Bryan Batt: A giving actor

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Feb 152009

Here are some excerpts from the Bryan Batt interview, since the whole thing isn’t quite ready for you yet.

Sending love:

Deborah Lipp: Everybody says hi. I’ve got all these messages, “Be sure to send Bryan my love!” Including my sister.
Bryan Batt: Well send mine right back!

The SAG award (the “Actor”):

DL: So where are you keeping your SAG?
BB: Right now its in the center of my dining room table. But I’ve been using it for a bicep workout.

On Patrick Stewart:

DL: I’m so jealous that you played Patrick Stewart’s boyfriend [in the cult movie Jeffrey].
BB: [W]orking with Patrick Stewart was heaven, he’s such a consummate actor, and such a giving actor. I just can’t say enough nice things about him.

On Sal being unable to come out:
Anybody in any walk of life who is denying their longings”not just sexual, but artistic, work-related”anything that they’re denying, and they’re not acting on it, and they’re not living their lives as they should, it is heartbreaking.

On Sal’s marriage to Kitty:

He does love her. And the fact that he is gay has nothing to do with his love for her. And I do believe that they do have a good sex life, but I think his heart, his spirit…is gay. But he does love his wife very much. So many gay men and women, who have been married to the opposite sex do love their husbands [and wives].


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  1. He is a sweety! Thanks for the tidbit…this will hold me over for now.

  2. As heartbreaking as Sal's marriage is in general, he does seem more tuned into his wife's feelings (which he recognized he hurt when Ken was over).

  3. Thanks for the preview.

  4. Can't wait to read the whole interview.

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