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Added: Nathaniel at The Film Experience is doing a series based on the list I provided.

Meet Draper Daniels, a real life Mad Man and one of Matt Weiner’s inspirations.

Season 1 is being offered Free On Demand. Check your cable offerings. And thanks to Basketcase Stephanie for the head’s up.

Christina Hendricks got fugged again. But we love her.

Basketcase Frank Bullitt found us a vintage Pan-Am site. You can buy Glenn’s bag!

Someone has an 8 minute YouTube of arrivals at the Mad Men premiere, featuring our own hullaballoo hugging on Jon Hamm. Thanks Shelly!

The not-the-cover Vanity Fair spread. Whoa. Also, the making of the Vanity Fair photo shoot (video).

Esquire “endorses” January Jones. They also “appreciate” the supporting women of Mad Men.

AMC has a Mad Men drink guide, with recipes. Now I know how to make Don an Old Fashioned.

Mad Men style versus Woodstock.

Our friend Albert has been sending us links of Jon Hamm talking to “The Sports Guy,” and now New York Magazine has caught on.

The Globe & Mail summarizes Mad Men, and offers this gem:

“An animator friend on The Simpsons snuck me a pencil drawing of Homer as Don falling down the side of the building. I have it framed in my house,” says Hamm, referring to the series’ Emmy-winning title sequence.

IF Magazine has a surprising quote from Jon Hamm about Shrek.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the women writers of Mad Men.

The Emmy people are blaming Mad Men and other “obscure” shows for the Emmy’s poor ratings and for the way the broadcast is now being changed.

A Mad Men promo package offer mysteriously disappears.

The thing I like best about this Digital Spy article about Elisabeth Moss’s wedding plans is that it’s illustrated with a picture of Alison Brie. Ha!

According to Melinda McGraw, Jon Hamm really is the perfect man.

Feministe has a great post on misogyny and racism and Mad Men. I thought I posted this in the last Mad News, but now I can’t find it.

Knitting Clio has a personal scenario of how the life of her MadMenYourself avatar will play out.

Set decorator Amy Wells discusses shopping for furniture in Pasadena.

Our friend ProgGrrl has put up excellent scans of the EW feature on Mad Men. Fascinating to me is Joan in the very 1965 liquid liner.

ProgGrrl also sent us this link to the trailer for Art & Copy, a documentary about advertising. We wrote about it way back in January, but now there’s a trailer and it’s opening in New York and it looks awesome.

Talk of Fame has a bunch of Mad Men interviews from the premiere event.

John Slattery talks about how meticulous the direction and preparation is.


  37 Responses to “Mad News, August 5-10, 2009”

  1. Y'know, even if they don't always work out, I appreciate it when someone like Christina takes risks with clothes.

  2. That "free on demand" thing not only has all of season 1 – it has a 10 minute interview thingie with the 6 main characters all sitting around SC talking about the show, favorite moments, answering fan questions etc…

    It's GREAT! I have not seen this anywhere else – AMC's site, youtube etc… a true basketcase will not want to miss this…

  3. Sorry – the AMC "Free on Demand" fabulous interview with the cast is 23 minutes long (not 10) and is called "Best of Season 1" (or something like that…). Great questions, fun answers – stuff I haven't seen anywhere else!

  4. OMG, that Draper Daniels story? I want Myra to write a book, it was so good! I hope Matt steals a bit (legally, of course!) from her. Wouldn’t that be the perfect Peggy storyline in a few years?

  5. As a tie-in with Mad Men's season 3 premiere, Playboy has put its 1960s archive online, as well as running it's feature on the Junior Execs from last year, plus offering it's guide to 1960s style, some bits from the 1960s advice column, as well as some of their centerfolds from the 1960s. I swear one of the women looks like Suzanne Pleshette.

    Sorry, Noah, you have to be 18 to view the centerfolds, although I believe you can access the style guide, advice column, and the fashion spread with the Jr. Execs.

    It's amazing how much better women looked then, with natural bodies, and no re-constructed faces. And how much sexier peek-a-boo shots are than full-on, full-frontal, naked women. I also found it interesting that most of the centerfolds were brunette, not blonde. I think they showcased 15 women, and 10 of them had dark hair (there's even a Black woman and an Asian woman, too — to satisfy a wider array of tastes…Good for them.)

    Oh, and the articles are great.

  6. Okay Roberta, I'll start slow…

    Yeah, that Cocktail guide is coming home with me.

    Oh, and Sports Guy and Jon Hamm, two great tastes that go great together.

  7. it's being reported in numerous places that S3 takes place (or at least begins) in 1963, not 1964 … has this been officially confirmed?

    perhaps someone – like, i don't know, deberta, hullabaloo – who has seen ep 3.1 can give us a little insight. waiting until the season premier is SO 2008.

    • Coop, I was just, several hours ago, contemplating your 'deberta'. I would like to now point out that you are the only person associated with Mad Men or this blog who has met only one of us (that be me). Just you. Everyone else has met both or neither. You are the single person who absolutely knows which of us is which, with no doubt.


  8. B. Coop, can't confirm or deny. There were clues and suggestions, but you know how Weiner likes to trick things up. The clues and suggestions could be a big old fake-out — much like the Peggy/Anita baby storyline last year. There's an allusion to an historical figure, and there are circumstances about the cast, which make you think it's a particular year. But there's also circumstances about the casting which makes me wonder if those assumptions are correct.

    Is that saying enough of something without saying much of anything for you?

  9. if i wanted that kind of answer i would have called matt up on his cell phone and asked him myself.

  10. Anything to please you, BC. 😉

  11. The Esquire pieces weren't as condescending as I'd feared, and I think they nailed it with Alison Brie's Trudy:

    We love her for… somehow putting up with that jackass of a husband.

