Friday Mad Beard News: Slattery Edition

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Feb 122010

Mad Men‘s own punchline machine, John Slattery, finally broke his silence on the topic of the great Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce) Beard Compact of 2010.  With hilarious results.

What’s great about this piece, from New York Magazine‘s Vulture, is how much John sounds like a more modern, more egalitarian Roger.  I mean, would Roger Sterling bowl?

If you missed Michael Gladis’s take on the Mad Men and their facial hair, there’s a link to it in this story.

How about you, Basketcases?  How would you rate our guys’ off-season beards:  the Slattery, the Hamm, the Kartheiser, the Gladis?  Who needs to lose his next?  Who doesn’t have one and needs one? everyone already knows that checking is a must.

Go (respectfully) nuts in the comments!


  17 Responses to “Friday Mad Beard News: Slattery Edition”

  1. Not him too! This makes him look like the old geezer miner in an old hollywood gold rush film. Oh god, NO!!!!!

  2. Though a goatee or a Van Dyke might be nice.

  3. Saw him in person last weekend. He is hand. some. with or without.

  4. He's funny.

    Funny = hot. At least to me.

    I am feelin' it over here too, Roberta. 🙂

  5. I can get behind the hipster mini-goatee or van Dyke, or sexy stubble — maybe a trimmed mustache — but I grew up in the clean shaven '50s and 60s and facial hair gone wild on men is a turn off to me.

    Hillbilly/miner/grandpa/ Old Testament patriarch bad vibrations (even preferred my long-haired hippies with no beard).

    Sorry girls, but even Hamm or Slatterly no so pretty in my opinion with face thatchery.

    I'm the opposite about hoo ha hair, but there you are.

  6. Looks good with a beard. Looks good without a beard. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

  7. I love that the laser hair removal ad is next to Slattery's face. LOL! I'm with freelancewoman, I like my mad men clean shaven. Off with their beards, all of them.

  8. God, he is so funny!

    I love how he describes his beard:
    "It makes me look like Methuselah. Luckily I’m married already, because it wouldn’t be doing me any favors."

    And Jon Hamm's

    "…he can grow it back in five minutes. His beard is full of testosterone. It’s almost like he’s taking steroids. I think that beard is evidence that Jon Hamm has been using. It’s too much! It goes over his nose! It’s like a Fred Flinstone beard."

    I could see Slattery with an evil,parallel-universe Spock goatee! I think Kartheiser's beard is hot. But I like them all clean shaven (save for Gladis) on the show!

  9. Santa Claus as a college freshman.

    Seriously, beards don't do it for me. I like a little stubble, a la The Edge or Springsteen, but they're rock stars, not actors playing 1960s characters.

  10. Therese. YES.

    It's not just the beard. It's the kind of beard.

    There's such a thing as a Hipster beard (VK! Ding ding ding!), a Slacker, a Santa, a Homeless (see Brad Pitt), a ZZ Top, and a Villain. I think there's even a Villain-Extreme beard, like Jafar's in Aladdin.

    If you're going to bother with a beard, boys, you should really aim for a character and go for it, follicles-out.

    For the record, beards don't really do it for me, either. But if that's what the boys are into in the off-season, who am I to judge? That would be like guys having a problem with our giant purses.

    It's the style. Whatevs. 🙂

  11. **If you’re going to bother with a beard, boys, you should really aim for a character and go for it, follicles-out.**

    Yes, yes, yes!!!

    The Kartheiser is a good beard. VK looks so much better with it because it makes him look more mature. When he's clean shaven he looks too much like that weasel Pete Campbell — so much so, that I can't tell the difference between the actor and the character he portrays. LOL.

    Gladis' beard isn't bad. But Slattery looks like the old man and the sea. And Hamm resembles a crazy person with his — like he mixes fertilizer bombs in his parent's basement or something. That said, though, I wouldn't mind seeing Slattery in a well-groomed goatee. Might make him look like a character right out of Jonny Quest. I suspect that Hamm in stubble a la George Michael circa 1987 would also be pretty yummy.

    Mostly I prefer smooth over furry, but sometimes, facial hair does the trick (cf. Michael Imperioli in Life on Mars or Grant Show in Swingtown). Something about a pornstache that just makes me giddy…Is that TMI?

  12. And Hamm resembles a crazy person with his — like he mixes fertilizer bombs in his parent’s basement or something.


    Okay, Jon? If you're reading this? I don't see "Unabomber" in your beard. But I do imagine you starting your car with your bare feet.


  13. Still hot, with or without beard.

  14. Yeah and ya definitely don't want to go for the Crazy Old Coot look, either.

  15. re: Anne B

    I cracked up so hard when i read that last sentence….'with our giant purses."

    Obviously I misread "purses" for well…you know.

    so funny!

  16. By the way Mad Beard News is fucking hilarious.

  17. I prefer almost all men clean shaven, but he's still hot with a beard. In general, attraction is all about personality and sense of humor for me, so…. yeah.

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