Mad Men Halloween Roundup

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Oct 302009

I can’t count the number of articles out there about Mad Men Halloween costumes. Here’s a nice little collection that should get you started.

I invite Basketcases to send us pics of their MM related costumes, but don’t expect any posting until well after we’re done with the finale and post-finale deluge.

Most timely, but least practical, is SF Gate’s suggestion to go as the trick-or-treating Drapers from The Gypsy and the Hobo.

Lime Life suggests that Don & Betty make an excellent “couples” costume.

MadMenShow gives perhaps too much detail, distinguishing between Don, Roger, Pete & Harry suits. Unless it’s an entire Mad Men party, your friends won’t get it.

AOL gets clever by suggesting a wheeled bar as the ideal Mad Men costume accessory.

FabFindsUnder50 puts together a budget Peggy costume.


  10 Responses to “Mad Men Halloween Roundup”

  1. What about the “paddingâ€Β?

    What makes you think Therese needs it? Maybe there's a reason she's going as Joan….


  2. I, too, will be a Joan for Halloween! No padding necessary here! I'm hoping my figure soon comes back in style, thanks to the beautiful CH!

  3. The MadMen costume advise serves as Cliff Notes for understanding the men's clothing signatures. Matt Maul – tell us what it means! πŸ™‚

    The DD blurb reminded me that my favorite drink-cig-lady movie idol, other than Cary Grant is William Holden.

  4. I’m dressing up as Joan tonight for a party. I have a dress I made about 6 years ago for a wedding (I guess I was fashion forward!) — It’s a dress from a reproduction of an actual pattern from Butterick in 1959! It’s square necked and form fitting like many of Joans dresses, and I made it in turquoise. I’ll be pinning my hair up into the best beehive I can master, and I even have a gold necklace pen that I got off of I’ll e-mail you a picture. Happy Halloween Eve!

  5. Therese, that sounds AWESOME.

  6. What about the “padding”?

  7. I do love AOL’s step 4. If you want an added degree of difficulty (spoiler alert!) drive from house to house in an old Cadillac with a woman hiding in the front passenger seat.

  8. ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper:

    Warning: dressing up as Don Draper for Halloween will mainly serve to underline just how much you dont look like Jon Hamm.

  9. January will be hosting SNL on November 14th.

  10. I got the hips, but not the boobs, of Joan. LOL I'd kill for her figure though.

    I'm dressing up for the first time in years, as "Jules" from Pulp Fiction. Natty black suit, sideburns, curly wig complete with Marvin's brains, and will be cussing and being a general bad MF all night long.

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