Mad News, September 16-17, 2008

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Sep 172008

There’s some time-sensitive stuff in this edition of the Mad News, so I’m putting up a day-and-a-half’s worth of news to make sure you see it soon enough.

  • Here’s a fairly compelling article by Jody Feinberg about what it means to women to watch Mad Men. She talks about seeing how the treatment of women has changed and how it hasn’t, and she features a mother and daughter who watch together; one experienced the kind of harassment Joan & Peggy received, one was born in a different era.
  • We’ve got some horserace discussion on the Emmys from TV Guide’s Matt Roush and USA Today’s Robert Bianco. Both see Mad Men as winning Best Drama. They split between Hamm and Hugh Laurie for Best Actor in a Drama.
  • On Friday, September 19, a Mad Men themed fundraiser will be held in New York Wilmington, North Carolina:

    “A ˜Mad Men’-Inspired Fashion Show” will be held to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation….

    Inspired by the AMC television series, “Mad Men,” James will style the event with looks garnished by Island Passage, Return Passage and Banana Republic, with a focus on fashionable office wear and eyewear…

    “Doors open at 8pm on the night of September 19th at the Balcony, 33 South Front Street. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at all participating vendor locations, including Island Passage, Return Passage, Banana Republic, Blue Hand Home, Port City Eye Associates and aMuse. “It will be a really fun night for everyone,” James says.

  • Okay, this is great. I completely forgot to Tifaux Jon Hamm on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, but apparently they discussed Hamm’s somewhat surreal meeting with Regis Philbin (and Hamm does a killer Regis imitation). This pissed off the Defamer for some reason, who seems to feel that Regis Philbin is God. (Seriously, the title of the post is “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.)

    The Defamer is angry that Hamm insulted Philbin, and provides clips of both Hamm and Philbin as proof. It does seem to me he’s kind of overreacting, but see for yourself.

  • The Vancouver Sun is interested in the phenomenon of “acclaimed versus popular,” noting that both leading Emmy contenders: Mad Men in drama, 30 Rock in comedy, have small audiences, and hit shows are hardly represented at all among the nominees.
  • Mad Men has a passionate new convert in Idaho.
  • USA Today spotlights the history of Mad Men’s development, even offering a timeline.
  • Nielsen numbers are up. (All the way at the bottom.)
  • SF Gate “fixes” the Emmy nominations, but leaves Mad Men where it is.
  • IMDb has been with the Mad love this week. Monday they linked to the Basket, Tuesday to a story on ABC about Mad Men that I linked to in the last Mad News. On Wednesday, they linked to TWOPs Tubey Awards (see below) which features Mad Men prominently.
  • Also lovin’ the Mad Men is my favorite movie blog: Film Experience Blog. I forgot to link last Friday when he was impressed by the lovely & talented Ms. Dyna Moe. Tuesday a landslide victory by Mad Men is on his Emmy Top Ten wish list.
  • As we know, the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony was Saturday, the 13th. Here’s a shot of Robert Morse (who didn’t win) arriving in his dapper tux. I love red carpet photos.
  • Cinema Blend interviews Rosemarie DeWitt about her upcoming movie, Rachel Getting Married. Mad Men is mentioned up front but she doesn’t discuss it.
  • Labeled as Emmy predictions, this article in the San Francisco Mercury News is really the author’s choices, not the horserace stuff. Writer Chuck Barney wants Mad Men for the Best Drama win, and for Best Actor in a Drama, their vote is for Michael C. Hall in Dexter. For Supporting Actor in a Drama, they vote Ted Danson in Damages.
  • Television Without Pity has put up this year’s Tubey Awards, the most memorable television moments of the year. Under the pithy title Pete’s Balloon, Have You Met Bertram’s Pin?, Nixon vs. Kennedy‘s “Mr. Campbell, who cares?” is cited as one of last television season’s finest moments, as is the breathtaking Kodak Carousel pitch from The Wheel.

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