Mad Feminist News #9

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Jan 242010

Ralph Remington feels that watching Mad Men would help people understand white male privilege.

Racialicious contemplates the politics of vintage in a wide-ranging post.

The Golden Globes became a focal point for discussing the way we contemplate women’s bodies. The NY Times denied they purposely distorted Christina Hendricks’s body in this photo, but they did quote an anonymous stylist as saying ‘You don’t put a big girl in a big dress.”

The point, please remember, is NOT whether or not Christina is a “big girl” (Geez Pete) but the way that we are all so entitled to scrutinize women’s bodies, and how much more interesting that is than their talent. The other story about scrutiny from the Globes is about Mo’Nique’s leg hair. I mean, she won a major award and gave an eloquent speech, and that’s the story? Leg hair?


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  1. I loved Christina's dress at the globes and the SAG's as well….she has a beautiful body, and some of the most beautiful skin on the face of the earth, why not show it off. Yeah, it makes me so mad that she has gotten so much flack. The fashion press does not care for her because she looks like a real woman and her breasts are real. Annnnnnnd, I'll tell you, she does more real acting in a mere glance than Sandra Bullock can do in a 2 hour film. I hope she starts getting nominations over January with the next season.

  2. Some of this I can understand. It's hard to talk about Christina without mentioning her beauty.

    It's like the problem Jon Hamm has with his own serious ration of talent: that amazing face (and in Christina's case, her gorgeous body as well) almost stands in the way of what each actor tries to do with it.

    But it's the acting, not the look, that is the job. Christina is not a model; she interprets a major character in the best critically received drama on television.

    However, there is something wrong with a culture that deconstructs her appearance in many media outlets (and outright distorts it, in one), while missing the fact that not only were most men dressed alike that night — but the lower half of many a male actor's face was pretty much obscured by beard.

    Women's hair, makeup, dresses, accessories, bodies, and shoes have to be perfect, at every event. Men don't even have to SHAVE anymore.

    (Not a knock on Jon, by the way. Jason Bateman showed up looking like he'd just been sprung from a 5150, what with the bad haircut, full beard and no tie.)

    While I'm on a tear here, the attack on Mo'Nique was both mean and misplaced. She gave the best acceptance speech of the night. "It's time to tell" — that was genius. Genius.

    As for the shaving thing … you really want us all to go there? Guys, pull up your pant legs. I'M GOING THERE.

  3. SO MUCH of a woman's daily routine is geared towards things that make them sexually attractive according to some random male standard. Makeup, shaving under arms, shaving legs, high heels, jewelry (foot-binding, corsets, etc)…

    Did you notice HOW MANY of the women commenting on Mo'Nique's legs at that linked site went out of their way to say that even tho they didn't shave, they were hetero and paired?

  4. Unexpected female body hair seems to be an equal opportunity gasp generator. Julia Roberts got similar treatment a few years ago when she waved and showed hairy armpits.

  5. As a guy, I could honestly care less if Mo'Nique shaved her legs or not. She's stunning and a remarkable actor.

    Just as a thought: I wonder if guys really care about these sort of things. I thought Christina Hendricks looked just jaw-dropping and didn't consider anything but.

    I dunno, I just let them both wash over me and didn't think about things. Just me, though.

  6. Isn't it funny that Vincent, John and Jon are all sporting full beards in the off season? Hamm admitted to just being sick of shaving. I'd say the same is probably true of the others, too. Not so different than women in colder climates wanting to take a shaving break in the "off" season, is it?

  7. Russell Crowe once said that between roles, he likes to 'go fallow'. Since the men and women on MM are so immaculately groomed and costumed for the show, it makes since that some of them may choose a lower maintenance look. Not that CH looked low maintenance at all. I thought she was stunning.

  8. This is an old thread, but here's an update… Christina Hendrick's husband Geoffrey Arends speaks up on the subject of her GG dress. I agree with him completely, especially when he says that his favorite thing was the outrage that popped up all over the internet regarding Christina's dress being criticized.

    I love it when someone or some event causes the public to examine their perceptions.

    no idea if I'm posting this url correctly, but here goes…

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