Mad News, October 6-8, 2008

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Oct 082009

A UK Basketcase can’t find out when Season 3 (Series 3, as they say over there) starts in Britain. Anyone with information, please let us know in comments.

Time Warner Cable customers can’t get their Mad Men On Demand.

Don Draper is AskMen’s most influential man of the year.

The Faster Times muses in detail about the portrayal of hotels in Mad Men.

Fred Armisen and his lovely fiance, Elisabeth Moss, get Funny or Die (thanks, Basketcase dimples).

Vincent Kartheiser on the cover of Draft Magazine (h/t Basketcase Donny Brook).

I received a comment on our former blog as follows:

I was watching “Mr. Warmth: the Don Rickles Project” and there were all these pictures of Vegas back in the day. And on one of the Don Rickles Marquees from the 60’s there she is — January Jones.

No link, alas, but interesting, no?

Basketcase For the Love of Pete found the beloved Pete in a two-part interview for Lost In a Supermarket.

Did Peggy see this video? Basketcase Frank Bullitt thinks so.

Basketcase Scott noticed that David Letterman’s top ten mentioned Mad Men on October 6.

Scott also found a YouTube of the entire post-Emmy press conference with Matt and the cast.

Basketcase Allison noticed that Maureen Dowd mentioned Mad Men in a column on office relationships.

ABC News has a lengthy piece on Mad Men online.  The accompanying video from Good Morning America seems aimed at introducing the series to new viewers, but there’s some Hamm, Hendricks, Slattery and Weiner there for you.

Despite reports to the contrary, Bryan Batt is not getting married to his longtime partner.

Kevin Smith thinks Jon Hamm could play Batman and Superman. (Maybe he is Batman. Nobody has lifted that rock. Actually, I believe he denies being Batman on the S1 DVD commentary. – K)

Janie Bryant is quoted in a Variety article on films set in Rome.

Just Jared has pics of January Jones at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Price Chopper 400 in Kansas City, Kansas.

Mad Men is one of the few things Jerry Seinfeld watches on TV.

At The Hill, Bernie Quigley blogs about “Mad Men and the Second Age of Jimmy Carter.”

Mark Metcalf gets a Mad Men shout out at Entertainment Weekly.

Christina Hendricks plays “My Favorite Movie Scene” at Movieline.

Brooks Brothers is releasing a limited edition line of Mad Men suits. awards Mad Men “best fashion.”

Sean Daly of the St. Petersburg Times muses on Don Draper’s character.

Behind the scenes of the success of the Mad Men Yourself campaign.

The LA Times has an article on the LA Music Center being used as Rome in Souvenir. Turns out the LA Music Center has a page on their website on how cool it is to use them as a film location.

(Mad News compiled by Deborah and Karl.)


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  1. In GQ, January mentions that Richard Curtis had an old photograph of a marquee with her name on it. Maybe it was the same one.

  2. Poor Vincent kartheiser:-(

  3. Mad Men is back on the dvd charts…Oprah effect?

  4. #2 Daniella – Por Que? Because he has a NEWLY defined Girlfriend….?

  5. Because he takes the bus? 🙂

  6. Because the only cover he can get is on a magazine about beer? Because he's got to hang around Jon Hamm all the time so no chicks go for him? (I find this hard to believe. He's cute and funny, what's not to like?)

  7. Because as good as a guy HE is, most on the blog will be referring to him as Pete the Rapist now?

  8. The January Jones in question was a, uh, enchanting singer and dancer from the 60s. Words cannot do her, ahem, act justice; you can see it here, from an old Scopitones reel:

  9. *jumping up and down repeatedly* I knew it I KNEW it! We're sitting on the couch Sunday and the wife says "well at least this hotel doesn't look like the Biltmore" and I responded "no, it looks like the lobby of the Dorothy Chandler!"
    Cuz (almost every) Angeleno I know plays the " I recognize where that was filmed" game. I imagine New Yorkers play their own home version of that game too.
    BTW Anne B, after a couple years up here, I'm getting pretty good at the San Francisco/North Bay version as well…

  10. I recognized the fountains first of the Music Center, which already sport outdoor cafes to one side. I don't remember a Rome fountain exact match, but Rome is fulla fountains, and outdoor cafes.

    Then in a second viewing, it was obvious the grande lobby was that of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (I've been to the opera, there, darling!) The California sunlight flooding the lobby, also can pass for light in Rome. (Which shares a climate similar to that of Southern California.)

    (Although the smell of the diesel fuel in the air which Don and Betty remark, and the chunkiness of the air pollution in Rome are uniquely Roman — hell, when I got back from Rome in the early '90s the air at LAX was noticeably cleaner and fresher than that of Rome's, which should give you an idea…)

    The 1964 vintage of the Music Center, otherwise perfect match for Rome '63.