    That's just about it.

  12. thanks again for the heads up for my cinema reference list. I hope to expand it! I'm so excited for Sunday I don't know what to do with myself.

  13. I think I prefer 'Roborah'. (though I guess that could be confused for a robotic cheerleader)

  14. That Woodstock article was…interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love Mad Men style, but I'm glad I have options. I'm also glad that I don't have to wear a girdle every freaking day. Anyway, wasn't mod fashion responsible for ending early 60s fashion?

    But this really got me: "But while music, art, and Mama Cass’s appetite flourished during this era, fashion suffered greatly, and we’re still paying the price."

    A fat joke about Mama Cass. How original. Stay classy, Christopher Muther.

  15. That's a terrific article in Vanity Fair. Annie Leibovitz truly is a photographic magician. Those pictures are sublime.

    One thing in the article: I was under the impression AMC had guaranteed Season Three and Season Four. The article alludes to the fourth season in 2010 being somewhat of a non-committal proposition.

    Anyone know if Season Four's up in the air or not?

  16. I thought Matt signed for 3 & 4…I think the cast was signed on for at least 5 seasons though.

  17. one does not contemplate deberta.

  18. Ah. That makes sense, thank you Deb.

    I thought it was interesting how the article alluded to HBO turning the show down for production. You do have to wonder how Mad Men would have looked if the show had HBO-esque qualities — nudity, a little more rawness in some parts, more swearing? — instead of being on AMC (that being said, I think the AMC incarnation is just right).

    I'm not convinced that nudity and really explicit sex would enhance the artistic qualities or story development in Mad Men. Thoughts?

  19. The Onion AV Club published an interview with Mr. Hamm today. He's so yummy.,31433/

    (Deberta? No, just, no.)

  20. Stephanie, after reading your post I set out in search for the on demand videos. I could not find any. I am on Time Warner, in NYC and they have so many On Demand Channels! Which one should I be looking at.

  21. I was just wondering, I e-mailed scans of the EW pictures to you last week, did you ever get them? (They were bigger than ProgGrrl's)

    I can't wait until Sunday, but I'm taping both showings of it to be sure that I get the last 2 minutes!

  22. Don't we know there'll be a season 4 because of the Banana Republic Win a Walk-On Role Contest? They're not looking for anyone for this year's show, are they?

    As to the show being better if it were on HBO rather than AMC? I don't know. For one thing, AMC has been pretty hands off — actually encouraging and supportive of MW & Co, essentially giving them free reign to map out the show and let it unfold as the producers see fit. It's pure creative freedom, which is something you don't ever see on TV. Not even on HBO. Yes, AMC has made some gaffs with regard to the series (mainly in terms of scheduling), but for the most part, they haven't interfered with Matt's vision.

    Having more nudity or profanity wouldn't necessarily make the show better. Actually, I think that would make it more distracting. More a modern take on events of the 1960s, giving it more distance, making it feel less entrenched in the era — which, for me, is one of the most fascinating aspects of the show. Do we really need to see or hear EVERYTHING? The show's subtlety is part of its effectiveness. I think what we bring to the show in terms of our own imaginations, expectations and experiences are as important as what we're fed by the writers, directors, photographers, etc. It allows us to interpret various characters and situations according to our own notions, which makes the experience richer and more involving. We know Joan is sexy without seeing her naked. And really, would anyone be able to focus on things like story, plot, character, costumes, sets, photography, etc. if we actually saw Jon Hamm's or Christina Hendricks' naughty bits?

  23. Well, yeah, me too. But how could you ever do anything else afterward? I can't even see that picture of him and me without doing a full on Jackie Gleason hummenah hummenah hummenah. Gulp. Hummenah. Anything more, I'd be in a fetal position for about six months. LOL.

  24. I don't know if this has been talked but W just put up some of their back-issues and one features Brad & Angelina as a married couple in 1963. It reminded me of Mad Men, if it were set in the house from The Jet Set. I wonder if Matt scoped this out, Pitt talks about his fascination with the time period and marriages maintaining that facade of the time…interesting stuff…

  25. Thanks Deb!
    Also, I'm glad it's not on HBO, I am not one for a lot of nudity and I really hate seeing the F bomb in every other sentence. (It makes me wonder about the intelligence of the characters and the writers) One of the beauties of MM is that it does leave a lot to the imagination, and the brilliance in the writing just proves that you can have plenty of tension, drama, and excitement without using extreme profanity.

    And Mr. Hamm stripped from the waist up is enough Ham for me! 😉

    I have no doubt that it will go on for another season, especially as it's profile is being raised all the time.

  26. Those VF photos are absolutely stunning. Well worth buying the magazine for.

    That Draper Daniels story is kind of creepy.

  27. Hull, That is sooo funny about Jackie Gleason! That's EXACTLY what I imagine myself doing if I came face to face with the Divine Mr. H. Thanks for clarifying how "hummenah" is spelled BTW. I've always wondered.

  28. For the next round, a decent rehash of the race issues in Mad Men from Latoya Peterson at XX.

  29. Nomie,

    Thank you for that link. I was working on a post about that myself. It's the one thing about this show that really rings hollow to me — although there are rumors that the subject will be broached again in Season 3, but this time with more depth. I certainly hope so.

    I've been reading Racialicious' take on this as well, although the post itself is more about Pete Campbell.

    I'm glad this is a conversation that people are beginning to have with regards to this show, and not the pat little remarks about "Sterling Cooper is a dinosaur, behind the curve, blah, blah, blah."

  30. […] while back we linked to this Feministe article discussing the difference in portrayal of misogyny and racism on Mad Men. […]

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