Nov 132009

Bryan Batt discusses the mystery of his future on Mad Men (or lack thereof?).

Best thing ever: Mad Men/X-Men mash-up.

If that’s not enough Mad Bat Man.

Basketcases everywhere alerted us that Rosemarie DeWitt (Midge Daniels) has married Ron Livingston. (She is also described offensively in this article.)

Basketcase Aran found us this podcast of Elvis Mitchell talking with Matthew Weiner.

Marti Noxon (staff writer and co-writer of The Gypsy and the Hobo) is writing a remake of Fright Night.

Movieline updates the Mad Men power rankings. Funny!

True Slant has an audio interview with Alison Brie, covering both Mad Men and Community.

A guide to the top ten cars of the Mad Men era.

Tim Goodman is recruiting for Mad Men and thinks you should too.

Look fab whether you look Mad Men-ish or not.

USA Today’s Whitney Matheson Elfed Herself with the cast of Mad Men.

Cigarette smoking in the US rose slightly for the first time in almost 15 years.  Not sayin’, just sayin‘.

Vincent Kartheiser joins Jerry Hall and Nick Frost in a BBC adaptation of Martin Amis’s Money.

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin drops a Mad Men musical reference at the outset of an interview on Imus in the Morning.

LIFE has a photo gallery featuring “The Real Conrad Hilton.”

The Mad Men of Prince Edward County are telling war stories… and getting back into the biz.

Matt Weiner is in Wellington, New Zealand, talking shop at the Screen Production and Development Association conference.

You’ve seen the finale; get the t-shirt.

The Season Three finale drew 2.3 million viewers, the biggest audience for Mad Men since this season’s premiere.

Michael Gladis is going to guest on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Vincent Kartheiser is going to be on a 2-part BBC mini-series, “Money.”

Somebody made a Season 3 quiz!

The AV Club considers Mad Men one of the best TV shows of the ’00s. Well, DUH. has voting for the best kiss of 2009. Sal and the bellhop are being killed by Sookie and Eric.

The Harvard Crimson sees Mad Men as a meditation on the American spirit.

To spoil or not to spoil?


  20 Responses to “Mad News, November 11-13, 2009”

  1. 1. Getting the t-shirt

    2. Is appearing on L&O a requirement for a SAG card?

    3. Does the viewer/blog reader take NO responsibility for their actions? If you haven't seen an episode don't read articles and then COMPLAIN about spoilers. I hear this on a lot of sites…why does the internet world have to come to a grinding halt for someone that DVR'd? I catch up on lots of shows during the week…if I don't want to know what's going to happen, I don't go reading recaps for craps sake.

  2. Spoilerphobes that want the rest of the world to wear spoiler burkas really bug me. Practice some damn self control and stay off the internet until you've watched the show if it bugs you so much, jeeze.

  3. "Spoiler burkas"!

    Why oh why can't Halloween come twice a year?!?

  4. Michael is so handsome–can't wait until I can finally announce that we're dating. (which would require, y'know, that we actually date.)

  5. That Bryan Batt article was great! Thank you so much for always finding these great tidbits – it really is so appreciated.

  6. I was discussing the finale on my Facebook page Sunday night with a friend, and another friend popped by to say, "No spoilers! I don't have cable and have to wait for the DVDs!" I said, "You expect no one to spoil you for almost a year?" That's taking it way too far! I could understand if she didn't want me to spoil her because of the time difference (she lives in San Francisco and I'm in Baltimore), but come on!

  7. I have this vision of Sal in the late 1970’s on Fire Island in a Caftan [laughs].

    Oh my! <==fanning myself
    I think I got a case of the vapors!

  8. Actually, when I try to picture Sal in a caftan, I get a vision of Maude. My head really hurts now.

  9. OK, the Movieline rankings? Hilarious…and the funniest thing to this simpleton celebrating happy hour with a beer at home? "Not Ranked – the Fart Department". Just typing it makes me chortle with naughty Catholic school girl glee…..

    Yes, I'm a simple soul. That's why I'm in awe of the show – and this site.

  10. Ahhh, I want one of those shirts so badly but they don't have my size. Yet another slight on the husky guys of the world.

  11. I love, love, love the X-Men/Mad Men mash-up. I used to read X-Men comics when I was younger, so it's extra special awesome. 🙂

  12. Don Draper Fingerbang Threat Level

    Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaa!

  13. Entertainment Weekly listed John Slattery as one of the top 20 Dream Hosts for SNL and they even quoted me! 😀,,20319828,00.html

    Awesome. I hope to see John hosts the show soon. He really is hilarious and would be perfect.

    I'll be watching January tonight on SNL.

  14. Roberta & Deb – Where can we submit items for the next issue of Mad News?

    Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists

    … It is rare to find a review of the show that does not rave about the accuracy of its early 1960s styling, yet the “Mad Men” team is woefully sloppy when it comes to typography. Mark Simonson, a graphic designer in St. Paul, Minnesota, blogs about typographic misdemeanors on his Web site,, and he once catalogued the flaws in “Mad Men.” The 1992 typeface, Lucida Handwriting, appears in an ad in the opening titles. Gill Sans, a British typeface designed in 1930 but rarely used in the United States until the 1970s, is used for office signage. A lipstick ad features one wholly appropriate 1958 font, Amazone, but two incongruous ones, 1978’s Balmoral and 1980’s Fenice. …

  15. Deb, for some reason it's making the rounds again.

    Or–Oh! I just realized who PJ is!

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