  11. I can't believe that was Neidermeyer! I didn't recognize him at all, and I'm usually pretty good at that. I guess it has been 30 years since "Animal House", so he looks a lot older.

  12. Fnarf- LOL!!! I LOVE that video. thank you for posting it.

  13. "Because as good as a guy HE is, most on the blog will be referring to him as Pete the Rapist now?"

    Exactly. And now matter what he will do with the character from now on, no matter how multi-layered he makes Pete and now matter how tragic Pete storyline will be, he will still only be a rapist. In the end everyone will blame the actor.

  14. "…In the end everyone will blame the actor."

    What? I'm not really understanding what you are saying.

    I agree that people shouldn't forever label Pete as a rapist and only think of him as a terrible person. Pete is a complex character. He, like all of the other characters on the show, isn't meant to be seen as someone who is wholly good or bad. Pete is "messed up" in many ways, whether it be because of his parents, his environment as a whole, society at the time, etc., and to a certain extent deserves a certain amount of sympathy. But at the same time he did do and has done terrible things and deserves to be judged and criticized.

    But, I don't really understand what you mean by "blaming the actor"? You mean people blame the actor for the way the character is or the fact that the character is labeled as a "rapist"? Because both make absolutely no sense to me.

  15. RE: #13 daniella & #14 blazing fox — on the topic of blaming the actor for the title/persona of rapist.

    ermmm…I'm going to extrapolate, which isn't as painful as it sounds~ and may, or may not, be correct.

    daniella is suggesting that Vincent will have established himself as someone who is capable of portraying sympathetic sexual assault. (abhorrent in real life, but on-point for the character)

    Cameras can ambiguously angle and fade to black- but ultimately – the performance/performer delivers the visual.

    …an *aside* example would be an excerpt from Mo Ryan's recent review (Chicago Tribune):

    "The weaknesses of the Betty stories before "Souvenir" are not January Jones' fault. She doesn't have Jon Hamm's range, but not many actors do. Given the right material, she does just fine, but the fact is, she just happens to be an actress who has a chilly presence. Different actors simply have different vibes. For instance, Edie Falco's earthy, empathic presence allows you to forgive almost anything her characters do. Jones' coolness makes it harder to empathize with Betty. The writing has to be nuanced for us to be in Betty's corner, and I just don't think the depiction of Betty has been nuanced enough this season. "

    I think (humble opine) that Pete is exceptionally nuanced and Vincent has mastery of that – so yes, in a round-about-way, I can see (quote marks) blaming the actor.

    ironically…that's good.

  16. #15

    I will be surprised if the BBC doesn't show Mad Men because as far as I understand how these things work the BBC has already brought S3.

    The newspaper articles (such as this in The Times) about spending cuts leading to less imports being shown corralled "Heroes, Mad Men and The Wire" but since the BBC was actually at the time broadcasting the final ever episodes of The Wire, I would surmise that the newspaper just plucked names out of the air.

    However, I really wish I knew for sure.

  17. Going on previous years, I think Series 3/Season 3 in the UK should be shown in January/February next year, but ‘in the New Year’ is all the BBC are saying at the moment. There were also rumours that it could be a victim of possible BBC4 (the digital channel that shows Mad Men) spending cuts.

    I’d like to think the BBC would commit to spending that money because it’s the best thing on tv, but viewing figures are not high because they usually schedule it late at night, and I know a lot of people in the UK have been downloading S3 (and S2, come to that) as it screens in the US which is also going to affect viewing figures.

  18. Sorry for the typos, I haven't had my caffiene yet.

    She returned the kiss & embrace.

    …soaked culture its as if…

  19. #17

    I will be surprised too, but when S2 finished there was nothing from the continuity announcer about S3 coming next year (as there was when S1 finished), which makes me wonder.

    I wonder whether it was any cheaper to show The Wire as it had already been broadcast in the UK (though on a cable channel), but I’m sure you’re right that the newspapers are just picking out names of well known US imports rather than having any concrete information.

    We’ll just have to wait and see – might be worth emailing the BBC

  20. Because despite what DD does he is the Protaganist & because sometimes people look past bad deeds when the perp is sooo handsome/pretty.

    Ted Bundy couldn't never do such a thing; he is so handsome, charming & smart.

    Thats why I beleive its harder for character actors than traditional leads.
    They are so the character that we see because we don't see them in the mags/media as much. And the dissolve into the characters. Now when you see a Brad Pitt movie you see Brad Pitt not a character.

    J.K. Simmons is a perfect example. OZ was hardcore & Schillinger was deplorable in every way. Gradually I was able to get past that and like him in new roles – Law & Order, Juno.

  21. Thanks Daniella & SallyB.

    I feared this during the much heated “Gundrun” debate. I really believe Matt had no intention of making Pete a rapist but rather someone who REALLY took advantage of a situation. She had retained the kiss & the embrace, then fade. I hope he addresses it in the S3 DVD commentary.

