Nov 062009

So first of all, Friday this very night, watch Law & Order. And read Rich’s TV Guide interview here.

And second of all, I interviewed him weeks ago. As I’ve said in here, and as has been evident by how little I’ve been contributing, I’ve been working (y’know, the day job) kind of like a dog lately. And transcribing like one as well.

Now the tragedy is (or at the very least the irony), I was having trouble with my digital recording equipment, so I actually recorded my wonderful conversation with Rich on a Radio Shack tape recorder. The big kind, like from when I was a kid. I love those.

For Hamm’s interview I was digital, and so the reason you will see that soon is I am actually receiving transcription assistance–which I can do because of how it’s digital so I could send the file. Can’t really send the only copy of my tape.

So my sincerest apologies to Rich, the nicest guy in the whole world, for not only how I’ve blown him off but how I’m appearing to put Hamm ahead of him. Rich–never! I love you both. Except for how I’m kind of putting Hamm ahead of you.

My hope is to have both interviews up before the finale.



  28 Responses to “Rich Sommer is on Law & Order and I am sitting on his interview”

  1. At least I can take solace in the fact that you spelled my name
    correctly in the tags of the post.

  2. I found this in the secret Bert Cooper haiku files:

    "Hear me Mister Crane,
    Need not "turn on", please tune in;
    Tee Vee lights the lights."

    Enjoy your work, Rich. Be well.

  3. But…Rich Sommer is Hotter than Jon Hamm!!!

    *phew* There I said it. I just couldn't hold it anymore. Well, it's a matter of taste. But I bet I'm not the only Harry fangirl.

  4. Just another note, NBC is running two L&O episodes tonight. Rich's episode is the second one.

  5. I love how you illustrated this. Someday soon, our stats will show hits from people doing image searches for tape recorders.

  6. I, too, "heart" Harry! I liked him in his boxers, t-shirt, and glasses in S2. Cutie-pie! I'd lust after a Don, but I'd marry a Harry! (And I'm a Joan…so that's high praise- haha!)

  7. I remember that tape recorder!

  8. I love that people associated with and or are on the show read this blog. Love your work, Rich! Looking forward to reading the interview.

  9. I had one of those recorders. Made me smile, and think it highly appropriate that you used one for a MM interview.

  10. That reminds me of the tape recorder at the very end of The Thin Blue Line. 😉

  11. The scene where Hildy never-noticed-Harrys-eyes-before is still one of my favourite MM moments.

  12. I'm crazy about MM and BoK is by far the best blog! So it's pretty silly to make this my first comment, but somehow it fits so well with the period-piece aspects of the show: When I read this in Roberta's original post–"I actually recorded my wonderful conversation with Rich on a Radio Shack tape recorder. The big kind, like from when I was a kid"– I pictured the big kind, from when *I* was a kid: reel-to-reel. I laughed when I scrolled down to the image! I did a little research and learned that although cassette tapes existed in the 1960's, they weren't in common use in homes or schools. Instead it was the "portable" (heavy!) reel-to-reel recorder–the kind I somehow talked my working-class parents into buying me when I was about 13–that is, in 1963, our current MM year. So now I'm smiling as I see others waxing nostalgic over the cassette recorder pictured…

  13. Jesus. I didn't even realize it was Friday this morning when I wrote this.

    And sorry Born! Glad you're delurking.

  14. Harry is totally what my gf's and I call "Nerdy Hot." I hope he gets more storyline in S4.

  15. I want Harry and Paul and Ken to go on the road. I don't care where or why — I just want to see them on a road trip.

  16. @ 14 Born1949-Welcome to the basket. I've had to work with reel to reel, and at first I found them really annoying, but I got a little better at using them.

    @ 17 Ms. Darkly-I totally agree with you. Although it would be difficult to convince Harry to leave Jennifer at home, unless it was work related. As for where, what about L.A? Harry is head of television, and a lot of television shows were being filmed. That sounds like the kind of trip that an account man would go on, and Paul was supposed to go to California last time, so that is how he would fit into this little trip.

  17. To clarify, the account man would be Ken, and Paul would be representing creative, as was the original plan for the California trip last season.

  18. congrats on the L&O episode, Rich. you were swell.

  19. Never thought I'd feel that sympathetic towards a guy that killed six kids and a woman. Awesome show, great job, Rich!

  20. Incredible work, on L&O Rich. Guest Performer EMMY Nomination Worthy for sure!

  21. L&O's version of the Diane Schuler tragedy was difficult to watch (bonus Michael Jackson tie-in!) I'm a fan of the show, but sometimes I feel guilty watching when I think about the real people whose tragedies are dramatized for our entertainment. All that aside, lots of typical Rich Sommer awesomeness!! Loved when he shut down the Kevin Spacey-ish attorney.

  22. All I kept thinking was that Rich is getting really good at the splattering blood work…jeez louise they had that stuff SPURTING!

  23. Rich was great. I only watched the show to see him and forgot how much I loved the original series. Such a sweet little boy face he has, such a evil killing boss he was in his series…..very good acting! Now I'll tell you who can play rotten to the core, that's our Vinnie!

  24. Rich's L&O ended up being the show's highest rated episode so far this season. Coincidence? Yes, almost definitely.

  25. Bloody. But compelling.

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