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Jon Hamm and longtime galpal Jennifer Westfeldt try to use as little air conditioning as possible, so those of us who imagine one or the other all sweaty are probably onto something.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan plucks some Season 3 tweets from Rich Sommer’s Twitter account (though nothing truly spoilery).  She also credits the Basket for some of her other Mad Men news.

The Guardian blogged The Mountain King, but (at the moment) has yet to blog Meditations in an EmergencyThe Times of London loved Season Two:

Mad Men, winner of the international Bafta last week, has progressed far beyond its promise as well-dressed satire. It has become a meditation on an American emergency that has not, after four decades, fully passed. The great American novel turns out, once more, to be a television series.

Brett Johnson, research coordinator for AMC’s “Mad Men,” placed a telephone call.  Is it a spoiler?  As Pete Campbell might say, “No one really knows.”

Camera Obscura’s singer, Tracyanne Campbell, proclaims her love for Mad Men at Pitchfork.  No surprise there; her band’s songs, like “French Navy,” would sound right at home on the show.

On another musical note, The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy talks to ChartAttack about Mad Men’s use of  “The Infanta.”  The video is helpfully embedded in the article.

Rich Sommer is now blogging in tweets, which is hard for old people to read.  (Note to Deborah: Rich’s Twitter feed itself is easier to read. — Karl) But he does say that he’s done hair and makeup film tests for Season Three, and read and loved the first episode’s script.  He also recorded commentary for the Season 2 DVDs, and solicited “birthday messages for Mr. Vincent Kartheiser.”  One was sent for both Mr. Kartheiser and Ms. Hendricks on behalf of the Basket, with a link to the birthday post.

An article on social media “brandjacking” uses the Mad Men Twitter as a prime example.

Does drinking on television promote an increase in real life drinking? The article, mostly about Brothers & Sisters, mentions Mad Men as well.

Similarly, an article about a study of kids exposed to content intended for adults in television and movies asks, “Would you allow your toddler to watch ‘Mad Men’?”

Jon Hamm returns to his hometown of St. Louis for a fundraiser for COCA; the local Center of Creative Arts.  Best Week Ever reports on a fan encounter in a St. Louis bar.

Here’s a Gawker piece on Jennifer Siebel (Juanita in For Those Who Think Young). She is married to the mayor of San Francisco, whose office has somewhat inflated her resume.

Matthew Weiner at the IIDA Leadership Breakfast, at which he was honored. Much pictures.

Mad Men seems to be the example journalists use for…everything. Sleek decor, skinny ties, smoking, drinking, and of course womanizing.

Inside Mad Men, the video documentaries about each episode, was nominated for a Webby for Best Documentary Series. And, while it lost the Webby itself, it won the People’s Choice Award.

NBC announced (most of) its fall schedule; you can see Alison Brie in the trailer for “Community.”

Duck Phillips kicks off a Financial Times column about the renewed turf battle between the creatives and the suits at today’s media planning agencies.

Basketcase Debbi tipped us to Jon Hamm’s appearance on the Kevin Pollack Chat Show (episode six).

Lions Gate stock business selling buying I can’t read it news.

Sexy! In honor of one year smoke-free, My New Plaid Pants posts sexy pictures of sexy men smoking. Including Jon Hamm, because how not?

Mad News compiled by Karl and Deborah.


  26 Responses to “Mad News, April 29-May 6, 2009”

  1. The Baltimore news actually confirms and reinforces some of the S3E1 casting spoilers found on But yeah, Sal & Kitty, too.

    • Okay my ex something-or-other, with whom I'm still close, does film stuff in Baltimore. He just got a text from me to keep his eyes peeled for opportunities to work on MM should any location work be happening there. More of a directive. Caps were used.

  2. Hulla:

    I think your theory makes more sense; I hadn't put those two things together.

  3. I've got the vapors from those smoking hot dudes.

  4. I wouldn't let my small child watch Mad Men unless (s)he demonstrated the necessary dexterity and maturity to mix me a cocktail first.

  5. Interesting. I wonder why Mad Men would be going to a Baltimore restaurant in the early sixties. IIRC Sal and Kitty are both from Baltimore, so maybe they’re going back home.

