and her hair is meh.

    She and January are bee-yoo-ti-ful women, can borrow the best clothes from the best designers, be worked over by the best makeup artists and hairstylists, opportunities the rest of us mortals just don't have (in addition to their basic genetic beauty.)

    January in casual clothes is gorgeous. So I beg them again: get better gays for their red carpet days! (Or fall back on the makeup artists and costume designers of Mad Men.)

  3. I find it pretty funny that the doll designer mentions that Joan was his favorite Barbie to create, in part because of her "curvaceous figure." Where is that present on the actual product? Its proportions are exactly the same as the Betty doll.

  4. What's even more crazy-ass about JJ's appearance at the MET is that she attended with Stefano Pilati, the head designer for YSL. Her look must have been directed by him?

    And, once again, Christina wears a look guaranteeing no one is looking at the turkey on her shoulder or her make up.

  5. JJ is just wrong for this event. The Met Ball is a very elegant affair and this looks like something you'd wear to a club or maybe the Grammys. If YSL dressed her this way, shame on them.

  6. Apparently, JJ doesn't have her own stylist.

  7. The comment on Christina is hilarious! Really made me laugh.

    First I thought she had a squirrel on her shoulder.

    Turkey or squirrel, it's just WRONG!

    How could that possibly happen?

    Same for January, but at least there was nothing on her shoulder.

  8. JJ was dressed by the designer of YSL, she was his "date" for the evening. I like the dress, the gloves are whatever, but for this type of event it worked in a way.

    Christina minus the shoulder decoration was great.

  9. "Basketcase Jim B found out about the death of the designer of an advertising icon, an image seen (peripherally) in Mad Men."

    The link for this item doesn't seem to work.

  10. I've had the AMC iphone app since last year, and it's nothing you haven't seen before. It's just a mobile version of their website, bundled into an app instead. Bah.

  11. Hmmm. The tin-foil hat wearer in me wonders if this is mere coincidence, a very subtle publicity stunt, or just bad taste run amok. I’d heard rumors that season 4 would jump ahead a few years (to ’66 or ’67), and I now wonder if there’s any truth to those claims based on Jan-Jo and Christina’s looks for the Met gala. It seems odd that they’d both show up to the same event looking as if they’d just stepped out of a Star Trek episode. But there they are, and that’s what they did. Don’t believe me? Compare and contrast Tribble vs. Christina’s dress. January vs. any of Kirk’s <a href="many women. Maybe they showed up like that to stoke the Mad Men flames, to get folks talking and excited about the new season…which happens to take place the year Star Trek debuted on TV. Because, really, who would knowingly leave the house with ” a thing like that” on their shoulder? 🙂

  12. "JJ was dressed by the designer of YSL, she was his “date” for the evening."

    Ohhhh, that explains a lot.

    I've become addicted to the (formerly named) Project Rungay site, where they compare the actresses in the dress on the red carpet to the model used on the original runway show.

    For some reason, the emaciated runway models are usually slathered in zombie/sci fi makeup, horrendous hair, and ridiculous accessories, and the outfit can be an outrageous costume never meant to be sold — for the sake of the "show" aspects of the runway show, and to make the model less memorable (and attractive) than the dress she's a hanger for.

    The so-called "broken doll" look is also big on the runway, purposely making up these beautiful young girls to look like meth/crack whores, or whatever.

    Invariably, in TLo's the comparison between the actress wearing the dress on the red carpet and the model on the runway in the same garb, the actress comes across as a reasonably pretty human in a wearable modified version of the runway dress, and the model as a horror movie stick figure on which something otherwordly may have been draped.

    So it all makes sense if January was styled by the YSL people: for whom the person in the dress is just the backdrop to be styled outrageously so the dress makes a fantasy "show."

    Which also explains the tribble/turkey perched on Christina's shoulder, her breasts made to resemble flesh basketballs, and with her horror movie makeup (late Joan Crawford in "Trog.")

    I repeat myself: Honeys, get yourself some better gays: stylists who specialize in keeping pretty actresses pretty on the red carpet.

  13. Hull, Christina actually can't borrow from designers; she's spoken about this in interviews–she isn't "sample size."

  14. Crap, maybe Jim will come back with the right link.

  15. You know, not to be a downer on the BBC hiring Vlad Wolynetz — I am a *HUGE* BBC fan, an avid fan of Doctor Who, Little Britain, Gavin and Stacey and their ilk – but I can pretty much tell you exactly why the British can't crack the American market: their shows look cheap in comparison to American ones.

    American audiences have grown used to shows looking really good, or at the very least, having a glossy look to them that obscures lower production values.

