Informing Mad Men — A Pictorial

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Thought it might be fun to see actual imagery from the late 50s and early 60s to see how it shaped Mad Men. Based on these pictures, which were culled from various sources on flickr, I’d say they’re pretty spot on the money. Click the image for a larger view of the picture.

80 Inches of Sucess

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The Sweet Look of Sucess

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Win a Woman’s Heart

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Executive Decision Maker

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All-steel 2

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All-steel 1

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the office

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  10 Responses to “Informing Mad Men — A Pictorial”

  1. Thank you for posting this. It is truly remarkable how well the production designers captured the look of the er. I am sure they must have used some of these pictures for reference. The fourth one down is a dead ringer for Don's office.

  2. er was supposed to be era

  3. Illustration, art, writing, design, composition, colour theory, drawing ability, art schools, and tastes were a thousands times better back then than in the present. Every single artistic, skillful and creative aspect of society peaked in the 1930s-1960s. Absolutely incredible.

  4. The furniture is 1960 perfection!

  5. My brother is really into Mid-Century Modern design so I've toured some shops specializing in the stuff.

    As someone who grew up in the period, and typed at some of the above metal desks after they been batted around for a decade or so, they seemed incredibly ugly and bulky at the time.

    However, I've since seen some buffed and refinished in what appeared to be cooler colors and those are going for a small fortune in L.A. stores.

  6. Well, also, as my brother likes to point out to me, the originals of that mid-century design were better made and built than the inevitable knock-offs and cheesy copies.

    Those metal horrors were government issue in khaki in the mid-sixties when I typed on 'em during a summer job.

    However, maybe the beautiful reconditioned stuff I've seen in L.a. shops were the good stuff originally, too.

    I've come to appreciate mid-century modern, but I must admit that for the longest time it looked like just standard and ugly office furniture to me.

  7. very nice! I love to see this!

  8. What strikes me about all those pictures (and Mad Men, too), is how clean those desks are. No papers, files, pens — nothing. My desk has never been that clean. Even on my first day on the job! None of the executives have anything on their desks in Mad Men, either — well, except Don, and Rachel, too, if I remember correctly. Don't these people do any work?

  9. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. But, um, success is spelled with two "c"s.

  10. @ #9, catherine:

    Taken directly from the flickr source. That's how they titled their work, and that's how it was imported to this post.

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