She's So Unusual

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Sep 092008

Another stroke of genius by Ms. Dyna Moe.


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  1. Dyna Mo's stuff is fantastic. But you need to include the Sally Draper cocktail cheat sheet for Noah:

  2. Holy Hell, they even gave him the gap between the teeth.

    Love it!

  3. Hah!

  4. These pictures are always so awesome.

  5. Smiling YodaBert. Love it!

  6. Hey, I was wondering, who here first came up with "YodaBert"? I know the nickname has been around for a while. It's a perfect moniker, and I absolutely love it. My viewing partner and I cheer after nearly all of Robert Morse's scenes. Loooove him.

  7. My new wallpaper!

  8. Looks like hullaballoo:

    Comparing him to Yoda goes further back, but this may be the first YodaBert sighting.

  9. There's that damn bamboo plant they moved …

    well done! beyond awesome.

  10. You know, Matt could do himself a great service by hiring this artist to do some of his graphics. Imagine some notepads, mousepads, pencils, sticki pads, other office supplies, etc with these graphics and some of the great quotes. Excellet for merchandising.

    Check out the whole collection of graphics on her Flickr site.

    Say the photo of Don and Bobbie in the car at night, with the quote "Forget it…this never happened." or something like that.

    The photo of Peggy and the Gyn and the quote "Don’t think you have to go out and become the town pump just to get your money’s worth.”

    These graphics are time correct, and very spot on. Love the one of Harry in his underwear, crying in the chair. Add quote "You have got to stop telling your wife everything!"

    Can't wait to see Sal's.

  11. They had to add that gap. Robert Morse main physical distinction throughout his career has been that gap. Just like Letterman.

    Imagine a baby onesy with the graphics of Peggy and Gil, with the saying, "For the little one"

    Not everyone would get it, but Madmen fans wuld love it.

  12. That is fantastic!!

  13. Elle — Or just a blue egg with "for the little one."

    Then hardly anyone would get it. And we wouldn't need this artist to design it. So maybe not…

  14. Would love to claim the credit for it, but I don't think it was me…

  15. Perhaps a line of Easter Egg stencils that read, "For the Little One."

    I for one want The Lipstick Queen to come out with a line of Mad Men colors. Available only through

  16. Fantastic! 😀

    I love this blog!

  17. Looks like Bert Cooper's financial savvy wins out again. He purchased his Rothko in 1962 for $10,000 — not unlike David Rockefeller, who purchased White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender) in 1960 for the same amount of money. And Holy Art Appreciation 101 Batman! Turns out the Royal Family of Qatar just acquired the Rockefeller Rothko for nearly $73 million. How the fuck is Mad Man so prescient?

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