Congratulations Janie Bryant!

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Feb 182009

Finally! A well-deserved and long-overdue Costume Designer’s Guild prize to Katherine Jane Bryant, who was honored in the period/fantasy TV series category at Tuesday Night’s CDG awards ceremony.

For all your amazing work you get today’s Golden Basket…or whatever the appropriate Basket of Kisses trophy is for such achievement. Kudos KJB!

Non-artist rendering...

Non-artist rendering...

L.A. Times / The Envelope


  6 Responses to “Congratulations Janie Bryant!”

  1. Totally wonderful news!

  2. Awesome! And you made a Golden Basket! I love our Golden Basket.

  3. Her work is invaluable to the show. A well-deserved honor!

  4. I may have to re-listen to her commentary on "Shoot" tonight to celebrate.

    Also, nice work on the Golden Basket.

  5. Well-deserved! Her work on MAD MEN is consistenly outstanding – and often-time breath-taking – and ALWAYS supporting the themes and content of the drama.

  6. She's got an interview in the current New York magazine.

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