Sep 212008

Matthew Weiner wins an Emmy for best writer for Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Mad Men wins best dramatic series and makes history!


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  1. HURRAH!!!!!!

    Drinks all around!

  2. Noah! It's a school night!

  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy! OUTSTANDING! that was definitely the way to end the evening. Every congratulations to the smoothest team in town.

  4. This is awesome!! I have never paid this much attention to the Emmy's and it has so been worth it. Congratulations to the Mad Men cast and crew (and to Comcast which can continue to count on my cable subscription…)!!!

  5. From the ONTD liveblog:

    DRAMA SERIES presented by Tom Sellek's Moustache
    Boston Legal
    Winner: Mad Men. Curvy ladies make their way to the stage looking fierce as hell.

  6. Thank GOD Mad Men won best drama because I actually got nervous after Jon Hamm didn't win Best Actor.

    Congrats to the whole show though! 😀

  7. I panicked when Alan Taylor didn't get director AND Hamm didn't win.

  8. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mad Men on their win of Best Drama Series and to Matthew Weiner for Best Writing in a Drama Series. The entire cast looked absolutely fantastic on stage when they came up to accept their Best Drama Award!!!!. They guys of Mad Men were looking very sharp and the ladies of Mad Men looked absolutely beautiful and sexy as ever!!

    Congratulations Mad Men!!!!!

  9. FINALLY – a reinforcement that quality televison truly has a place in the big business of TV. CONGRATULATIONS to to cast and crew of MAD MEN!!! YAY!!!

  10. What a sexy cast. 🙂

  11. Jon Hamm was robbed BUT we did win best drama YEAAAAAAA

  12. Mad Women are hot.

    And thank God Christina's dress didn't match her hair this time…

  13. The live blog over at Best Week Ever/Michelle Collins had much MM love:

  14. OMG, Jon Hamm came in full character as Don Draper. Super Sexy!!!!!!

  15. Jon Hamm is the real Don Draper!

  16. Yippeeee!!!! I didn't watch the show because I just couldn't deal lol

    BUT I turned on the last 5 minutes, just in time to see MM win Best Drama – woohoo!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to all!! And yes, everyone looked so good – hopefully, no one will make the fug list tomorrow…

  17. No one, Laura? See Bridget's "I dreamed I attended the Emmys in my Maidenform merry widow" entry in the previous thread. 😉

  18. It would have been so cool if the MM cast had all gone in vintage dress.

  19. I have been without cable since that bastard of a hurricane came through Houston, don't know when I'll get it back. I got my life though. Wish I had Mad Men, too!!!!!!!!

  20. LOL, Joy — let us know when you get the scoop.

  21. I certainly will, Ms. D – I have a feeling it's John Slattery, because he's from Boston. And for the sake of getting some sleep tonight, I'll convince my curiosity it's him until I hear otherwise.

  22. Good night!!!

  23. Oh yes, please Joy, haah!! Well, I *did* only have the show on for 5 minutes….I will be trawling through the photos tomorrow – and definitely watching the Fashion post-mortems on E! this week!!


    I think I was worried most about January, since she often gets fugged (and deservedly most of the time) – but I thought she looked good, imo.

  24. p.s. I haven't looked at the Emmy thread yet, but why do I think the Maidenform Merry Widow might just be a comment about January's dress lol

  25. The following quote comes from Matt Weiner in the Emmy press room…

    "I'm surprised that there is such segregation and caste system at the Emmys. I have this amazing cast, and none of them was asked to present awards tonight."

    Right effing on, Matt.

  26. Congratulations MM on a well deserved win.

  27. I had to watch it non-live on the West Coast, despite the fact that I live about 30 minutes away from where the freakin awards were presented – wtf is that? So I just found out about 5 minutes ago.

    Anyway, very stoked and it made all of the waiting and not peeking online for the list of winners worth it.

    Hamm got robbed. Bryan Cranston is great on the episodes of Breaking Bad that I caught (another AMC show, at least), but nowhere near as amazing as Jon Hamm.

    But he'll have 4 more chances to win one.

    Also, congrats to 30 Rock for pretty much sweeping comedy. Maybe people will actually start watching it.

  28. My mother just called and woke me up to “congratulate” me on MM’s Best Drama award:

    Gee Ma, you know I love MM, but how did you know about the win? You never watch awards shows…”Oh, my neighbor is all excited – her cousin is an actor on the show.” WHAT?! Which character? Who?! Young, old? “Oh, I don’t know… he must be near her age – in his 40’s, or 60’s?” Is he from New England? Who is it, Ma?! WHO?! “Gosh, I don’t know, I’ll find out and let you know later this week… Sleep tight.”

  29. Theway:

    Jon Hamm is the real Don Draper!

    And — oddly enough — the real Slim Shady.

  30. Decided to Getty the acceptance pics. Good to see all 2000 of the Mad Men folks onstage! LOL!

    It was truly a sight to behold Miss Maggie Siff there. She and Christina Hendricks looked stunning!

    Yet, the hottest of the night was Jon Hamm! Holla!

  31. Would it have killed Matt Weiner to mention Roberta and Deb in his acceptance speech?

  32. I agree with other posters that Jon Hamm was robbed — but the two big wins and the four others were a great tribute to the show. I am so pleased. I think Jon's portrayal of Don Draper is so subtle — one of the reasons I love him, but maybe not showy enough for Emmy?

    Congratulations to everyone on Mad Men!

  33. I have to admit, I was listening close for Matt to say "And thank you to the Lovely Lipp Sisters." It would have been Awesome! Maybe next year.

  34. I'm sorry that Jon Hamm didn't win, but . . . I 'm glad that Bryan Cranston did. I've been a fan of his for years.

    Overall, this has been one of the more satisfying Emmys – awards wise. Both "MAD MEN" and "JOHN ADAMS" were top winners, along with "30 ROCK". I'm happy.

  35. Congrats to Matt! (and all who make MM possible) Besides SGIYE and TW, ANY of the Season 1 episodes could have been nominated for best writing…my other favs are Babylon and Hobo Code…or maybe Shoot.. New Amsterdam..okay…all 13…they flow like a novel…

    Hopefully, the totality of Season 2 will be as satisfying as Season 1, but that's a whole 'nuther thread!

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