Trudy as Barbara Stanwyck

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  1. Yep, saw that comparison immediately.

  2. "The ship's sinking, boys."

    I love Stanwyck, but everytime I think of her, I think of that great line delivery in the 1953 film Titanic.

  3. I thought this was a deeply deeply weird reference. What was Barbara Stanwyck up to in 1962? Playing a repressed lesbian bordello madam in "Walk on the Wild Side," lusting after Capuchine:

    If I were Pete, I would have said, "They'll think you're Natalie Wood."

  4. Sorry, Capucine.

  5. If Trudy had one-tenth of the intestinal fortitude of Miss Stanwyck, she would have had her child adopted by now, and Pete would be on a short leash, behavior-wise.

  6. LOL Cgeye! X-D

  7. Stanwyck did addopt a child during her marraige to Frank Fay. By most accounts they adopted because they were expected to be parents, but neither of them (nor Stanwyck's secon husband, Robert Taylor), were able to show much affection, or interest in child rearing. And the boy grew to resent them and wrote a tell alll (though it did not have the success of Mommy Dearest).

    Stanwyck is an appropriate actress to have the characters on Mad Men compare to. Versitiile, but distinct in a way that is hard to pin down. Very professional,admired by almost every one who she ever worked with, yet not much to come home to in real life.

    That siad I agree that Pete saying Trudy would be confused with Natalie Wood would have been more approp.

  8. … also a supporter/proponent of HUAC, even after they dropped the investigations into *right-wing* Un-American activities.

    Also a woman who did her own stunts, breaking her spine/pelvis more than once, but never complained.

    Also a woman who never had a long-term studio contract, a woman who didn't dye her hair once it started going gray, a woman who started out on the hard-knock life as an orphan, as a teenage Broadway semi-nude chorine… and kept on going until she dropped.

    When I think of Miss Stanwyck, I think of Peggy. One day Peggy will be Margaret, and what she'll know a sane person would mourn about. But, no complaints, remember?

  9. For me, Stanwyck is and will always be the bad dame in Double Indemnity. She rocked that anklet. A good man went bad because of it. She was way, waaaay too hot to handle. 🙂

    Also liked her in The Thorn Birds — still smoking after all those years.

    And did anyone else hear that just now, Robert Wagner has confessed to having an affair with her while they were both working on Titanic? She was a good bit older than he, of course. Quite an improbable couple … but who'd pass up a shot at a dame like her?

    He's no fool. 🙂

  10. “Walk on the Wild Side?” Add in "Rope" and you get an interesting look at Pete's taste in film (references).

  11. Stanwyck came out of the blue. I wouldn't have thought Pete was a fan of hers. "Double Indemnity" was done in '44, probably too early for him. After "Sorry, Wrong Number", she was A-minus or B-list. Pete would have been more of a fan of, say, Ava Gardner or Kim Novak, or even Audrey Hepburn. That said, the resemblance is uncanny. And Matt Weiner is a very astute and loves old Hollywood–I picked up on Betty=Grace Kelly and Kinsey=Young Orson Welles even before the resemblances were mentioned on screen.

  12. I seem to remember Pete's fondness for the Movie "Cape Fear" as well..hmmm

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