So it seems we need a SAG awards open thread.

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Jan 252009

Have at it! The red carpet is happening right now on E, and Emily Blunt was just asked who she’d like to see win in say, best ensemble, and her answer was, “Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men. Is it wrong to say?”


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  1. Christina is so beautiful.

  2. So is January!

  3. RS cleans up nice! And here's VK, looking hip.

  4. And lookey Jon Hamm presenting! He is so awesomely cute and funny.

  5. Hope he gets to make the speech he's been jonesing to do since 2008 GG!

  6. JH made that bit funnier than it was. Timing.

  7. Like the JJ "natural" look. Thanks Karl!

  8. JH could make the telephone book funny. And yes, I would probably pay to watch him read it. šŸ™‚

  9. Hey, looks like 30 Rock is winning a lot of awards. Who knew?

    Krakowski snarks McBrayer!

    Also, When I posted that JJ pic, I meant to add, "That's some face!"

  10. I love Winslet, but if she keeps giving speeches where she says she doesn't know what to say, then runs on and on, it will hurt her for an Oscar.

  11. Slattery mugs on Hamm's spotlight! LOL!

  12. At least it wasn't James Spader.
    Can anyone name another actor on that show?

  13. Laurie redeems himself with a funny speech.

  14. seagirl,

    William Shatner. An actor, technically speaking.

  15. Sally Field? Fuck that noise.

  16. Double crap. A lifetime achievement for Sally Field.

  17. Crap I knew it…the show better win! I'm glad to see Liz, for a second I thought she had to stay behind in NY, I missed her on the red carpet.

  18. Our girl Gidget has grown up into a world-class shrew. I was ready for her to lapse into "You Like Me!" one more time.
    Karl, sorry, I meant "House" as far as the cast. Laurie is hard to quibble as he IS the show. LOL about Shatner, that would have been hard to take.

  19. BB gets caught like a deer in headlights, told by someone (Roh Howard?) to head on up!

  20. Robert and Sally! That was awesome.

  21. Kieran spotlighted, by both JH and VK. JH funny again. Shout out to MW. Excellent.

  22. I didn't expect the kid actors to show up! That was cute. Did anyone catch William Shatner's face? He looked a little sour at the MM win…just sayin'…LOL

  23. Kieran =Kiernan

  24. MMarrrrvelous! Great to see Mark Moses up there too.

  25. Well, if Jon didn't win I'm glad it went to Hugh Laurie. He's great too. Sally Field was a disappointment. Loved seeing everyone on stage, especially the littlies.

  26. I have pics of the win in the win thread.

    • And I deleted the wrong picture of EM and all the comments discussing it. Just so you know. James Earl Jones isn't the only one who can play God.

  27. If only there was someone else erasing my offline embarrassments.

  28. Sorry about that Roberta, hope I did not say anything wrong about EM.

    • Mike I don't know what you're talking about. Karl accidentally posted an outdated picture, and I just got rid of it, and all the discussion around it.

      Except for how now there's twice as much discussion about it šŸ™‚

      A girl can only do so much.

  29. Roberta, I just mentioned to Karl that the photo was outdated from last year and I thought I had done something wrong when you deleted it. But thank you for letting me know that it was not anything I did wrong. I love this website alot and I always try to obey the rules on the site. Mike.

  30. I'm still rooting for Mickey Rourke at the Oscars.


    Backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

    Boys' club

    Very much in keeping with the mucho macho, "bros before hos" tenor of their '60s-set show, the men of "Mad Men" reached the interview room in advance of their female counterparts. Asked by a member of the press where the "girls" were, Jon Hamm replied that January Jones, Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks were getting their photos taken. But a moment later, he came up with a snappier answer.

    "They're not allowed on stage," Hamm said.

    "They're making sandwiches," added Vincent Kartheiser.

    Bryan Batt chimed in too: "They're getting ice for our drinks."

    –Chris Lee

  32. Wow, the red dress on CH is stunning!

    I enjoy seeing them interviewed because they're funny and seem to be good friends.


  33. *sigh* I missed the whole thing. Sometimes families are *so* annoying, and I forgot to set my DVR. I’m thrilled the show won Best Ensemble (not a surprise) but I was hoping some of the individual performances would be rewarded as well. But hey, there’s always next year!

  34. I was disappointed about Jon Hamm — I do think Hugh Laurie is very talented but I stopped watching House — I kept thinking I had all those rare diseases House diagnoses! Anyway I was very pleased about the ensemble win for MM. They all looked fab!

    Is Kate Winslet the only British actor is the world who doesn’t know how to make a coherent acceptance speech? I like her very much as an actress but she needs to practice speaking before live audiences.

    I was delighted Emily Blunt (another favorite) mentioned MM on the red carpet. The girl has taste.


  35. I can never argue with an award for Hugh Laurie, he is so talented and versatile — seen him on Black Adder for instance or in Sense and Sensibility or as Bertie Wooster? He can play the piano and sing. His American accent is flawless. He's a great guy, I was just hoping Jon Hamm would win.

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