Dec 282008


Look for our exclusive BoK interview with Bryan Batt over the next few weeks. We think. (Not, we think we’re interviewing him. We are. We just haven’t scheduled yet, so it could be in the next few days, or not so much. We’ll get back to you.)

But yay!


  6 Responses to “And can I also just say? Bryan Batt is our next interview.”

  1. That pic is smoldering! Can’t wait to read the interview.

  2. That's quite the "get," considering BB said in the "Hobo Code" commentary that he generally does not check out blogs. Maybe that's changed, or maybe he's found out that the Basket is where it's at. And like RS, "Hiatuses make me very sad is my new lesson."

  3. That IS a great picture.

    I'd like to hear about his dynamic with Kitty. How he feels about her, if there's guilt, did he go in confident he could make it work?

    Oh, seriously, what don't I want to know?

  4. Sal is one of my favorite characters on the show. Do you think you could ask what Batt where he sees the relationship between Sal and Kurt, now that Kurt is out? By relationship I mean at work. Also, do you think you could ask how Sal would react to Stonewall? I can't wait to read the interview. Keep up the great work.

  5. I can't wait to see your interview with Bryan Batt. I'm a New Orleanean and I visit Bryan's uptown store, Hazelnut, on occasion. He's a talented designer/artist and his store showcases some of his creations. I had the wonderful experience of meeting him there last year. He's very handsome and so nice. He was more than polite as I gushed over Mad Men's first season and his performance. I wish I would have thought of getting a picture with him, but I was too star struck to think of it.

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