    You’re right now no matter what Pete does it will be tainted by this in so many eyes. For VK same goes. As much as we realize its a piece of fiction we can not help but associate the two PC & VK as one because we Maddicts are so close to this art.

    With the celebrity media soaked culture is asif we actually know these actors when in reality….We see certain disturbing things actors do in their craft/role/character and we perceive this to be truth.

    I can say it takes time to get past this; especially with more character actors. I can admit that to this day I still think William Moses (Melrose Place, Mystic Pizza, ect) is a douche because of his character portrayals. Even though as a person he’s a really nce guy. Much like my temporary (albeit longtime) disdain for Leslie Neilson (Nuts).

  22. I think there is something to be said for people associating the actor with the character. Two examples, Timothy Busfield who played Eliot on Thirtysomething, once said in an interview that after a scene in which he and his then estranged wife Nancy almost had sex and then he blew it by saying something to the effect of “you don’t shave your legs anymore” a women came up to him in the grocery store and said, “how could you say that to her” and he was like “Lady, it’s a tv show!” Second example, I’m blanking on the actor’s name but the actor who played the role of Schillinger on Oz once joked in an interview that once after his character did a particularly nasty act in an episode, the night it aired and his wife saw it, she made him sleep on the couch b/c she was too freaked out to sleep in the bed with him. I’m not sure if he was kidding/exaggerating but that speaks volumes about people overly associating a character withthe actor.

  23. Um, how come no one thinks ill of Jon Hamm then? Don Draper is a horrible person, made sympathetic by Hamm’s portrayal. People go out of their way to excuse the things Don does, they don’t go yelling at Jon. I don’t see how making Pete more sympathetic will mean Vinnie will get blamed for his bad behavior. It just doesn’t compute. I mean sure, there are idiots everywhere who don’t know the difference between reality and fiction, but they’ve had plenty to work with already with Pete.

  24. Don Draper is a horrible person, made sympathetic by Hamm’s portrayal.

    Now that’s interesting, because I’ve never thought of Don as a horrible person. He is a complex, troubled person with a very painful past who does some hurtful and destructive things to the people he loves, but I don’t think we’d care so much about him if he were truly horrible. I love Don — and I want him to get better.

    Actually, there are very few characters I don’t love on this show. I think Duck is the only one I just can’t find any redeeming qualities for so far. (He’d have to go a long long way to redeem himself for what he did to poor Chauncey.) We’ll see by how he treats Peggy whether I’m wrong about that. So far, I don’t think so. Oh, and Dr. Badfingers. Can’t find much to like about that guy yet either. Gotta have a few villains, I guess.

  25. EW does a piece on the props…,,20308587_20309881…

  26. There will always be fans who justify basically anything Don does…I love watching Don (I find almost all the characters on this show interesting), but I find his character generally repugnant although he’s had some sweet moments. It’s amazing how quickly people (not any of you guys, just talking generally about fans) forget some of the shitty things he’s done and just say oh well, everyone cheats on this show. It’s not just cheating. At the core of this show is the question of Don’s identity – this is a man who was indirectly responsible for the real Draper’s death, switched dog tags and assumed a new identity. He’s a fraud and certainly not somebody the Army would think highly of if they knew. Also how about his treatment of his brother? And that’s just for starters. He’s more ethically sound in business, but even there we can see flaws – sleeping with clients (Rachel Menken) or people hired by clients (Bobbie Barrett) is generally not a good idea. As unlikeable as Jimmy Barrett was, I have to say, I did enjoy when he called Don out. Don getting put in his place happens so rarely but is very satisfying for me 🙂 I think fans are generally more sympathetic to him than to Betty, but it’s a classic case of good cop-bad cop IMO. Betty spends much more time involved in hands on parenting – Don gets to buy a puppy for his daughter (in spite of skipping out on the party itself) and everything is OK.

    I’m probably in a minority re: Duck, but I lost respect for him when he got Pete to join in the pitch for American Airlines after Pete’s father died in the crash. The Chauncey thing was sad but I’m sure the doggy is OK. If that were the only slight against him, I wouldn’t find him unredeemable.

  27. @SallyS: "Don gets to buy a puppy for his daughter (in spite of skipping out on the party itself) and everything is OK."

    Actually, didn't Don *steal* a dog for his daughter?

    And don't forget how disgustingly he treated Bobbie at that restaurant, or the many times he's totally belittled and dismissed Betty, or the time he was ready to run off with Rachel and leave his kids, or the time when he did disappear last season (regardless of the fact that Betty kicked him out, he knew his daughter was calling the office looking for him before he took off).

    I'm interested in Don the protagonist, but I also think he's a real dick. (Ha.)

  28. I always thought he stole the dog, too. Polly looked too big to have come from a pet store and it was late at night, so would have any rescue places been open at that time?

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