Joan and Peggy and a double wedding?

 Posted by on January 22, 2009 at 11:31 pm  Actors & Crew
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Elisabeth Moss is engaged!!!

I don’t know how fast is fast. A week ago we didn’t know she and Fred Armisen were dating. And now… just look at these crazy kids!

Lizzie, congratulatory kisses from BoK, and very personally and especially from the Lipp sisters. All the happiness in the world.

And sure, why not double up with Christina?

(Thanks hullaballoo!)


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  1. Lovely news, especially after Elisabeth had to put up with The Piv all those weeks. Now they can join Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in the “young marrieds of comedy” spread in People.

  2. My sincere and heartfelt congratulations to both Elisabeth & Christina on their recent engagements. What a fantastic day this turned out to be!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!


  3. She was impressed with his presentation.

    Best wishes to them!

  4. Congratulations and Best Wishes to both happy couples.

  5. Wow, I guess I have to re-write the thing for the next Mad News about Fred Armisen and his “girlfriend.” Hah!

    Congratulations, Lizzie and Fred! Where are you registered?

  6. Moss is a Scientologist. Connect the dots. . .

  7. LOL, Karl.

    Elisabeth’s fiance is one lucky dude. As I’m sure he knows. đŸ™‚

  8. “Moss is a Scientologist. Connect the dots. . .”

    Is Fred? I wonder if she met him when she did that SNL thing for Mad Men…

  9. Ignore LippSucker, a troll whose pointless negative comments about MM should have earned it a total banning by now. Interestingly, the exact same comment was posted at HuffPo, and said HuffPo commenter has in the past been distinctly uninterested in the Obamas’ church — so there’s an interesting set of priorities at work.

    • Karl, we’re with you, but we are slow to ban. Though we glean troll as well, nothing banworthy has quite been said. And Elisabeth is purportedly a Scientologist. But do not fear, Lipps have eyes.

  10. So I’m not the only woman in the world who thinks Fred Armisen is cute. I feel both validated and ripped off. I’ll have to process this.

  11. EM may well be a Scientologist, but LippSucker’s prior comment (deleted, iirc) made it pretty clear that it is not interested in anything other than making negative comments about the show (and now the cast). Because the “connect the dots” thing goes into the realm of innuendo (certainly to those who follow debate over the CoS).

  12. I’m happy for EM, and I like Fred on SNL as well, but every time I picture him I only see his impression of Ugly Betty… And that sure paints an odd portrait standing next to Peggy at the altar.

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