Dec 032009

E Online’s photo gallery of Gays on TV includes our beloved Salvatore.

The Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) has announced its nominations for TV awards, and Mad Men is nominated in the TV Drama category.

GawkerTV presents “The Tao of Don.”

At the Hartford Courant, Kevin Rennie asks readers to measure the 2010 candidates for Governor against… Joan. (An impossibly high standard. -K)

Project Angel Food’s Divine Design sale, now in its 17th year, kicks off next weekend with a salute to Woman of Style Christina Hendricks.

The Sheaf compares Mad Men and The Sopranos.

TV Squad’s Joel Keller is thankful for Matt Weiner.  The LA Times is thankful for Mad Men among many more important things. uses Mad Men’s treatment of the famous DDB Volkswagen “lemon” ad to discuss “brand judo.”

As noted by Basketcases after the close of the last Mad News, Jon Hamm is adding his voice to Shrek Forever After.  Director Mike Mitchell says, “He is the best-looking ogre you’ve ever seen.”

The Daily Beast runs Part Two of Matt Weiner’s Season 3 post-mortem.

Hitflix notes that the Season 4 Big Love teaser is highly reminiscent of Mad Men’s titles.

Marshall Allman (the “afflicted” Danny Farrell) has signed on for Season 3 of True Blood.

Rich Sommer lit the Christmas tree at Legoland. (I’m jazzed. -D)

Mad Men is used to talk about the changing nature of work.

Bryan Batt is preparing for the holiday season at his shop, Hazelnut.

A Michigan mom wishes she could send her kids out to play the way Betty Draper does.

Our friends at the Film Experience compare Tippi Hedren (rather than Grace Kelly) to Betty Draper.

InStyle‘s January issue goes behind the scenes with Mad Men.

Here’s an interesting new site: The community at Shop Mad Men “helps identify and tag clothes as they appear in different episodes.”

Mad Men Confidential is a new blog series dedicated to looking at Mad Men from the inside (of real advertising) out.

The romance of dark, secretive men, from Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre to Don Draper.

(Mad News compiled by Karl and Deborah.)


  8 Responses to “Mad News, November 26-December 3, 2009”

  1. I always said Tippi Hendren over Grace Kelly. And I got all corrected, like, but Tippi Hendren was Hitchcock's Grace Kelly replacement. But I think it's a much stronger likeness–Kelly's face is rounder and warmer.

  2. The "dark, secretive men" article reminds me of Kate Beaton's cartoon about the Bronte sisters:

  3. Love the interview with Matt. I always enjoy hearing his insights into the characters, and especially Betty, who I have such a difficult time liking and relating to.

    [The John Feehery article about the changing nature of work, on the other hand, left me stupider for having read it.]

  4. Related to the "dark, secretive men" link …

    Why not Team Bella?
    By Kate Harding for Salon's Broadsheet, 12.3.2009

    How to talk to girls who are obsessed with the self-destructive heroine of "New Moon."

  5. Slightly off topic, but I recently got the new Sugarland Christmas Album, Gold & Green, and O Come, O Come Emmanuel is on it. I have season 1 flashbacks every time it comes on!

  6. More Betty as Tippi Hedren supporting evidence from Hitchcock movies:
    Betty rides horses to escape; Marnie rides horses to escape.
    Don's nickname for Betty is "Birdie" and Tippi Hedren starred in "The Birds."

  7. The Michigan mom’s article irritates me. Where was she the first 8-12 years of her kids’ lives to make sure they learned to “play with real stuff” as we call it in our house. It’s not anyone’s fault but the parents’ own that they rely on electronic toys….

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