Mad News, December 9-14, 2009

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Dec 142009

IFC published an article on Barbet Schroeder and other unusual directors on Mad Men. This was back in November, so belated thanks to Basketcase Lisa.

Best of the Year, anyone? Zap2It’s TV Gal lists Mad Men as #1 on her favorite shows of 2009. The Associated Press includes Mad Men among 2009’s finest. The Boston Herald names Mad Men this year’s “most improved show.”

For the second third year in a row, Mad Men is on the American Film Institute (AFI) list of best television shows of the year. Time Magazine places My Old Kentucky Home #7 on a list of best television episodes this year, while iTunes Rewind cites The Gypsy and the Hobo as the best single episode of a 2009 television drama.

Update: Mad Men led the TV field for the 2010 Writers Guild Awards with three nominations (along with 30 Rock, The Office and Modern Family).

Ad Age charts the Twitter posts of Glee vs. Mad Men.

Jon Hamm has an uncredited voice role in A Single Man, which is is set in the ’60s and boasts the production team from Mad Men. Meanwhile, The L Magazine calls A Single Man “a feature-length, Los Angeles-based Mad Men spin-off,” and points out that a lot of Mad Men’s production design team was involved with the film.

Jezebel asks you to “Meet Joy Golden: The Real Peggy Olsen.”  Video galore.

Cultivator Advertising & Design in Denver produced a Mad Men-themed holiday card.  The attire is temporary, but the decor is permanent. Meanwhile, suggests you do your own Mad Men Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, DO NOT MISS Mad Men gingerbread (h/t Basketcase Esther).

Author and critic Chuck Klosterman talks to /Film about product placement in Mad Men (and 30 Rock).

Modern men take breakups harder than Don Draper.

As noted in the comments to the last edition of Mad News, Jon Hamm will return as host of SNL in January.  Naughty boy Rich Sommer leaked the story in a TV Squad podcast.

Don Draper is mentioned as the contrast in a Boston Globe piece on the manliness gap at the movies.

Weezer is catching up on Seasons One and Two on tour.

Kevin Symons (Don Draper’s doctor) turned up on NBC’s Parks & Recreation last week.

Mad Men had the second-largest increase in DVR viewing in all of TV-land.

Bryan Batt takes Passport TV on a tour of N’awlins. And does an interview.

Basketcase less of me has begun blogging Mad Men at the Preexistential Suite.

RJD2 talks to Spinner about selling off “A Beautiful Mine” to Mad Men.

Denise Crosby (who appeared as Betty’s riding instructor in Season 2) will be on Broadway in Orpheus Descending.

In a less-auspicious role, Patrick Cavanaugh (Smitty) stars in Transylmania, a vampire spoof which just had the worst box office opening in history.

Basketcase Todd informs us that in a battle between Don Draper and a grizzly bear…well, I won’t spoil it.

The University of Puget Sound journal has an article on alum Darby Stanchfield (Helen Bishop). Thanks, seagirl!

Riffing on Seinfeld, Zap2It explores “nothing” on TV, discussing the bleak nothingness of Mad Men, among other shows.

Basketcase Sir Hillary writes:

I was reading a column on by Bill Simmons, in which he answers reader mail on “L’Affaires de Tiger Woods”. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, the final letter draws a comparison between Tiger and Don Draper, to which Simmons (a huge MM fan who has interviewed Jon Hamm several times on his podcasts) responds with a lengthy analysis.

We’ve featured Simmons in Mad News before. Thanks!


  21 Responses to “Mad News, December 9-14, 2009”

  1. Woot, Todd, great piece. Go, grizzly!

  2. The Christmas article mentions chip and dip!

  3. There is a possibility that when he defeated the grizzly bear, he might take the bear’s identity and claim that Don Draper was dead. Therefore technically the bear would win, even though Don Draper was really the bear. Then Don would be sitting on a train, reading a Volkswagen advertisement and a man would ask him if he was Don Draper. Don would just look at him with a look of disgust and then eat the man, because he is living the life of a grizzly bear now.

    Bwah ha ha ha!

  4. MM "most improved?" I thought S3 was the least successful of the three, shows what I know. Perhaps they're just talking about ratings. 😉

  5. thanks for the shout out! you guys are the best!

  6. Why is it that whenever a celebrity like Tiger Woods does something wrong, the public and especially the media make a big deal about it? Especially when you consider that the average citizens have committed acts that are just as bad? What is this expectation for celebrities to be nearly spotless when it comes to transgressions?

  7. I highly recommend A Single Man to any MM fan, and not just for the gorgeousness of the production. It's an amazing movie. There's also a very similar line to Don's little speech in the pilot, that "You're born alone, you die alone"–but it's done well. Colin Firth is brilliant.

  8. Luisa, have heard nothing but raves about A Single Man from friends on the coasts. In our hinterlands, not yet showing 🙁 And of course, That Voice is perfect, if only for a minute. The film has a lot of buzz on its own, deservedly so, but even more so as a result of the non-credit.

    On the GGs, hope JJ and Slattery get recognized this year with noms at least!

  9. I just realized GG nominations are tomorrow! I know Jon and the show are already in, but it should be interesting to see who else breaks through.

  10. Simmons is actually sort of friends with Jon Hamm. Jimmy Kimmel is a mutual friend (Simmons used to write for Kimmel's show), and they watch football together at Kimmel's house on Sundays. Simmons is a big fan of "Mad Men" and is pretty insightful about it.

  11. I just saw a clean-shaven Michael Gladis as an opposing attorney on the CBS show "The Good Wife."

  12. Love the Klosterman interview — he always has great things to say, big fan of his books.

    A Single Man looks amazing. I've always been uneasy about the prospect of Tom Ford directing films, but hey, apparently this film works.

  13. I was so excited that I screamed like a little girl when I saw John Slattery on the Colbert Report last night.

    Does that say something about me? :/

  14. I think we could do without ads in the comments.

  15. The Lipps aren't on duty 24/7. They'll delete then annoying spam when they can.

  16. […] I’ve become aware we have more than a few link-ins from Basket of Kisses; I read the shout-out in the News post and The Suite wishes to thank Deborah and Roberta for doing more than just […]

  17. Thanks, Lipps.

  18. Maureen Ryan’s column recounts a meeting over pizza with Alan Sepinwall & Time critic James Poniewozik. They discussed numerous shows, including Mad Men, of course. Although they hadn’t seen the last 2 episodes yet. Just a taste:

    Poniewozik: To sort of circle back around to “Dollhouse”…

    Ryan: As we always must.

    Poniewozik: Yeah, everything’s about “Dollhouse.”

    Sepinwall: Jon Hamm would be a great doll.

    Ryan: I think Betty is a doll.

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