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Sep 052008

Over on the IMDb, there’s a discussion thread asking for the ages of Mad Men fans. I tallied 103 responses some weeks ago (didn’t keep up with it as people added to the thread), ranging from 13 to 71. The average is 34.8 and the mean median is 31.

In case you were curious.

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  1. hmmmmm, I'm surprised the mean is so low. I wouldn't think the show would attract as many people who couldn't remember or weren't born in the decade.

    I'm 47, if anyone here is counting.

  2. IMDb may skew lower.

  3. I'm 61

  4. Yes, I imagine a IMDb survey skews low.

    I'm 38. Above average, as usual.

  5. I'm just average, sadly! I'm 34!

  6. I pull the BoK average closer to IMDb's. I'm 28 (and a half).

  7. I'm 47 too. Yay for 47 year olds!!! (Above average!)

  8. Not to nitpick – oh, who'm I kidding – with every intention of nitpicking, average and mean are the same thing. Do you mean average and median?
    B.Cooper [35]

  9. I'm 38 too. Yay for 38 year olds!!! (above average, as usual) And sometimes I have original thoughts!

  10. I've been lurking for forever here but just wanted to let ya'll know there are a decent number of us "youngin's" who watch. I'm 20 and everyone in my my friends college english course is in loove with the show. All the girls anyway.

  11. So close to being the youngest, til Glory said she's 20. My SO and I watch it together, I'm 25 and he's 39.

  12. miamimami is 27 and miamipapi is 37! and soon to be miamibebe is 5 months in the making and older sis is 10 months old……..

  13. swelling the ranks of 38 year olds here.

  14. 36 and counting.

  15. Geez Louise, I swear to the GODS I proofread that to make sure it said "median." I swear.

  16. 25. Kind of glad I'm not the youngest one here; I've been the youngest at a lot of different things.

  17. 22 (23 on Christmas!), young and way below the average income from what I've read too!

  18. I'm 14 and perfectly capable of keeping up with the show. I do get some weird comments form people who find out I'm a fan. Yes, the show's mature, but teenagers can digest more than just The Office, contrary to popular belief.

  19. Good for you, Noah!

    I'm 43, by the way.

  20. Glory, Noah, welcome. Noah, B. Cooper is just kidding and terribly mean.


    ~rkl [43]

  21. Not only is Noah welcome, but he’ll be serving drinks at the Finale blow-out.

  22. age 42, but 32 in my heart.

  23. I'm 52 at this moment but will be 53 in a couple of weeks.

  24. I'd love to get all of BasketCases together for drinks and dinner! What a diverse and interesting group.

  25. Man, Don is such a bad influence, even on us. Making poor Noah make the drinks.

    I'll have a martini, Noah. That's gin. And I'd like it with a twist, which means lemon (just the rind). And swirl it around the lip of the glass, too.

  26. I'm surprised the average is so young – I'm 29, but the only people in real life I know who are fans of the show are in their late 40's/50's. Then again, I think the younger crowd might be intrigued by the stylish costumes and un-PC relationships, while people who remember the era clearly (like my 74-yo mother) probably want to run screaming from the sexist cesspool they recall…

  27. I’m 41, and my husband (who watches the show and reads BOK but doesn’t comment much) is 37.

  28. Noah, I like my Old Fashioned easy on the bitters. Thanks, pal.

  29. Being even compared to Sally Draper touches my heart.

    I can seriously see the show exploring her character in future seasons.

  30. 38!
    And I think Noah is too old to make our drinks. Noah, do you have a younger sibling who can tend bar?

  31. Clinging to 59 for another two months!

    Noah, make mine a Manhattan.

    BTW, come 1967, Sally Draper should be just old enough to hitchhike to San Francisco for the Summer of Love!!

  32. i’ll bring flan…..hahaha

  33. I’m so old. Kennedy era baby — born 1963, which makes me…45. And I’ve got nothing to show for those years except a few wrinkles on my brow. Sigh.

    Noah, I’ll have a bloody Mary, please.

  34. She'll only be 13. So, sure, but I hope not!

  35. OK, so not Sally, but maybe Glen Bishop will find his way to the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

  36. @ Deborah, it's actually called "Level" vodka – it is Absolute's entry into the super-premium vodka world. It has become my favorite. Here's a review:… and the Official Page of Level Vodka:

    The reason people started calling it "Level 1" is because the little silver bottle icon above the name kinda looks like a "1" from afar (or if you've had too many).

    And I'm with you Deborah, I like my Martini's with an actual normal amount of dry Vermouth – that's what makes it a martini after all.

    And Donny Brook – I respect the purist's belief that a Vodka Martini is a bastardization of the "real" gin Martini – but nevertheless, I hate gin… and I love my Vodka Martini's. (This is similar to the ongoing argument about whether "real" chili has beans or not – it doesn't). But I digress…

  37. Gin or Vodka, doesn't matter, but please please stir your martini. Do not shake it. Shaking is only for ingredients that are not easily mixed, such as juices and sugar combinations. Be gentle with your martini and save the violent shaking for the mojito and margarita.

