Feb 052009

Note: I save news items in a draft until I’m ready to post. Because we stopped blogging for several days, some of these items are kind of old. Items that Karl & hullaballoo already posted have been removed.

In an entertaining article about writing television series finales, Matt Weiner is quoted. The article, though, is mostly about the upcoming ER finale and famous finales such as The Sopranos.

British media is writing a lot about Mad Men, what with season 2 about to start there. This Times article sees a parallel to 2008 in the Nixon vs. Kennedy elections.

Thanks to Basketcase JS for the link to pics of Jon Hamm and January Jones at the PGA Awards. I almost never say this, but I adore Jan’s dress.

If you are hungry for backstage SAG news, thank Basketcases for providing this, this, and this.

This short Variety article about the PGA win has a cute Jon Hamm quote. Cuz he’s cute.

Robert Whitcomb complains that Mad Men is terribly inaccurate. Is this the ad man who’s been saying this for two years, or is this a new voice? Not sure.

Lewis Lazare of the Sun Times points out that Trust Me is created by two former ad men, contrasting its veracity about advertising to Mad Men, which isn’t really about advertising. (Lazare says it isn’t, and he’s right.)

An interesting Variety article uses the frequent comparison of Mad Men and Revolutionary Road as a jumping off point for a comparison of episodic TV versus film. The illustration is great, too.

The Culture Vulture writes about We Are Sterling Cooper, an account of last summer’s Mad Men Twitter mishegas.

Some Mad Men cast members attended Phantom at the Venetian while in Vegas. The picture of Julie McNiven is lovely, the other picture is small and full of red eye.

Basketcase Helen found us this great interview with Elisabeth Moss; part of the British media wave we’ve been seeing.

Here the Guardian starts with Mad Men to talk about innovative and influential opening title sequences on television.

…And here they interview Vincent Kartheiser with unusual depth. (Thanks, Basketcase Helen.)

Tiina Fey tells eOnline she “might accidentally roofie” Jon Hamm.

A new interactive form of advertising is using Mad Men as its test model.

For the third time ( by my count) January Jones is an HD Hottie. They love her.

Big Fat Deal points out that people in the early 60s ate a lot of fatty, greasy foods, and yet we idealize their healthier diet. Referencing Mad Men, of course.

Mad Men’s producer, Lionsgate, has been approved to purchase TV Guide.

In Media Post, Kendra Hatcher King talks about the segretation of the advertising world of Mad Men, and how much of it still exists today.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reviews the Mad Men Revue. That was a fun sentence to type.

Vincent Kartheiser models for Barney’s. (h/t to Basketcase Cushionmover)

A little more on Janie Bryant’s forthcoming clothing line from the Wall Street Journal.

An Emmys rule change will expand the number of nominees in the ten major categories from five to six. Apparently, previous six-nominee fields (including Mad Men’s Best Drama) were the result of ties.


  6 Responses to “Mad News, January 25-February 5, 2009”

  1. Her dress is stunning, but I don't care for the length.

  2. There's a LOT of that cocktail length at awards shows this year.

  3. I may have to write a review of The Las Vegas Review Journal's review of the Mad Men Revue. Or the New Zoo Review.

  4. I think the stars of Mad men will benefit by the new Emmy rules, but if the show was just premiering now it probably would not.

    The Blue Ribbon panel they are doing away with had the sole purpose of recognizing little cable shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad and Damages.

  5. To: Matt Weiner
    Re: Writing series finales

    Let's hope that the last ep of Mad Men's final season (hopefully, a long, long time away) is better than the disappointing and vacuous Sopranos finale. David Chase outclevered himself, and it felt like a copout.

  6. "is better than the disappointing and vacuous Sopranos finale. David Chase outclevered himself, and it felt like a copout."

    Totally, there was nothing "arty" about that ending…it was disrespectful to the fans.

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