Mad About Gossip: Christina Hendricks

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Mar 092010

Here is Christina and her hubby at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party held Sunday night in Hollywood.

I may love her, but I don’t approve of that dress. It’s just…no.
On the plus side, how flawless is her face? She always looks so fresh. Like she gets 10 hours of sleep every night.


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  1. A agree about the dress,I think it's okay from the waist down, but she's spilling out of the sides of it. But she sure look happy! Her complexion is flawless!

  2. Here's a picture of Christina with Neil Patrick Harris in a different gown that night, it think this silver one is very flattering:

  3. And here's a funny on of Jon Hamm and Hillary Swank!

  4. What's with designers that they can't make (or alter) a dress to fit a curvy girl?

    Sorry, that we're not all "anorexic catwalking hatracks" — but I've read that designers remake their couture stuff all the time for the red carpet.

    Why the hell do they still insist on squishing and pushing up Christina's breasts until it looks like she's wearing fakes?

    Possibly because those are the only larger breasts they're used to dealing with in Hollywood — but as they say on Project Rungay, "Honey, get better gays — the one's styling you now aren't doing you justice."

  5. “anorexic catwalking hatracks” …

    I love that phrase. 🙂

    dance, just know that not all designers work this way. One in particular has come into a bit of luck lately … with a very special client:

    It's Chris's second big-event dress for Meryl (one black, one white). Both earned rave reviews.

    I love them both (Chris and Meryl) so much!

  6. Lance, dance, tomato, tomahto…

  7. Definitely, Chris March would be a better gay for Christina then her current bunch, who continue with the fail (if she can pry him away from Meryl Streep, that is.)

  8. My issue with the dress has nothing to do with how it fits her. It'd be equally as hideous on an anorexic catwalking hatrack. It's the style I don't like.

  9. As usual, Christina's breasts are cantilevered to the max. But maybe she likes it that way ??!!

  10. Haven't we seen that picture of Christina and Neil Patrick Harris before? From a party at her house or something? From the holiday season I think? I'm pretty certain People shouldn't have it in an Oscar gallery… And what are the odds she brought a a dress swap AND different hair and makeup….?

  11. Whoops. 🙁

    sorry, my friend. I am having a Bad Eye week. (Getting them seen to tomorrow. )

    I'd kill to have someone else be MY editor for a change …

  12. I like the silver dress. The shape of the black is wrong. Too long, with the poof starting too low. The cleav looks awesome, though.

  13. acdavis, maybe we have, but I got the impression from the caption that it was from Oscar night,I hadn’t seen it before, sorry if it’s a duplicate.

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