Mad News, November 26-30, 2008

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Nov 302008
  • The Mad Men Musical Revue may return! Yay!
  • January Jones presented Max Azria with a prestigious fashion award.
  • Rich Sommer taught a master class at Case Western University (true fact: my ex-boyfriend, who I was with for ten years, got his degree in theater from Case Western).

    “[Scotch is] constantly around,” said Sommer, who plays Harry Crane on “Mad Men.” Most of the time, the actors drink watered-down tea or soda, but sometimes their glasses contain a very realistic-tasting liquid, Sommer confessed.

  • Basketcase Lisa sent us this article from the Jewish World Review. It examines the portrayal of Judaism on Mad Men, finding that Jewish women are portrayed as immoral, but so is everyone else. (The article is also riddled with small errors and poorly edited.) It concludes

    [The] disparagement and diminution of the moral standards of an earlier time and revered place only serves to lower moral standards in our own time and place.

    Therefore, criticizing the idealized fifties-early sixties is immoral? Puh-leeze.

  • Leading feminist blog Feministing illustrated an article on women smoking with a picture of Betty Draper shooting pigeons with a cig in her mouth.
  • Bryan Batt sang the national anthem at a Hornets game this week.
  • The LA Times, Whedonesque, and Salon’s Broadsheet have all featured Dyna Moe’s Joan Holloway paper doll.
  • Lisa Craig writes about meeting Rich Sommer.
  • WWD asks famous women what luxury item they can’t give up, quoting Elisabeth Moss first. For the record, Ms. Moss and I are in 100% sympathy about life’s true necessities.
  • Salon has been following Mad Men closely for two years. You might enjoy this season 2 wrap-up article.
  • Your Tango lists ten men sexier than Hugh Jackman. Guess who tops the list? (But Hugh Jackman=sexy.)
  • IESB has an in-depth interview with the key The Day the Earth Stood Still players, including Jon Hamm.
  • A cutesy little article about Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt.
  • The nearly-naked picture of January Jones made my eyes hurt, so I can’t actually tell you what the article is about.
  • The holiday season is here, and here’s a list of tv-themed gift suggestions including, of course, the Mad Men season 1 DVD set.
  • An Australian article on January Jones is called “A basket of kisses.” Wonder where they got that from?
  • The LA Times sees Mad Men as one of many signs of a maturing culture ready for grown-up television.

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  1. I can't say much for JJ's outfit in that picture, but she didn't make my eyes hurt. Her elevator story in the Aussie article is great.

    The pic of Ms. Moss with the WWD article is nice also; classic glamor.

  2. Christina Hendricks is beautiful on, and in, this month's Southern Beauty magazine.

  3. Ooh, Jannah, that was supposed to make it into this post. Sorry, and thanks for the heads up.

  4. Rich went to Case for his masters, just fyi…

  5. Don't know how I missed that, Jannah.

    Karl, I meant my eyes hurt from popping out.

  6. Well, my eyes popped out, but in that good way. I just walked around for a while like I had those glasses with the eyeballs on slinkys, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. I saw Jennifer Westfeld in Wonerful Town! She was great, but Don is not getting off that easy and finding happiness.

    Again thank you

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