Mad About Gossip: Jon Hamm's beard!

 Posted by on January 13, 2010 at 8:21 am  Actors & Crew, Media-Web-News
Jan 132010

Oh my hotness!

I forgot how much I love, love, love facial hair. Especially Jon Hamm’s facial hair. I think the trick with gorgeous facial hair is how you care for it, fellas, here are the best beard oils reviewed. Here’s our beloved Mr. Draper walking his pooch around the neighborhood. Enjoy!


  18 Responses to “Mad About Gossip: Jon Hamm's beard!”

  1. No matter what, he always look good!

  2. THAT is a man.

    But he better shave it for SNL and 30 Rock…just sayin'….

  3. Wow!! With or without facial, Jon Hamm is still a MAJOR wow!!

  4. Reeeaallly tried not to post about this. But …

    DISLIKE the beard.

    I am not a fan of beards. Not. A. Fan. I endured one on my then-boyfriend for the longest time, but you know: If he hadn't shaved the thing off, he'd still BE just a boyfriend.

    That said, I understand winter is for hibernation, even if you live where it's like 82 DEGREES RIGHT NOW.

    More to the point, maybe Beard Guy has a face that is, say, recognizable? Maybe he doesn't want women catching sight of that face, bolting across the dog park and tackling him? (At least not every day?)

    I get it.

    So Jon, if you're reading this: I can see you're down with the camouflage. Maybe even considering the old ugly-up (a la Homeless Brad Pitt?). Either is fine. But let's be clear: The ugly-up won't work. You might achieve not looking like Don Draper, but you're still gonna look good.

    Wow. How much must that suck? 🙂

  5. I do not approve of Brad Pitt's…facial hair. It's not even a beared. It's ridiculous and all sorts of awful. He needs to get rid of that thing STAT.

  6. Anne B., I'm with you. Not a fan of the beard.

  7. Just when I thought he couldn't get any better looking… Facial hair is my weakness,. Next time, though, try a goatee!

  8. My husband just called me "lookist".

    I think he's just mad because now he knows how close he came to remaining a happy bachelor …

  9. That's a lot of beard! I love him and I know what's under there, but I'm not a fan of that look. The beard, hat, glasses combo is a little "unibomber" to me.

  10. but where's the dog?

  11. He's returning to 30 Rock. Perhaps it's part of the plot, because Liz Lemon complained Dr. Drew Baird got everything because he was so handsome?

  12. Seems the Fug Girls are on the anti-beard bandwagon as well …

  13. John Hamm's beard got fugged this morning.

  14. Back on 30 Rock! YEA! His episodes were so funny–but I love that whole show too!

  15. What, he forgot to shave this morning? (I bet he grows that in 3 days)

  16. I wouldn't refuse a snog because of that beard. That's all I'm sayin'.

  17. Wonder if he'll be sporting the beard at the Golden Globes tonight and/or when he hosts Saturday Night Live on January 30th (according to the promo I heard last night) with musical guest Michael Buble–a perfect combination for the mother and daughter in our house. Can't wait!

  18. Ixnay on the eardbay… but man, he better win that GG!

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