Feb 242010

In one of the strangest editorials I’ve seen, HuffPost columnist Adam Hanft complains that Mad Men’s research staff shouldn’t be using the New York Public Library.

Christina Hendricks as N’avi. And the Fug Girls adore Christina when she isn’t blue. The overdone story on Christina reaches ABC News:

Whether she wants to or not, she’s touched on a collective desire for a healthy conception of beauty. Give the girl more magazine covers — give her ad campaigns, give her more roles, give her more press. Considering the attention her latest one has gotten all over the Internet, it’s clear the people want it.

Mad Men/30 Rock slash fic. Prepare to be horrified.

Basketcase Greg H. sent us this clip of beardy Hamm predicting a US Olympic hockey win. Speaking of the Olympics; Jon Hamm and Johnny Weir at the same party. My brain exploded.

Speaking of the Olympics, Hamm is here photographed in what may very well be the scarf our own seagirl made for him!

Bryan Batt will be performing in Cabaret Gourmet 2010 in New York on March 8. Bryan also talks to New York Magazine about his future book projects.

The University of Illinois held a Mad Men symposium. Damn, that would’ve been fun!

Betty Draper is quoted in an article on the psychology and health impact of boredom.

Christina Hendricks and Alison Brie are Sports Illustrated’s “Lovely Lady of the Day” on consecutive days.

Alison Brie talks about Mad Men and Community with TV Squad. She’s also interviewed by the AV Club (h/t Basketcase not Bridget).

Charles Shaughnessy won Celebrity Jeopardy, defeating MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Californication’s David Duchovny.

Backstage at the WGAs, Matt Weiner expresses anxiety about Season 4. Oh, Matt, those of us who know you know that you’ll come through just great!

Mad Men is credited with increasing the popularity of whiskey. (I’m a vodka girl, myself. –Deborah)

Lawyers suggest that Mad Men couldn’t air on broadcast television.


  19 Responses to “Mad News, February 18-24, 2010”

  1. Whoa — that pic of Hendricks as N'avi is insane. I don't know if I'll be able to watch Avatar again the same way.

    Thanks for posting the Hamm-Olympic clip. You know us Canucks are going to win the hockey gold in Vancouver. 😉

  2. Vancouverite holla, Greg H. And we are. If Ovechkin rolls over…it'll be close.

    Jon Hamm's wearing a Team Canada jacket now. Glad that he's had a change of heart.

    And technically speaking, it's only slashfic if it's a homosexual relationship depicted in the romance. Jack Donaghy/Sally Draper is technically just fanfic.

  3. True, Mari. Altho I have to say that the only thing to make my world go unsettled faster than…

    "So this was Sally Draper at the moment of ecstasy, Jack thought as he lowered himself to his knees."

    is to read…
    "So this was Don Draper at the moment of ecstasy, Jack thought as he lowered himself to his knees."

    See what I mean?

    Wrong…on SO many levels…just wrong.

  4. Actually, all that really bugs me about Don Draper/Alec Baldwin action is the forty year age gap. Both of those actors are hot to me. Plus, hello, sexy besuited well-dressed Republican sandwich?

  5. Season 3 is just about to start in Australia, and here is a clip from "The Australian" online. It's Matt discussing Don Draper, the concept of fairness in life and also the concept of shame. Follow the link: http://player.video.news.com.au/theaustralian/#14

  6. I love Johnny Weir. That article was completely bogus and wrong about at least 10 things. Doesn't anyone fact check anymore?

  7. Jon Hamm and Johnny Weir at the same event?

    Dear loving God. I have never wanted to “go to there” so much in my life … for completely different reasons.

  8. Donny Brook, ME TOO.

    And the answer is no. They don't. Facts are whatever people want to believe are true, now. It wasn't always that way, but the path of least resistance is apparently the current operating principle of modern journalism.

    BTW, I hear the hockey game going on right now is a nail-biter. I have no idea (because helloooo, I watch Johnny, not hockey).

    Anyone got an update?

  9. There was a hockey game the US played at 3:45 and won. I don't know who they played, or if there is another one now, but I only see some type of skiers on NBC now.

  10. We beat Switzerland 2-0.

  11. The semifinal games at on Friday.

    And I should add that the women's hockey team is playing for the gold tomorrow. Sorry about the three separate posts.

  12. acdavis, thank you!

    (On behalf of all North Americans, I mean 🙂 )

  13. Canada beat Russia, too. And it's US vs. Canada in the women's gold medal finals.

  14. In the TV cross-over universe, I always thought Sally Draper grew up to became Samantha Jones — clearly her father's daughter.

  15. It's going to end up being Canada and the U.S. in the men's gold medal hockey game, it looks like. Barring Slovakia somehow stopping Canada.

    Holy role reversal from Salt Lake City in 2002 (although, as a Canadian, here's hoping the outcome is the same – gold for Canada!)

  16. Ok, I just gotta say that the piece about the public library is a little insane/ranting. I used to work as a librarian at a public library in a major US city. Um . . . we got crazy requests ALL THE TIME!!! My favorite was when someone called to find out when the movie theater was open and then asked me how to get from their house to the theater. So really, if someone called with a REAL and INTERESTING request . . . I think I'd rather help that person than the crazy who calls the library instead of the movie theater. How exactly would a librarian know when to turn away a patron request and HELLO it is a PUBLIC library which means that any and all requests are taken! And if an intern was hired, wouldn't the intern just show up at the library and ask the question him/herself instead of calling it in? YEAH. The library has gotta be involved either way. Done now.

  17. rachel: Yes. Zactly.

  18. it's not slash if one person is a lady.

    also, to be totally honest I read some of that fic and it was really good.

  19. As a Nashvillian, I loved the whiskey article! I've sipped whiskey, ate, or bought alcohol from every business they interviewed.

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