Bryan Batt at Barnes & Noble

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May 032010

Tonight, the Lincoln Center location, signing his new book, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother.

The reviews are pretty terrific. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“Bryan Batt’s childhood is like a mash-up of a Tennessee Williams play and a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie. This memoir is a gumbo of fun, feeling, and fortitude in the face of all that life has to throw at you. A fairy tale come true!”
–Alan Cumming

Mention the Basket and you’ll get a free–smile? I’m pretty sure. I wish I could be there tonight–bad, bad planning on my part!

We love you Bryan, and big congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!


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  1. Thanks, Nancy!

  2. A review by "THE" Alan Cumming? Wow, I must read this!

  3. Here are some other reviews – from writer Paul Rudnick & actress Patricia Clarkson:

    “I always knew that Bryan Batt was a wonderful actor, but now it turns out that he’s a terrific writer as well. It’s just not fair. In She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother, Bryan’s tales of his family, his New Orleans childhood, and his career are hilarious, beautifully observed, and touching. I’ve met Bryan’s mother, and he does her proud—they both deserve a float at

    Mardi Gras.” —Paul Rudnick

    “Bryan Batt has written an achingly funny and deeply moving portrait of his beautiful New Orleanian mother. This book is a cause for celebration, a Mardi Gras–sized celebration!

    —Patricia Clarkson

  4. Meh. The excerpt I read online didn't seem any different from the typical celebrity autobiography, though at least I'm pretty confidence there was no ghostwriting involved here. And that tacky cover art has to go for subsequent printings (but I doubt the publisher will allow it) – it feels like I'm looking at an ad for the show.

  5. Definitely no ghost writing. He's been writing those stories for years & finally decided to organize them into a book.

    The cover was done by Dyna Moe & matches the personality of the book rather well.

    You're entitled to your opinion and I don't want to push you to read it if you're not interested, but Bryan's mom Gayle is quite a unique character, and one of the strongest women I've ever met beneath that genteel appearance. She's survived cancer 3 separate times, lost her husband at a young age, lived thru Katrina & a number of other challenges, and remains eternally optimistic. I've never met anyone like her, so I have to say the word "typical" just doesn't come to mind.

  6. For what show? The show he is no longer on?

  7. What does his being or not being presently on the show have to do with the use of the Mad Men Yourself template? When I look at the cover, what I think about is Mad Men, not, "A memoir about a mother-son relationship penned by an openly gay actor? Sounds interesting." Batt's role on the show is the reason it's being published, so they are milking it for all it's worth.

  8. Just because Dyna Moe designed the cover doesn't mean it is instantly in someway promoting or advertising the show.

  9. I’m so excited about this! I’ve been looking forward to this day for YEARS! It’s really a great book that’s so much fun to read.

    Bryan has a number of book signings coming up. If you can’t make one, you can also order signed first editions thru Octavia Books in New Orleans. I have all the info on his website at

  10. What a surprise to disagree w/ Mr. Funk! 🙂

    You've gotta go with a bit of familiarity to draw interest to the book in a store – Bryan used a photo of himself, not an in-character image or caricature of Sal. I think it's good, actually. It's not like the words "…star of Mad Men" are plastered on there, or anything. For those only slightly familiar with the show, it will be effective.

    Love the subtlety of New Orleans in the background, too…

  11. I've pre-ordered my copy! Bryan and I share the same literary agent – and when I saw his cover, I almost fainted. It's GOR-JUS! I had send my publisher DynaMoe's site for "a feel" of what I loved. Bryan has another book coming out later this year on interior decor. Yay! Two books! I was actually near the signing last night at another event (shocking to be in the city and have 2 things going on) but couldn't get there. WAH!

    Counting down until the new season, fellow Basketcases!

  12. You can read a sample chapter of Bryan's book on this link:

  13. Glad i came across this web site.Added "Bryan Batt at Barnes & Noble | Basket of Kisses" to my bookmark!

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