Mad News, October 31-November 5

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Nov 052008
  • I am a TV Junkie uses his knowledge of Don Draper for good.
  • Denver blogger John Scherer muses on the huge technological changes in office life since Mad Men (which is, hello, two words).
  • Newsday interviews Elisabeth Moss, and like a dork I comment with a correction. Dork!
  • Memphis-based Commercial Appeal does a homegirl article on Janie Bryant and the remarkable Mad Men clothing. I didn’t know that Betty wore Janie’s grandmother’s wedding dress!
  • The Boston Globe examines parenting on Mad Men.
  • How to achieve Don Draper hair: The New York Times launches a 2 part investigation.
  • Variety thinks Jon Hamm is the next George Clooney.
  • Christina Hendricks loves vintage shops. And by the way, she’s gorgeous. In a related article, the LA Times talks about a vintage clothing revival inspired by Mad Men, and puts Christina in a fab dress.
  • Per Nathaniel of Film Experience comes this fab post in Club Silencio on the joys of Mad Men.
  • Also from Film Experience, more on John Slattery’s All About Eve production.

  • Joanna Connors of the Cleveland Plain Dealer muses on the bittersweet nostalgia of Mad Men.
  • A blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discusses Joan’s “gray rape” experience. Some of the comments got pretty ugly so if this sort of thing is triggering for you, stay away.
  • Sign on San Diego looks at the winners and losers of this television season. Mad Men is a winner.
  • Sorry, but I find this Ask Men column absolutely disgusting. It’s how to pick up women by emulating Mad Men; it’s basically the Don Draper SNL skit without realizing it’s supposed to be funny. The clips they use: Pete telling Peggy his hunting story, Don grabbing Bobbie in the restaurant, are, to the author, a sign of success with women, not a sign there’s something wrong there. Now, after writing this paragraph, I got a nice email from the author, directing me to the article. What’s a girl to do? Well, he’s probably a nice guy, and I appreciate receiving it (even though I already had it through the wonders of RSS), but I have to stick to my guns. This is unpleasant.
  • Our friend Albert sent us this charming ESPN article, comparing the NBA to Christina Hendricks’s fabulous figure.
  • In a letters-to-the-TV-editor feature, a lone New York Daily News reader complains that Mad Men is dull. Heck with him.
  • The pocket square is coming back. Thank Mad Men.
  • An auction of posters by David Klein, described as “Mad Men era.” That’s like, a descriptive phrase now, that everyone understands.

  7 Responses to “Mad News, October 31-November 5”

  1. EM: "I never thought there'd come a day when I'd be compared to Madonna. [She smiles.]"

    Almost as good as the "I'm sleeping with Don" joke… and unscripted.

  2. Also, EM talking about her office door oddly mirrors comments from Victor Karnheiser on the S1 DVD commentary. VK was so proud of Pete's door that he took Alison Brie to see it before shooting her first ep as Trudy.

  3. I hope you feel better knowing that I could pick up immediately on the mistake in the EM article, and it bugged me too. (That scene had context as a flashback).

    As always thank you for rounding up the articles. I loved the Joanna Connors one was great, though some idiot commented that those times really were better. Just goes to show you, there is a lot of arrogance in innocences. (Another theme of the show)

    Also the Boston Globe one on parenting on the show was so good I can almost forget about the Joan/Palin as "new woman" one they did a month or so back. That one so wore blinders.

  4. Loved that Don Draper hair article! For Don Draper hair, I use a homemade mix of Brylcreem, Beeswax and Rubbing Alcohol.

  5. Re: The Variety post

    1. Jon Hamm would be teh awesome as Green Lantern;

    2. Even better:

    With Mad Men on hiatus until February, now is the time for Hamm to shoot his interim movie, but he hasn't lined anything up.

    That sounds like MM production is scheduled to resume in February, which sounds like Lionsgate really is planning on clsing the MW deal by Christmas.

  6. ITA! Hamm is like Clooney without the smug and the questionable taste in women.

  7. I was born and raised in Memphis though I now live in Manhattan. I was delighted to read the article in the Commercial Appeal on MM costume designer Janie Bryant. I love the clothes on the show and was not surprised to hear that many of them are vintage. They add so much to the ambiance of the show. I had no idea Betty wore Janie's grandmother's wedding dress for the photo.

    Thanks for posting this item.

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