Mad News, September 3-9, 2009

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Sep 092009

Someone is doing Mad Men Footnotes, which is lavishly illustrated minutia, mostly period stuff. Love it!

Television Without Pity brings us “Should Win/Will Win” on the Emmys, with Mad Men featured in both categories. TWOP also includes Mad Men among TV’s Most Memorable Musical Moments.

Basketcase foobella found a music video made by Miles Fisher (Jeff the dope dealer).

Unclear what the presser was about, but a bunch of photos of our beloved stars (h/t Basketcase JS).

Christina Hendricks is on the cover of InStyle Weddings, and you can vote for your favorite of her Caroline Herrera gown choices.

Have we seen this before? I think not — an excellent interview with Vincent Kartheiser in Vanity Fair.

We somehow missed this piece from the New York Times a couple of weeks ago. The picture is old but the interview is not.

Ann-Margret saw herself on Mad Men. Coincidentally, she is currently shooting an indie comedy with Colin Hanks.

The Globe and Mail studies the body language of Don Draper and Joan Harris. (Who doesn’t?)

Stephanie Courtney talks to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer about her non-Mad Men gig playing “Flo” for Progressive Insurance.

Studio 360 explores why Don Draper appeals to the modern Seth Rogen type.

Ellen Gray has a nice little Mad Men piece about

people who watch TV to engage with characters and others who watch to see things happen.

CBC Canada explores how Don’s central struggle in Season 3 differs from Seasons 1 and 2.

The New Republic explores how people really used language in the early 1960s.

Former ad man Richard L. Gilbert is angry at how Mad Men portrays the 1960s advertising world.

Jezebel publishes an open letter from Don Draper to Jon Gosselin.

The Boston Globe congratulates Mad Men on not going for splashy and explosive”and betraying itself”now that it’s become more successful.

ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper rolled out his first Mad Men recap.

Alison Brie tweets that she and Victor Vincent Kartheiser took Charleston lessons twice weekly for a month.

Slate’s TV Club looks at the humor in “The Arrangements” and the women’s moments in the episode.

Jason Kottke explains salting ice cream.

Ad Gabber hates this Mad Men parody, but it made me laugh.

A terrific little fashion article says that Carrie, Miranda & Samantha are out, Betty, Joan & Peggy are in.

Add the Seattle Times to your list of weekly Mad Men blogs.

THR on first-time showrunners (including Matt Weiner) and the Emmys.


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  1. Those recent Mad Men photos dated 28 August were taken at the TV Critics Association event at the Four Seasons resort in Pasadena.

    The blurb about Ann-Margret's reaction is priceless.

  2. I don't think Mr. Gilbert watches the show very carefully. Sterling Coo is meant to be the kind of agency that DDB drove out of business, and DDB is evoked by SC execs constantly with derision or confusion. And at this point, 1963, Peggy, for one, is starting to emulate them. And SC has an Italian art director! Gah!

  3. I don't know if anyone knew about this but Talia Balsam is on a new 4-part web series called "The Broadroom." The first webisode aired today.

  4. Is Victor Vincent's stunt double? Kinda like the Vega brothers?

  5. The Talking Heads & American Psycho, are you kidding me? And Miles Fisher's video may be the greatest video ever made. Period. (Ok, I may be going overboard, but it is a brilliant piece of art).

  6. That Studio 360 piece was playing just as I got into a cab after an evening event, the other night. I sat down to the sound of Don explaining "managing expectations" to Lois. Being who I am, how obsessed I am with this show, I was dressed in the Full Peggy + Betty Party Hair. I laughed. It was like background music.

    The driver was listening to the show so intently, he had to ask for my address three times.

    I loved the bit at the end — the author's musing on how buying one of those Banana Republic suits might bring him some of the Draper luck and magnetism. Might turn the world upside down, is more likely.

    To be clear: I like the clothes. I love the show. But I adore the world the way it is now … tough and real and grounded, if it is in anything, in merit and hard work. No free passes, but a lot of good people with big hearts doing what they love: great parents, terrific bloggers, a really good President.

