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Mar 172010

We’ll be talking about the DVDs.

What are you looking for in the extras?


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  1. I'll start–

    Matthew Weiner discussing any/every episode.

    I'm predictable like that.

  2. Maybe some cleaning up shots of Guy.

  3. Is there any word on who is providing commentary for each episode?

  4. Bloopers would be great.

  5. I'm personally hoping for these:

    * Fourth season previews (of any kind, really)
    * Bloopers and outtakes
    * Extended episode director cuts
    * An interactive historical time-line of some kind

    I'm getting the Blu-Ray disc, so hopefully this is all possible.

    Hey, guess what: only five months until Season Four!

  6. Whatever they give me! But a hint of Season 4, though very unlikely, would be appreciated! I pre-ordered on Amazon

  7. And bloopers would be great!

  8. I'd love making-of on the Guy f/x. I anticipate solid historical material on the Kennedy assassination. I'd like Medger Evans and Happy Rockefeller as well.

  9. I vote for Weiner commentary on every episode. I'd like to see him pair with Hamm on a few of those as well. He always seems to be with other writers or directors.

    In the commentaries, I'd love to hear some rationales for things like the color-coding throughout the season (blue and rose/red), the feet, Don touching the grass…

  10. – from the interview with Bryan Batt on Huffington Post …

    "One popular route for gay men of the era was to remain lifelong husbands and devoted fathers. Their children now watch 'Mad Men' and, Batt said, routinely come up to him and Weiner and say, "My dad was Sal." Nearly 50 years later, loveless double lives are still common and sometimes end in tragedy."

    A recent Associated Press story notes that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender senior citizens come out late, start second lifetime.

  11. On the subject of extended cuts, I doubt MW and crew shoot a whole lot that doesn't actually end up in the show, unless you count seconds that are shaved off for pace here and there.

  12. Not sure if this qualifies, but I'll issue a **spoiler alert** on this link. For those who want to wait and be surprised next week, don't click. For all others:

    Barnes & Noble's page contains a list of what appears to be the commentaries as they will be on the s3 dvd set. Click on the "scenes" tab to see…although it's a bit disjointed in layout, you get the idea.

    I *really really really hope* these commentaries are recorded with the cast members together in the same room so their camaraderie is allowed to play. That's the best thing about this show (away from the episodes themselves).

  13. I want more Janie Bryant 'how she did it' costume details too!

  14. I took up the idea someone (sorry! I forget who) here recommended, of going to read the Mad Men blog of the Guardian newspaper in the UK, as the BBC is currently showing S3 on Wednesday nights there (Wed afternoon here). It's fun seeing the reactions to what we know already is coming up, and there are some very intelligent readers and commenters there. (Disclosure – I used to live in the UK and read the Guardian, but that was a long time ago.)

    Someone ("MockingbirdGirl") has just come up with something I missed if anyone mentioned it at the time here or at Alan Sepinwall's blog:

    " [The three girls murdered in Birmingham are not the only fatalities; two young women have been brutally killed in an upper East Side apartment, Don's car radio tells him and Suzanne. What is the significance of this?]

    "I believe it's a reference to the Career Girl Murders. The crime and its subsequent investigation by police eventually led the he US Supreme Court to declare that suspects must be informed of their rights if they are arrested (i.e., Miranda Rights)… "

    Has this come up before?

  15. The "Career Girls" who were murdered, lived in a 3rd floor apartment at 57 E. 88th Street.

    In the wake of the attack, a roommate of the slain women found the place ransacked and covered in blood. Both had been stabbed over 60 times with knives from their own kitchen and there was evidence that one had been sexually assaulted.

    Pete's father claimed that the neighborhood "falls off after 79th Street," but Pete's mother said that "they fall off after 86th".

    The "Career Girls Murder" suggests that both Andrew and Dottie were correct.

  16. Does anyone know if any retailers are getting a special edition like with the metal box for season 1 or the tie clip for season 2?

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