  6. TV Guide tries to get some info for the new season, and honestly the hint that Bryan Batt gave just confused me. I'd post it but I know the spoiler policies are sketchy right now because it's hard to tell what will go down.

    Someone on thefashionspot pointed out that January has been wearing her hair longer in a kind of Bardot/Taylor way. Suggesting an influence from Cleopatra in some fashion…apparently that movie had a big affect on women at the time fashion-wise. Who knows though.

  7. JS: I'm confused. I saw the TV Guide Mega Buzz column and they didn't mention Bryan Batt.

  8. "Lions Gate stock business selling buying I can’t read it news."

    That's the funniest thing I've read all day. 🙂

    • I had to read it three times before I was sure it said what I thought it said.

    • “Lions Gate stock business selling buying I can’t read it news.”

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

      I crack me up.

  9. From the womanizing article: ""The Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the great age of discovery, the Catholic Church–all took root on Italian soil. So how is it that the public face of this proud culture is now dominated by horny old men whose attitudes toward women seem to have been learned by watching dubbed copies of the Porky's trilogy?

    With the exception of a few female figures of the Renaissance, none of the examples he gives make the word "feminism" pop into my head.

    Also, when I read, "Including Jon Hamm, because how not?" I totally heard it in Dr. Zoidberg's voice.

  10. "JS: I’m confused. I saw the TV Guide Mega Buzz column and they didn’t mention Bryan Batt."

    It's the new TV Guide, it's in a section called "What The Keck?" This guy William Keck answers questions.

  11. Ah, now I see it. I actually don’t think it’s spoiler-y under the policy, no more than last year’s EW profile (actually considerably less), so I’ll post the link:

    Matt Weiner’s quote in there is interesting, and suitably vague.

  12. Suggesting an influence from Cleopatra in some fashion…apparently that movie had a big affect on women at the time fashion-wise.>

    Okay, I was in sixth grade at the time, but I think the heavy cat's eye black eye-liner that extended beyond the eye was a wearable version of Liz's Cleopatra eye liner, and a teased version of her black bob wig, too, showed up as hairdos.

    But the Bardo hair look was even more influential, for the rest of the '60s.

  13. So happy Mad Men apparently isn't jumping too far into the future — they've got so much yet to mine in the early sixties before the big turn around of the middle to late '60s.

    This is the subtle approach, a less skilled writer-producer would want to jump feet first into the swinging sixties, but it's still amazing fun for us to watch the Stirling Cooper bunch carrying on before the deluge, without a clue of what will come.

  14. I honestly think the swinging sixties don't fascinate Matt as much as the early sixties do. I think he'll drag his feet a little bit on time progression; I've felt that all along.

    • Deb, I agree. He's also got a lead character and an agency that both tend to favor the old vs the new, which will help keep the progression into the 'swinging' somewhat slowed down.

      Peggy is so forward thinking, but because her mind is on her career, I don't see her ever getting to Yasgur's Farm. My money's on Margaret Sterling; always has been.

  15. January is on the cover of UK Harper's Bazzar. There are scans here –

    It's a nice article and the photos are beautiful.

  16. Deborah wrote:

    I crack me up.

    Jon Hamm says to John Slattery (in the commentary for “Red in the Face”):

    I find us hilarious.

  17. Finally back home and able to catch up on all the MM talk…
    Totally got my house sitter hooked on MM and BoK.

    Sterling Cooper changes it’s name.


  18. Has the bond between Peggy and Bobbie every been discussed on here? I recently ran across this scene from the show with them when Bobbie is stuck in Peggy’s apartment. I really love how Bobbie seems almost maternal toward Peggy in the end…wanting her to succeed. I had forgot it took place…

  19. We’ve definitely discussed it. Also, Elisabeth Moss talked about it with us here.

    It’s really funny, I ran across that stuff on youtube just this morning!

  20. Oh thanks! Yeah I have noticed some cool stuff related to Mad Men lately on ytube, there’s more music videos too, some people are very creative. They’re cool to watch.

    I had forgot how powerful that scene was though, Melinda McGraw defintiely deserves some Emmy recognition.

  21. The winner of the You Could Be On Mad Men Contest talks about his scene with the NY Daily News; spoilers are minimal:

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