    I'll admit that even the truly fantastic Doctor Who of present day doesn't look as good as American produced sci-fi.

  16. Oh, and another thing… not to be a grouch today, but seriously – January Jones seems to not get her character's motivations much.

    "She had the courage to kick Don out and in season three she starts off happy which was bizarre for me to play.

    Um, what? She was happy at the beginning of last season? Yeah, for about 15 minutes total screen time all season, maybe. That's nonsense.

    Of the public response to her role, she added: "Women are very sympathetic. Whereas men, oddly or maybe not oddly, are disappointed with her – especially with the season two finale. 'How could Betty cheat?'.

    Come again? I think she's off-base by a million miles here. I think that's disingenuous – gender didn't have anything to do with if you approved of Betty cheating at the end of Season Two, especially if you read the comments on here. I actually didn't have a problem with Betty cheating. Betty's hard to like because, well… she's a princess that refuses to grow up and treats her children with terrifying callousness.

    "It's like, her husband does it all the time, is that okay? Then older generations – my grandmother and her friends they were there and they lived it."

    Nobody's out cheering Don on to go and sleep with every woman in sight. That's a very superficial observation. We're sympathetic to him on some level because he's had a miserable life and is emotionally unavailable in general. We want him to open up and be emotionally available, but Betty is hardly the right person to make it happen. That's why she inspires such vehement dislike in some people – she's not an easy character to side with.

    Sorry, but if that's how January views her character – yikes.

  17. I was referring above to designer fashion runway shows — having seen photos of dozens of these, it's difficult to understand or watch what they commonly do to what must originally have been beautiful young women models.


  18. "Borrowing from designers," also means that they'll modify or redesign a dress for an big Hollywood actress or remake it in her size, another color, etc. for the red carpet. (What? don't you watch the Bravo reality fashion shows?)

    Maybe Our Joan didn't have access to anything but a sample 0 size off the runway model earlier in her Mad Man career, but she's famous enough now to have designers whip dresses up specially for her. (Christopher Siriano, anyone?)

    The problem is, for both her and January, that they apparently need better stylists, who aren't dedicated to dressing them campy, but for the pretty.

    Or they aren't listening to the right stylists.

    Hey, girls try Anne Hathaway's stylist, she's been pretty pretty on the red carpet lately. (Check out Claire Danes at the same Met evening — although known more as a good actress than great beauty, she outshines both January and Christine, through gorgeous dress, makeup and hair.)

    January and Christine are both bee-yoo-ti-ful: it's a crying shame they're made to look so un- on the red carpet.

  19. Hull, Christina actually can’t borrow from designers; she’s spoken about this in interviews–she isn’t “sample size.”

    Wha? I didn't question whether or not Christina should borrow different outfits. I merely remarked that both she and J-Jo looked like they were boldly going where no one had gone before. Actually, if Christina removed the tribble she might look half way…okay? Nope. The hair and makeup's wrong, too.

    I do wonder why Christina doesn't use Queen Latifah's stylist. I don't think I've ever seen the Queen look whickety whack on the red carpet.

  20. Oh, sorry! It was freelancewoman who mentioned borrowing from designers, the comments were right next to each other.

  21. Greg, I'm sorry, but if you think January is wrong about fan reaction, then BOK is the only fansite you read (for which we thank you!). She's spot on–many fans DO cheer on Don's adultery while condemning Betty's fling; the Internet is full of them and I'm sure she's not as shielded from it as she'd like to be. The Basket is an exceptionally woman-positive, feminist fansite, and unusual in that regard.

    Freelancewoman, you're right in singling out Ann Hathaway, who almost always looks exceptionally good AND stylish AND fashion-forward on the red carpet.

  22. [potential spoiler removed by mean Lipp sister.]

  23. I was poking around online, looking for potential spoilers by the crew, and I came upon this great interview with Chris Manley, Mad Men's head cinematographer. It's worth the read, I promise:

  24. Deb,

    Mmm, you're right, I guess I wasn't looking around enough. For the record, though: I like being on a site with intelligent, feminist women like yourselves. 🙂

  25. Thank you Greg.

    Dirk, since our About page has database-loss gaps, I'll assume you simply forgot our spoiler policy. Please remember it.

  26. [potential spoiler removed by mean Lipp sister.]

  27. Hi Mad Men fans, I have an interview with Bryan Batt on his new book, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother. Here is the link if you’d like to listen:

  28. @#24 – Yes, indeed. Thanks for that link. In the panel at the left there is also a link with an interview with Matt Weiner – the best and most complete I've seen anywhere. It's an autobiography.

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