Dec 082009

Tom & Lorenzo interview Chris March, and Mad Men gets discussed.

Matt Weiner talked about Don Draper’s dialogue for the Good Men Project. And he also spoke with TV Guide.

Howl, the Allen Ginsberg biopic, is headed to the Sundance Film Festival.  Jon Hamm plays the poet’s defense attorney.

Mad Men sells well on Blu-Ray (perhaps more than half of its sales, as opposed to five percent for an average title).  This is likely a combination of upscale demographics and pricing the same as regular DVDs.

Ithsmus notes that historic preservation emerged as a personal cause of Jackie Kennedy’s (though not fast enough to save Penn Station).

“The Gypsy and the Hobo” yielded one of the best moments on scripted television across the past 10 years, according to the Boston Globe.

At the Brisbane Times —  “Retro boobs: repressed, uncomfortable and sexy as hell.”

And if boobs weren’t enough, Mad Men influences “holiday hair.” (Dude, my hair never goes on holiday. –D)

We’re getting into best-of-the-year lists, and Frazier Moore lists Mad Men. (Best of the year lists was actually what made me start Mad News in the first place”I couldn’t keep up. –D)

We’re also getting into end-of-decade columns, and Newser tells us that the aughts were the decade that “TV became art,” as evidenced by Mad Men, among other shows.

The Washington Times reviews The President’s Team: The 1963 Army-Navy Game and the Assassination of JFK by Michael Connelly.

Daily Nexus loves Mad Men because drinking! smoking! sexism! Whatever.

Buddy TV does the sexiest men on TV in 2009. Jon Hamm comes in at #8.

5 men who impressed in 2009. You won’t believe who Jon Hamm beat!

In discussing a new/revived Puerto Rican ad campaign, the NY Times makes extensive reference to Mad Men.


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  1. The Howl movie was already on my list. Now I'll definitely look out for its appearance in my town. On my first trip to SF, I made a beeline for City Lights Books; Ferlinghetti, who owned the bookstore, was actually the guy on trial for publishing Ginsberg's "obscene" poem. That was in the 80's; a guy sat in the Beat section of the shop muttering "I knew Kerouac." Learn more here:

    (Frank O'Hara is also on the site. Along with others who presented alternative visions of America, beginning in the 50's.)

    By the 60's, Beatniks were in the news; here's Shag's "Beatnik versus Beat" From this interesting site:

    Midge & her friends probably just considered themselves hip. The next thing was brewing. Probably on the edge of our Madfolk's world–but we shall see.

  2. If I had a boyfriend who went into "homophobic shock" because he saw a guy make out with another guy and reach in his pants, I wouldn't write an article about it.

  3. Last night's Castle guest stars: both Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Anne Dudek (Francine from Mad Men). Last week, Nathan referenced Ryan Reynolds, his co-star in Three Guys and a Girl. I am so loving this show!

  4. I have the Mad Men Blu-Ray discs — it's an amazing viewing experience in HD.

    Once the series ends at some point, I will be getting the Mad Men Complete Series on DVD as well. I'm willing to bet it's going to be full of extras and cool stuff thrown in.

  5. The review of the book "The President’s Team: The 1963 Army-Navy Game and the Assassination of JFK," made me recall another connection between Navy quarterback, Roger Staubach, and the JFK assassination.

    Staubach was set to be the cover photo subject of Life Magazine, but that issue of the publication had to be totally scrapped when Kennedy was shot. It was literally a "stop-the-presses" moment and you can read about it here …

    That weekend, Time-Life purchased the famous home movie, taken by Abraham Zapruder, that graphically showed the assassination. It was not seen by the public until 1975.

  6. OMG! Jon Hamm beat Harvey Levin!?

  7. I just saw that Jon Hamm will be hosting SNL in January!

    How cool is that?

  8. # 7 – I just saw that Jon Hamm will be hosting SNL in January!

    That IS good news!

    Jon Hamm has a way to go before he catches up with Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks (who, I think, have both hosted the most times), but I'm pretty sure that Jon Hamm's return as host, is the quickest repeat visit for a host of the show.

  9. Cool story about Hamm lending his voice to A Single Man:

  10. @ 2 AWV-Which article are you talking about toOne in the post, or one mentioned in the comments. I'm curious to read it, which is why I'm asking.

  11. oh it's the Daily Nexus one. She talks about how Mad Men isn't afraid to be "shocking" and then gives that as an example and it's like, I'm sorry that you and your ex-boyfriend actually think that's shocking.

  12. Incidentally, I found that “Retro boobs: repressed, uncomfortable and sexy as hell” also works as metaphor for the show.

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