Mad Feminist News #8

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Dec 082009

“Lurking Basketcase” Sarah sent this very unusual link: Feminist Mormon Housewives. The author (a feminist Mormon housewife) describes how Mad Men converted her husband to feminism. Plus they met Jon Hamm!

The National Journal looks at current Washington politics through a Mad Men lens. Women still get the short stick.


  2 Responses to “Mad Feminist News #8”

  1. It was just on cable, and the white lace maternity wedding gown Irma La Douce wore in Billy Wilder's 1963 comedy film, is a close match to Betty's white lace maternity party dress in Mad Men.

    Unfortunately, Google images doesn't cache the Irma dress, but it's apparent that Janie Bryant was right on target again.

  2. I had a mind-blowing moment with the Feminist Mormon Housewives. Sudden thought: what do you say we pull the Real Housewives (all cities) off the air, and replace them with their Feminist Mormon sisters?

    Now that's a show I'd watch.

    Loved the piece: thanks, Sarah! 🙂

    (P.S., I think Jon's wonderful for being part of this. And he looks good with a Golden Arches back.)

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