Jul 242009

Can’t embed, but…

Here’s a new “Inside Mad Men Season 3” promo.


When things change and you lose what’s familiar, it is very unsettling.
Matthew Weiner

Then this little bit of intrigue:

It’s dirtier, a little grittier…
January Jones

And my personal favorite:

There’s a whole lot of singin’ and dancin’.
Vincent Kartheiser

August 16 can’t get here soon enough for me.


  17 Responses to “Something to Whet Our Appetites”

  1. Still building that time machine … should be ready to go around Aug 15.

  2. Does anyone know what the On Demand plans for the season are. I don't think I'll have a tv, for the first two episodes and I am trying to plan how I'll see it.

  3. portia, what about iTunes?

    I am beside myself with anticipation. Hubby & I watched Flight 1 three times last night, once plain and both commentary trax.

    Vinnie is hysterical!

  4. I could do that, but I preffer tp watch tv on the tv

  5. I'll be happy to see a faster pace now that all the characters have been explored enough that we at least know them well enough. They took their time establishing each person though and that's a pretty rare thing on TV.

  6. "More humor"? I hope so – the rapport between Peggy and Joan and the office boys in S1 was one of my favorite aspects of the series, and I'd love to see more of that in the upcoming season. Although no one will replace Freddy and his Musical Pants…

    BTW, are the NYC folks planning to get together again for the premier?

  7. I have a tech question (apologies if this is off topic). I have a Mac and all of the season three videos are not working well. This video is choppy and cuts off about half way through the video. The ads on the other hand work perfectly-is anyone else having that kind of problem?

    I'm really looking forward to the premier with bated breath. But the best part of is watching Inside Mad Men after the episode for the commentaries.

    Again, my apologies if this is off topic!

  8. There is another new promo on the AMC site called "the wild west" which is hilarious… basketcases will love it…

  9. Matt Roush of TV Guide also offers his non-spoilery thoughts on the premier:

  10. Yum!

    May I also add: the clothes! the furniture!

  11. I'm kind of scared. Different vibe? NO! I want SAME!

    I'll be fine.

  12. I'd love to see Joan more interested in the creative side of the business and have a lot of competitive and humorous scenes with Peggy.
    And way more scenes of Ken, Paul & my favorite Salvatore. Overall, more of the Sterling Cooper office scenes and NYC in general.

  13. A couple new promo pics of Betty, Joan and Peggy for season 3….very chic…

  14. JS: Thanks for the link – Betty especially looks so different!

  15. I recognize every set in the video except for the one that Joan is sitting in. It looks very home-like versus apartment-like. And she's definitely wearing a ring….

  16. portia – on demand has the episodes right agter midnight. we watched it like that a few times and had no problems

    hope that helps

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