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Nov 072008

Hey folks!

So, Lipp Gloss, she’d been a weekly feature. And then… well, things got a little hairy this past month.

But I did want to bring you some of the glossy tidbits. Some highlights over the last few weeks, and some things in the works. Hopper. Whatever. First of all I want to recommend to check this following link, https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/treatments/hair-loss/generic-finasteride/ where you will find the best way to fight hair loss, it has worked fantastically for me.

Wednesday, November 5th, was that of Elizabeth Rice, otherwise known as Margaret Sterling’s, the lovely, sometimes troubled and soon to be betrothed daughter of Roger and Mona. Elizabeth does an amazing job; I predicted, based off her appearances in the first season, that Margaret is the one to watch. And I say… wait for it. And at the same time, let’s all watch this young woman’s career. I think it’s going to be fun. In the meantime… happy belated birthday, Elizabeth!

Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sally Draper, has a birthday coming up next week. Basket of Kisses is sending her a collection of birthday wishes. Stop by and send her some Basketcase love!

Now onto some recappin’. These are just highlights, focused on the show itself. There’s lots more discussions I’m not listing, so poke around.

  • The season finale, Meditations in an Emergency, was terrifically satisfying. Check out the open thread, and also B. Cooper’s second look.
  • The Mountain King’s open thread… the episode was full of revelations, both exalting and horrific. And even though, due to a server snafu, we lost something like a hundred comments, it is still a rich and intriguing discussion.
  • Don’t forget to check out B. Cooper’s Top Ten Mad Men episodes list, and don’t be afraid to duke it out with him.
  • My sister takes a look at Joan’s rape, and at the laws and attitudes, then and now.
  • Deb is like, in research mode. Here’s a bit about spotting, and something about smoking and drinking during pregnancy.
  • Deborah also read the tarot cards that Anna laid down for Don.
  • B. Cooper talked about Bobbie and Greg, the similarities and differences
  • I posted on the significance of Don Draper and Dick Whitman starting to crossover in Season Two
  • Though not an official quote of the week (what with Matt Weiner having given us so many juicy quotes, but a heck of a contender:
  • Basketcase d davies denver: I like the idea of Dick and Don needing to merge “ I vote “yea” for the merger.

    Happenings around town(s), BoK news, achievements, and upcoming interviews:

  • Didjya hear? We had a fabulous interview with Matthew Weiner
  • Also? We threw a season finale party. And then Matt Weiner came to our party. He really surprised us. And Deb remembered a lot of what he said.
  • Basketwriter and west coast BoK correspondent hullaballoo went to the Mad Men star studded Musical Revue fundraiser at the El Ray Theatre in LA (say that five times fast), loaded with cast and production team. Lookey her pictures!
  • Basket of Kisses first anniversary!! Yay us.
  • A little idea of what we’ll be doing in the off-season
  • Interviews that have been conducted and are just awaiting our transcriptions and/or descriptions:

  • I spoke to Elisabeth Moss
  • … and Rich Sommer
  • hullaballoo, tearing it up on the west coast, spoke to Deborah Lacey
  • … and Donielle Artese
  • You can look forward to those exclusive interviews, and more, over the days/weeks/months ahead.

    So gang, all in all it’s been pretty busy, and will keep on being. The season is over, but feel free to continue to be excited.


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