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Aug 172009

The New Girl: Pete to Trudy, “Duck called Burt Peterson a Mongoloid. A true leader of men.”

Yep, that Burt Peterson.


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  1. "Balzac, huh? You are NOT Bert Peterson."

  2. Ah! I was wondering where he came from. Not totally out of the blue, then. Curious that he would be chosen to take over Duck's old job if the man had such a poor opinion of him, though. Has Mr. Philips become a mere figurehead at S&C?

  3. He's also the Bert Peterson mentioned in the episode in S2 where Trudy attempts to go to the adopton agency.
    Hildy says, "Mr. Peterson had a question about your expenses"
    "Pete; "Why doesn't he just die already."
    "Regarding Lutece"
    "Christ, it was IBM."

    And he may have been mentioned as a possible replacement for Head of Accounts in S1 when the boys were speculating on who would be chosen. Didn't one of them say Bert Peterson was "Fat, bald, and charmless" or was that Mitch from media?

    Anyway, loved Bert Peterson, he was great.

  4. @ LaMargarita #1
    “Balzac, huh? You are NOT Bert Peterson.”

    Wasn't the line "You are not Bert Cooper?"

  5. I think that description was Mitch from Media (with the hot wife) but not in that episose–it was back in Indian Summer. So BP may still have been proposed in that speculation.

  6. those are the two recollections i have of Bert Peterson …
    – mongoloid
    – Lutece expenses

  7. Maybe it was just because of the physical resemblance, but I kept thinking, "This is what it would have been like if Mel Cooley from The Dick van Dyke Show ever got fired by Alan Brady and went postal."

  8. Also, "Why doesn't he just die already?" is one of my favorite Pete moments. It's just so Pete.

  9. I was wondering that, but I put it down to equal parts the new management just assuming that an older man would be more up to the job than kids like Pete and Ken, and Duck’s disgrace at the end of S2 making anyone he DIDN’T like seem appealing.

  10. Burt Peterson was portrayed by Michael Gaston, who portrayed Mayor Gray Anderson in the CBS series, "JERICHO". Well, he was mayor during the second half of the show's Season 1 and during Season 2. He is the second alumni from that series to appear on "MAD MEN". The other is Darby Stanchfield, who portrayed divorcee Helen Bishop.

  11. Even if Burt Peterson wasn't charmless and aging, mergers mean layoffs.

    Those who buy are looking to eliminate some of their expenses: executives with big salaries being replaced by their juniors with smaller salaries, are plums to be picked.

    The company my brother worked for was bought and sold three times: fifteen years in, he was the last of the original executive team (and also, his staff had been reduced from six to two.)

    Seventeen years in, the bean counters were looking at his salary, and yup, he's out of work.

  12. I love that they were keeping Bert Peterson in their pocket, just waiting for the right time to use him. There must have been a character card floating around the writer's room for a while. It not only keeps continuity, but it also has a little pay off for the diehard fans.

    @Mellvile, #5: Nope, I just double checked, and the London Fog patriarch was definitely talking about Burt Peterson.

  13. It is spelled "Burt Peterson" on his office door.

  14. And spelled as such as the character's name played by actor Michael Gaston on IMDb.com

    I watch episodes with caption turned on, often so that I don't miss any dialogue. Do not trust the transcriptionists doing this work. During this episode they spelled it both ways (Bert/Burt).

    (There were other transcription errors that gave the scenes a whole different flavor….but that's another post and conversation.)

  15. I watch with the captions as well, and what I saw was
    Burt = Peterson
    Bert = Cooper (short for Bertram, I think)

  16. Unrealistic that Burt Peterson would be heard of Accounts. If he was questioning Pete regarding Lutece expenses then he was probably in the Accounting Department, which, as we know from the second episode where Paul is showing Peggy around, is a completely separate department from Accounts. It just doesn't make sense that he would switch from being an accountant to being head of accounts. Those two roles are completely different. Anyway, it was unconvincing but I know they did it for the sake of continuity. Also, his temper tantrum was way out of place.

  17. And of course the London Fog guy wasn't talking about Cooper. Cooper is a man steeped in culture. He is a patron of the arts. It's not out of his character to quote Balzac.

  18. Yes, I re-watched on Monday night. I mis-heard and misunderstood the situation when I watched the first time. I got the idea that the London Fog president was chiding Sal for elevating himself to the level of Bert Cooper (who, of course, would be liable to quote Balzac). What he was actually doing was complimenting Sal for being on a higher level than Bert Peterson.

  19. @Karim Nathan – "Unrealistic that Burt Peterson would be heard of Accounts. If he was questioning Pete regarding Lutece expenses then he was probably in the Accounting Department,…." – Why? I have always had to turn in biz receipts to my immediate boss, who signed off on them (or not), and then they go to accounting. You never just turn things into accounting. If you recall, Roger met his call girl/date due to checking out her invoice which came across his desk from Ken Cosgrove. The head of accounts would naturally see where the biz expense money went, then turn that over to accounting.

    By the way the quote is actually “Duck called Bert Peterson a Mongoloid. What a leader of men.” It's my favorite Pete quote of all time….maybe even my fave season 2 quote.

    “Why doesn’t he just die already.”

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