Nov 252009

We’re pretty proud that New York Magazine picked up our article on Don Draper dolls.

The Sydney Morning Herald profiles Matt Weiner.

The New York Post lists Mad Men under “TV we’re thankful for.”

Peggy Noonan is also thankful for much this year — including Mad Men, and its fans. So is Bob Sassone.

Tom & Lorenzo interview Deborah Lacey (Carla), who reveals some remarkable real-life inspiration. It’s an outstanding interview.

Speaking of outstanding interviews, check out Alison Brie and Donald Glover via Pop Matters. Alison should come over to the Lipp house, she sounds like one of us.

A visit with Kansas City’s “real Mad Men.”

The Star Tribune includes Mad Men on its list of DVD gift recommendations. Ah, here come the holidays.

Abigail Spencer (Suzanne Farrell) appeared as a suspect on Monday’s episode of Castle.

Stealth branding” on Mad Men.

Lionsgate Music, which “is involved with” Mad Men’s music, has signed a multi-year deal with Cherry Lane Music Publishing.

An Arizona boutique shows you how to sport the Mad Men look.

Rich Sommer talks Mad Men and board games with TV Guide.

PopEater lists “Hollywood’s Most Riveting Redheads.”  Guess who gets first mention? reviews the Criterion Collection of “The Golden Age of Television,” which includes Rod Serling’s Patterns; described in the review as “Mad Men before its time.”  In fact, Matt Weiner talked about Patterns — and Serling’s influence generally — in his interview on TV Time Machine.

Mad Men withdrawal is blogged at Psychology Today.

Separated at Birth:  Jon Hamm… and Fabio?

Jon also appears in People’s 100 Sexiest Men video: Blink & you’ll miss him.

The Boston Globe handicaps Emmy odds for Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and  January Jones.

AdWeek essays the classic DDB Volkswagen campaign.

Celia Rivenbark is in awe of Betty Draper’s parenting… sort of.

At the HuffPo, William Bradley’s season wrap up notes that the series has reached a turning point:

It’s like comparing and contrasting North By Northwest with Dr. No. The films are only three years apart — with North By Northwest in 1959 and Dr. No in 1962 — but they have a very different feel. North By Northwest, which clearly influenced the show, is definitely of the ’50s, refined and rather mannered. Dr. No is definitely of the ’60s, rawer and more sexual and violent.

The philosophy of games and creative collaboration, using Mad Men as an example.


  17 Responses to “Mad News, November 20-25, 2009”

  1. OMG, that Separated At Birth piece was scary…but true.

    Just imagine how popular Fabio could have been with short hair? So, maybe it was just the hair (well, it also used to be blond) that turned me off?

  2. I don't know if it's been mentioned yet that Jon Hamm is going to play the world's most handsome ogre in Shrek IV?

  3. The "Stealth Branding" piece is interesting, as is the Conrad Hilton WSJ article they reference.

    John Deere was caught by surprise … funny. I'm wondering if Weiner & Co. are subtly making the point that if brands' don't accept product integration, then they might be portrayed badly. Not that John Deere did anything wrong, it doesn't seem they declined an opportunity to integrate. But the message may be: "come on board, or take your chances" …

  4. Hey that's my Fabio scan.

    They do kind of look alike but not that much. 😉

  5. Fabio? Ugh! Boston Globe article? Ugh!

  6. LOVE the interview with Deborah Lacey, I've always been curious about her views on Carla and the backstory she created for her.

  7. not sure if anyone mentioned it but there's a great part 2 of an interview to Matt Weiner on daily beast.

  8. The article about the Bernstein-Rein ad agency in Kansas City, was a great read and it brought back some nice memories for me.

    During most of the 1980s, I worked in radio in Kansas City and I knew some of the people at the agency. They handled a number of the radio ads that aired on the three stations I worked at, during my years in Kansas City.

  9. haven't read the articles, but just wanted to stop by to say early Happy Thanksgiving and tell the Lipp sisters and all the basketcases that I am thankful that you all exist and that you post here.


  10. Second that, esme.

    I'm not really up to smooches yet (it's a long story) but you'd be right after the husband and the kids if I could, Lipp ladies and Basketcases.

    I'm so grateful for you all!

  11. Celia's article is hilarious as well…I love this line:

    "Betty Draper is about as nurturing as Drano after all. In fact, she often looks at her children with utter curiosity, as if she can't quite figure out how these short people came to live in her house."

  12. You can imagine the impact on Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce if they lost the Lucky Strike account. Somehow they'd pick themselves up, brush themselves off and move forward.

    That's exactly what happen to real-life Kansas City ad agency, Bernstein-Rein, in 2006 …

  13. #2: This article on USA TODAY at… backs up your scoop.

  14. I saw the People issue with Sexiest Man issue and scanned it when I was in the check-out, desperately seeking Hamm! Then I saw the Hamm/Fabio comparison and found it…disturbing! (But pretty funny too!) Yeah, I see a resemblance, but Fabio doesn't hold a candle to our Hammy! I'll take Hamm's fine torso to Fabio's ballon-ey man-boobs any day!

    Did you see Vincent Kartheiser in that issue too? (Under sexy at any age, I think, in the 20's)

  15. I love Peggy Noonan. She always makes me feel as if we are going to be okay. And she is a fan who reads the blogs! Thanks for posting this.

  16. And I am grateful to the Lipp Sisters. No one I know understands or shares my obsession with Man Men. Thank you for this site!

  17. Figured this was the best place to post this – Jon Hamm and Rich Sommer were both on the recent 'Pardcast-a-thon', a 9-hour marathon podcast by the people over at Never Not Funny to raise money for Smile Train, a foundation that helps needy children get cleft lip/palate correction surgeries.

    Jon was one of the first few guests, and popped up a couple times throughout. (it became sort of a running joke that he wouldn't leave) He was also quite drunk.

    If they ever release it to download I'll be sure and transcribe the two interviews, as there was a lot of Mad Men talk. I can tell you from memory that Jon comes down on the 'not rape' side of the Gudrun debate.

    I really hope Jon gets a chance to be on the show itself again. If anyone wants to, you can download just his episode at You have to sign up and pay a few dollars, but it's worth it, it's basically an hour and a half of Jon being charming and hilarious. His episode is in season 4, episode 3.

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