Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

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Nov 172008

Since it is the biggest movie opening of the fall, and since we are off-season and looking for other entertainments, here is my review of Quantum of Solace from my James Bond site.


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  1. I saw it last night. Not as good as Casino Royale, but still watchable. I've never seen a Bourne film, but I'll take your word on that.

    Daniel Craig really knows how to wear those Tom Ford suits, doesn't he?

  2. He's a very fine cut of man in a very fine cut of suit.

  3. Daniel Craig = Woof! 😉

  4. Isn't James Bond a Don Draper who got an interesting opportunity after meeting those 'Jet Set' people?

  5. I don't follow your reasoning, John.

  6. Don Draper is very intelligent and adaptable like James Bond.

    Perhaps Don Draper is a James-Bond-In-Waiting.

    In the 'Jet Set' we get to see at-the-moment intelligence of Don Draper.

    And then there is the background of the Cold War.
    Don Draper could be the perfect embodiment of how the United States used 'business intelligence' during the Cold War.

  7. Hottie Grudge Match: Daniel Craig vs Jon Hamm.

    (I confess I'm having trouble picking a winner here, however I'd be willing to be named an official judge.)

  8. Just got back from seeing it, I say B+ and I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I'd have to go with Daniel Craig in the Craig v Hamm match.

    Also, is it wrong that I'm looking forward to TDTESS? I hope it has more Hamm than is in the previews.

  9. John, I think the connection is tenuous. Don is seeking to find his soul in service to himself and his family, James is performing a fundamentally soulless mission in service to his government.

    Donny, I think we need to take them for a test drive.

    Kassy, it is not wrong.

  10. Plus, Don runs away and has been known to piss himself.

    Let's let Bond be Bond.

  11. True, though Don did joke about being a spy in "Jet Set." 😉

    Also, I'm scared that TDTESS will be teh suck. Primarily because I think Hamm would be a better Klaatu than Keanu, though the latter is better-known, obvsly. Nevertheless, I probably will go to support Hamm and Jennifer Connelly (Paul Bettany must be one charming dude; it cracked me up that he had no idea what being in Iron Man meant).

  12. What we need, obviously, is for Hamm and Craig to be in a movie together. In suits. Mmmmmm.

  13. Hamm and Craig are both on my laminated list. Craig's my most recent addition — both because of and despite those Arctic eyes of his.

    I believe that the Hottie Grudge Match, as proposed, would make a lot of chick cash in pay-per-view. 🙂

  14. TDTESS is such a great movie, so does NOT need an update. Still, it's nice to see that Jon Hamm has a part on the big screen.

    Jennifer Connelly is hot, but she is no Patricia Neal.

  15. I have a theory that maybe it's not really a remake. Maybe it's a sequel. Klatuu comes back.

  16. Too bad he morphed into Keanu Reeves, tho.

  17. Jennifer Connelly is no Patricia Neal, but the reverse is also true. Both are wonderful actresses (I even have a soft spot for Neal in the admittedly soapy "In Harm's Way"). I can't see Keanu pulling off Don Draper, but think Hamm could pull off Klaatu pretty easily.

    And Slattery was busy with Revolution Road, and thus was unavailable to play Gort.

    As for whether this TDTESS is a sequel, I'll observe the non-spoiler rule.

  18. Did not like QofS, sorry. Although we got into giggles over the fact that the spy at the end of the movie was with Canadian intelligence. No disrespect to my ancestors, but Canada is not know for its spying prowess.

  19. I saw the movie and gave it a rating of 7/10. It's a good movie, but its flaws make "CASINO ROYALE" better.

    As for Daniel Craig – he has become my favorite James Bond.

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