Mad News, Aug 16-24, 2009

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Aug 242009

Mad Men’s Season 3 premiere did big ratings (for Mad Men, anyway), greatly increasing in adults 18-49.  It was also most downloaded program on iTunes.

Bryan Batt talks to TV Guide about the heat in Salvatore’s hotel room:

“There’s some other great episodes coming up for Sal.  It progresses…”

TV Guide also talks Peggy & Pete. (Plus, TVG sent along spoilers that are not to be discussed here, so shhh.)

Not the Stoli: Roger Sterling’s gift bottle of Stolichnaya was not a product placement.

John Slattery talks to the NYDN about the Roger Sterling action figure, and more…

Jon Hamm: The Early Years. Amusingly, Anne Dudek is also featured in one of the vids.

Add Newsweek to the list of publications examining the allure of Jon Hamm and Don Draper.

The Footnotes of Mad Men is a tumbleblog dedicated to decor and ephemera related to the show, including the Japanese erotica in Bert Cooper’s office.

The Daily Beast compiles a list for the Mad Men Book Club, while Jon Hamm talks to O (the Oprah magazine) about the books that have made a difference to him.

Forbes explains “What Real Mad Men And Women Can Learn From The TV Show.”

Michael Gladis shares a personal scandal with the Hartford Courant.

Mr. Media has a streaming interview with Debbie Zoller, the head of makeup for S1 and S2.

Via The Frisky: “How Joan Holloway Gives Me Confidence.”

Mad Men is the subject of a fascinating study covered by the satirical Andy Borowitz.

Eight O’Clock Coffee has launched its second branded tie-in with Mad Men (Roll over, Joe Martinson).

Ha’aretz wants Rachel Menken back!  That’s Rachel Katz now.

Janie Bryant talks to the Vancouver Sun about Mad men’s wardobe, and hers.

Dyna Moe at the New York premiere.

The notable Frank Rich on Mad Men.

One blog is upset that Aaron Hart has been replaced. We are charmed by Jared Gilmore but we agree that Aaron Hart was wonderful.

Episode 3.03 was briefly available two weeks early on iTunes. Oops. (Possible spoiler in article.)

Mad Men on branding, according to Inc.

Jon Hamm will star in Sucker Punch.

William Bradley liked but did not love Out of Town.

The NY Times, on the other hand, loves it.

Tom & Lorenzo offer their unique take on the premiere.

True/Slant cannot understand Mad Men’s appeal.

Melinda McGraw has a new series. That TWOP absolutely hates.

Aaron Cohen compiled Everything Don Draper Said Season 1.

Nancy Keene interviews Ray Trapp — an Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather in New York in the mid-1960s — about the Mad Men milieu.

AMC has a mini-interview with Bryan Batt about his S3 storyline & other things.

Stephanie Courtney is one of MSN’s “Day in Search” hits.

The Lavertory is a cool blog that follows Mad Men (among many other things). Here’s just one thoughtful example.

The House Next Door brings back Mad Men Mondays. Y’all, I’m not linking this every week; they’re in the blogroll, and I don’t want to keep telling you the same thing over and over. So if you like reading House… (and you should) bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed.

I’m also not going to remind you every week about Maul of America. He’s in the blogroll. Bookmark accordingly and check every Monday. Matt Maul has a sharp eye for symbolism and subtext, and caught some things I haven’t seen remarked upon elsewhere.

Just Jared snaps Jon on the street.

The Courier-Journal (Louisville) does a cute side-by-side; a negative and positive review of Out of Town.

Many “how to throw a Mad Men party” articles have been published, but the Daily Camera‘s version is thorough and witty.

Backstage interviews Jon & John. As usual, they are charming and interesting.

Fancast has a nice get-up-to-speed page on Mad Men, with good character sketches.

The Parents Television Council have filed a complaint about the gayness on Mad Men.

Mad Men, television in the age of real Mad Men, and television today as it affects Mad Men.

The Detroit Examiner celebrates Mad Men style mania, and in another celebration of style, Janie Bryant is interviewed at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising’s party for its fourth annual exhibit, “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design.”

The LA Times is impressed with S3.

Planet Out is interested in the gay sex, but not interested enough to get Sal’s name right.

Moving Image Source looks at the double lives and branded selves of Mad Men. (via Basketcase Saber2185.)

Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal examines Mad Men — and Season Three in particular — as a workplace drama.  Minor spoiler warning, so no discussion, please.

For the Lipp Sisters, who are major thirtysomething fans, comparing thirtysomething’s Michael Steadman to Don Draper is kind of heaven.

Gawker points out that Sal-on-bellhop sex gets a “mature audiences” warning, but Peggy-on-college-boy sex does not.

EW interviews Hamm.

Donna Trussell at Politics Daily is nostalgic for Mad Men life.

Canada now gets Mad Men on iTunes.

The NY Daily News has one of those Real Mad Men articles we love so much.

The San Francisco Chronicle meticulously goes through the Draper home room-by-room for decorating tips.


  10 Responses to “Mad News, Aug 16-24, 2009”

  1. Loved the Frank Rich piece.

    My wife and I are also upset about the casting change for Bobby, as we loved the kid from S2.

    And always nice to see Ms. Moe, too.

    Thanks for the heads up about these!

  2. Also not getting a shoutout each week, and also quite worthy of said shoutout, the return of Attention Deficit Theatre's Mad Men recaps!

  3. I totally covet a Roger Sterling action figure.

  4. Jezebel has an interesting note at the end of their "Love in the Ruins" review. They pointed out that Roger's daughter is being married on a VERY significant date. According to the wedding invitations she brought to show Roger, the wedding day of Margaret and Brooks is November 23, 1963. Not being a child of the 60s I totally missed the reference, but of course, November 22 is the day JFK is assassinated. I hope that's going to be included in this season and not left out for season 4!

  5. From the WSJ article:

    "…the series is at heart the latest addition to an old and honored television genre—the workplace drama. A highly distinguished one, to be sure, and far darker and more complex than, say, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show.""

    Is that just clumsy writing, or are they under the impression that MTM was a drama?

  6. Melissa, I read it the same way you did. "Mary Tyler Moore" is a comedy, "Mad Men" is a drama. I know the point they were trying to make, but they failed.

    Lipp Sisters, thank you for all of these amazing articles. Keep up the great work. I love your blog.

  7. hi basketcases!

    i didn't know where to post this but had a huge laugh. a friend recommended i join a product survey site and so i started randomly surfing the web. i found a clearing house where many are posted and had one of those "Nu-uh!" moments. i found UTZ potato chips!

  8. You know you can get utz chips at any old supermarket, right? At least on the east coast.

  9. 'Loving The "Unlovable" Men Of The 1950s' to be talked about on Talk Of the Nation TODAY (8/25) at @ 3:40 EDT! They mentioned Mad Men in the into. Tune In! Transcript available around 6:00p.m. EDT tonight

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