Dec 302009

Pipes Magazine interviews our favorite pipe smoker, Michael Gladis. Paul Kinsey is mentioned in a NY Times puff piece.

A homegirl article about the Portland, Oregon native who won this year’s Mad Men video contest.

MediaPost writes about TV’s new fascination with advertising, including but not limited to Mad Men.

Media Post also talks about the problems with the Emmys, mentioning Mad Men’s repeat wins as an audience turn-off (not for us!).

An article about the marketing of Eight O’clock Coffee talks about the Mad Men Yourself campaign.

The NY Times waxes poetic on all that is named Salvatore, including our own Sal Romano.

Also in the Times, Edward Glaeser muses on the economics of Mad Men.

Mad Men as a metaphor for the Copenhagen climate talks.

This woman gave up Mad Men to save on her budget. Say it ain’t so!

Mid-century design has become quite a trend thanks to Mad Men, and Amy Wells offers tips on getting the look.

Matt Weiner told the Hollywood Radio and Television Society luncheon that openly gay actors still face obstacles in Hollywood.

CBS Sunday Morning begins a piece on nolstalgia by noting that “It’s delicate, but potent.”

AdAge names the five best branded-entertainment deals of the past year. Mad Men does not make the list, but “lends a whiff of chic to some retailers.”

The Tar Pit, on LaBrea in Los Angeles, “is heavy on Mad Men“era classics like lobster Newberg, steak Diane and coq au vin.”

Lionsgate is selling full seasons of its shows (including Mad Men) on iTunes months before the DVDs are released.

One CableFax blogger is sad that other CableFax writers didn’t think Mad Men’s Emmy wins were important enough news stories.

How to throw a retro New Year’s cocktail party.

A look back at fashion of the decade mentions retro chic and Mad Men silhouettes. Similarly, the Daily News cites Mad Men retro as one of the indelible fashion moments of the decade.

Gabriel Mann (Arthur Case) will appear in Psych 9.

Here’s a fun story. USA Today asked experts and readers to predict the future. Readers were more accurate. One of the predictions was the rise of cable programming as evidenced by shows like Mad Men.

Mad News compiled by Deborah & Karl.


  4 Responses to “Mad News, December 21-30, 2009”

  1. A nice, unexpected Sunday Morning treat of Hamm via breakfast with the in-laws…priceless!

    BTW Rich Sommer LOVES that show. They need to do a feature on MM.

    Happy New Year Roberta, Deborah, Karl, Jez et al!

  2. EW gives props to Mad Men, Jones and Moss for 2009…

  3. As a kid growing up on the East coast in the 60s, I remember Eight O' Clock coffee at the A&P grocery. Two other brands they sold were Red Circle Coffee and Bokar Coffee. Here's an earlier ad about them …

  4. I had to give up Netflix…or at least I put it on hold until I find a job 🙁

    But I would NEVER give up Mad Men

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