Oct 042008

Basket of What’dya-Misses?!

  • Hullaballoo writes a lovely tribute to Paul Newman, and comes up with a gently expressed and genuinely felt tie in with Don Draper.
  • The open thread on Six Month Leave
  • My husband loved this episode. We both really enjoyed the scene where very healthy, lovely Carla catches poor depressed Betty, trying to break into her own furniture (though we’d have written better dialogue for it):

    CARLA: Can I do something for you? Draw a bath?

    BETTY: Pick a lock?

  • You wouldn’t think a few stray thoughts on the episode would prompt this much conversation… you wouldn’t, unless you were at the Basket, where you can expect it:
  • Don gets overruled because he’s Creative Director. Duck and Pete are in Accounts and Accounts rules on business decisions. OTOH, clients love Creative guys for all the cool ads they make for them and hate their Acct Execs for asking them to pay their bills. This is why Creative and Accounts hate each other; always have, always will. The show gets this dynamic exactly right, I think.


    All hail to Joel Murray for such a compassionate portrayal of Freddy Rumsen. He gave a falling apart drunk humor and dignity, with a light touch. His farewell to Don was truly heartbreaking. Rock on, Joel!

  • I think Don wants to talk about it, despite his protests
  • B Cooper presented an interesting look at Betty:

    So the lunch trick was the act of an angry, deeply resentful lady. You think life’s perfect? Here – get your hands dirty and tell me how much fun it is. Go to your therapist and think he’s on the up and up. I’ve been there, sweetheart. I’ve had 4 glasses of wine and sleeping on the couch in the middle of the day for chrissakes.

  • Deborah followed up B Cooper’s post with a little feminist history
  • Women noticed that in the fifties they cleaned up after men in gray flannel suits, and in the sixties they cleaned up after men in tie-dye, and it just wasn’t that different.

  • I transcribe Weiner’s explanation of the opening credits, and get into my own spin on Betty’s behavior leading up to her asking Don to leave…
  • …What she finds are, to quote a friend, “images from his life in advertising“that’s the world that he’s falling through. What do women want? Any excuse to get closer. Scribbled-on napkins; you just know I love smoking is in there.

    And for Don, but also for us, for the viewers, each of these finds is a memento. And isn’t it heartbreaking that we know what each of them means and that Don’s wife does not.

  • And our Basket of Kisses quote of the week.. (dansj, in response to the news about our upcoming Matthew Weiner exclusive interview):

    Remind him that the typewriters in Season 1 weren’t period.

  • Kisses on the Lipps

  • Gabrielle at InnovativeTeen wrote a piece about the Basket called Literary Analysis and Lippstick. It’s a very cool more-than-just-a-teen site. As I’ve mentioned before, anyone who can use Lipp in a sentence gets Mad kudos from us. Check her out:

      As someone who loves to over-analysis, I think the Lipp sisters and their friends are top-notch at critiquing and seeing into deeper themes of this show. They’re fun, they’re edgy, they’re insightful: I can go on for hours. They keep me connected to a show I can’t watch.

    Back in the Kitchen Where the Brisket is Made

    • Rosh Hashanna at my place was awesome. So awesome and pleasant that it wasn’t a particularly quotable evening. Just me and my completely cute two and a half year old nephew singing the ma-na-ma-na/bee-dee-bee-dee-bee song
    • We’re now featuring a BoK quote of the week; you Basketcases contribute so many nuggets. Look over there on the left; it’s seriously featured.
    • Hey Basketcases, we need a little birthday help. You know I try to post all the birthdays (and I finally have like, a system, so I’ll hit more of them). However, I am missing several, including some key players. If anyone has any information on these folks, help a sister out.
      In no particular order:
      Andy Hoff–Charlie Fiddich
      Andy Umberger–Dr. Wayne
      Alison Brie–Trudy Campbell
      Michael Gladis–Paul Kinsey
      Aaron Staton–Kenneth Cosgrove
      Jay Paulson–Adam Whitman
      Deborah Lacey–Carla
      Paul Keeley–Elliot Lawrence
    • Okay, I broke the blog. When I made the Quotations section look much more attractive, I inadvertently killed all the code that my sister had painstakingly put in, linking quotes to episode descriptions and vice versa. or something. okay I never really paid that much attention to the feature. Anway, she staked more pain and put it back. Sorry Deb.
    • And uh… did we mention we’re interviewing Matt Weiner the morning after the finale? Cause of how he knows the Basket is where to come? Just making sure.
    • Oh and one final note. You may or may not have noticed that our tagline has been changing every couple of days. sometimes hours. Pretty much it’s my sister and me trying to crack each other up. Or more accurately, ourselves. We’ve not discussed it; the fact of our doing this. Not once. We’re just idiots like that.

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  1. Oh and PS. Deb, I've been struggling with the code on this feature since last night. It's better than it's been, but look^^ still not right. When you get a chance…

  2. Oh sure, I live for code.

    And I assume the tagline is working? I'm cracking you up? Because it's what I live for when there's no code.

  3. I didn't say we were succeeding at cracking each other up. I said in fact that we were mostly cracking ourselves up. Reminder: we are different people. So ourselves is NOT in fact the same as each other.

    (See? cracking myself up, even now.)

  4. I have been mentioned in Lipp Gloss. My life is now fulfilled.

    LOL, and apologies about the "to overanalysis," which can be translated as either "love over-analysis" or "love to over-analyze," but either way demonstrates a love of exaggerated contemplation. And that it's Homecoming weekend.

    Love to BoK!

  5. Gabrielle, I only just noticed the mis-spell after I posted. Please; no big.

    Love back, and have fun this weekend!

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