    I'll take today, thanks. 🙂

  7. I love the footnotes site. Such a welcome antidote to all the peaches and Norwegian minutiae. MM is 99% awesome!

  8. "The blurb about Ann-Margret’s reaction is priceless."

    As are the comments. Who would have thought Ann-Margret had fervent internet fans (dare I say – nerds)?

    "Oh no, Christina!… "

    I'd just like to say on behalf of the male Basketcases – Let's go, In Style curse!

  9. Ok, so next to the Basket of Kisses, I live for Attention Deficit Theatre. This week's episode posted today:

  10. Did you see Michelle Dean's essay for Bitch magazine, "Let Peggy be Peggy"?

    I think she makes some good points but doesn't acknowledge how much Peggy is synthesizing the two disparate attitudes towards work. She's trying for Joan's self assurance as a woman but Don's capability as a creative type.

  11. I agree about the Gilbert piece Donny Brook #3. I don't think he watches it much and doesn't he realize that the show started in 60 and is now in 63 so of course it felt a lot like the 50's. From what I've studied in history, it sounds like the 60's weren't really the 60's until after JFK's assasination, or even as late as about 64/65. I also thought it was weird how he talked about him having hippies on staff. I thought hippies didn't exist until the mid-60's. Maybe he meant beatniks if he is really thinking about the early 60's (I guess a few had to be left). I wouldn't be suprised if we got a few hippie types pop up if say we make it to Mad Men circa 68. And we can't forget Kurt and Smitty, the seem like sort of proto-hippies and they will morph into hippies once the time is right.

    You are also right about his comments on BDD, I mean the Volkswagon/ Lemon Ad he refered to was even explicitly MENTIONED and shown in one episode. Maybe Mr. Gilbert partook of too many late 60's excesses and forgot what happened before the mid-60's (or as Robin Williams said, "if you rememmber what happened in the 60's, you weren't in the 60's" or something like that)

  12. I just read the Gilbert piece now, and yeah, I'm pretty sure he hasn;t actually watched the show.

    If Mad Men was also a true portrayal of advertising in the 1960s, we would be talking about…Italian art directors bringing a new spirit of warmth, humor, entertainment, and irreverence to the printed page and TV screen

    So… Sal Romano.

    …a red-bearded, combat-booted hippie who, at night, read his poetry in Greenwich Village coffee houses and, by day, wrote some of the industry’s best ads.

    So… Paul Kinsey.

  13. This will be slightly off topic, but I wasn't sure where else to post it …

    Ever since the ill-fated Utz commercial shoot in Season Two, I've had a hankering for some of those potato chips. I grew up on the east coast and I think they taste as good as Mad Men is fun to watch – so, about a week ago, I went online and ordered some.

    The nice man in the Fed-Ex truck just delivered my BIG BOX of Utz chips!

    I hadn't had them since a visit to DC in 1998 and they're as crisp and delicious and wonderful as I remember 'em.

    After I finish writing this post, I'm gonna put some in a bowl and do that Utz chip face dive move that Jimmy Barrett did!

    Now, all I need to do is get some of those Tastykake Monitor/Merrimac-shaped apple pies or some Pat's Steaks, and my life will be complete!

  14. No, wait — let me also get a Chip-n-Dip and THEN my life will be complete! LOL

  15. But SmilerG, are they better than nuts?

  16. #14 SmilerG: "Tastykake Monitor/Merrimac-shaped apple pies"

    That is the perfect description. You definitely hailed from the East Coast. =)

  17. SmilerG: don't forget your Italian Hoagie for perfect Philly bliss.

    Mmmmm… maybe I'll have a cheesesteakfriedonions for lunch.

  18. Keirnan and Ryan Curtona do interviews for AMC:

  19. Cute Jon and January video from Extra…

  20. In response to the Miles Fisher music video…I KNEW IT!!!!…he reminded me of Christian Bale in the MM episode and ironically he did kind of an American Psycho spoof! He never reminded me of Tom Cruise…haha!

  21. Cute Jon and January video

  22. I should hope Kiernan will stay up for the Emmys next year. She may even have to do so.

    In an ideal world, she'd be nominated for one!

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