  38. Level, huh? I have done so much sniffing around the vodka market in order to write my Bond book, I guess I've gotten a little out of date. I'll have to try it.

    Patti, that rule simply doesn't apply to vodka, which is not bruised by shaking (the reason you stir gin). Vodka benefits from being very, very cold, and the best way to ensure that is to shake thoroughly.

    "Shaken, not stirred" appears derive from the drink known as the "Vesper," an invention of Bond's in the novel and film Casino Royale. This drink has both gin and vodka: Do you shake to improve the vodka, or stir to protect the gin? Bond apparently gave pride of place to the vodka.

  39. Noah, I drink medium dry vodka martinis with a twist, same as James Bond.

  40. Here's a comprehensive discussion of the controversy:… In the end, the article seems to come down on Patti's stirring side…

    But I'm in Deborah'a camp – shaking makes for a very quick, very cold result in a vodka martini – with little melted ice.

    I've always been skeptical of this "bruising" idea anyroad – my Engineer brain can't conceive of how a distilled spirit would be damaged by shaking it – aerated yes, diluted yes, but "bruised"? I dunno. I always thought this was an Urban Myth – but maybe I'm wrong, since the belief is so pervasive…

  41. bruising, pah!

    I've never had a Vesper, but I always wanted to try one. I imagine I'd end up with a terrible hangover.

    And I'm just one of those people who are naturally drawn to gin. I actually had to limit myself to one martini a month in fear of becoming Dorothy Parker (the drunk part, not the genius part). So I'm only kidding–drink whatever you want!


  42. WOW – I’m winning! At 61, the “Oldest BasketCase” (so far) – funny how many people called me that even before this board was formed!

    {Deborah, mine is a Level 1 Vodka Martini, shaken, with Olives, Straight-Up}

  43. …Shirley Temple?

  44. “Level 1”? Is that, like, a video game thing?

    Do you mean Ketel One? If so, I agree, a very fine vodka indeed. Chopin is like music, but Ketel One is almost as good.

    I differ from most people in that I like it medium dry. Most people like dry or very dry. (Medium=4 pt vodka/1 pt vermouth, dry=5 part vodka/1 part vermouth, very dry=coat the glass with vermouth and then spill out the excess). I am also not an olive fan, although for our season premiere party, we had capers instead of olives and that was a hit.

    For a hot treat, try substituting a whole jarred jalapeno for the olive. Yum!

  45. Martinis are made with gin. Hello. đŸ˜‰

  46. My friend has a vermouth spritzer. It assures the driest of martinis. You just spray the glass before pouring the shaken gin in.

    Delicious and refreshing!

    Hubby is (still) catching up and this evening we watched Red in the Face (the one where Roger vomits) and I noticed how small the martini glasses were. So their 3-martini lunches would be more like our one.

  47. Noah, just get me a beer…Bass Pale Ale. Or may be I want to try a Martini now. But, I couldn't give you intructions. I wouldn't know where to begin. Okay with gin. With a name like "Donny Brook" I better listen to her. Forget it… I'll take a "Don Draper"…the instructions are posted on this site.
    Thanks, Noah and glad you're here. I love the fact that someone your age is watching this amazing show!
    Peter G congrats for being the oldest!

  48. Holy, you people are old.

    I'm 18.

  49. I keep telling my 18 year old son that I am old, but he denies it.

    Peter, there was a column I used to read, and my OLD brain can't remember the name of it, a funny guy who would answer any question, and he actually taste-tested gin martinis both shaken and stirred. Whatever "bruising" actually is, shaking definitely damages the taste of gin.

    Not being a fan of gin, it's nothing to me.

  50. Jorge-ummm…I've thought about what you wrote…my response… ARE NOT!

  51. I'm working on a Joan-inspired drink for tonight, but when I get the kinks out I'm handing the jigger to you, Noah!

  52. The Joan – I picture something tomato juice based with a little hot sauce. Akin to a bloody Mary, but hotter.

  53. Apparently I'm the median…how about that. You can't really trust survey results like these though. Not a proper sampling method.

  54. 31 here… it's funny how much older everyone on the show seems to me and yet Peter is younger than me and Don isn't that much older…

  55. Joy,
    Good luck getting the kinks out of Joan.

  56. Well, I'll help bring the average up. I started watching Mad Men because I was born in 1960. But now I'm hooked. It's just so damn good. I don't have a dvr and my vcr is touchy, so I make sure my butt is in front of the tv on Sunday nite.

  57. Wow…lots of variable ages for this show. Makes sense. There's a lot of different characters of different ages. I'm 25, my hubby is 31, and my mother also watches this show with her S.O. they are 54 and 53 respectively. We all share many of the same opinions on the characters. Although, my mother gets very nostalgic when watching, she basically WAS Sally Draper! btw. she didn't enjoy the summer of love in '67 when she was 13! haha.

  58. Deborah, you may be thinking of Cecil Adams, and his column THE STRAIGHT DOPE. is one of the most amazing websites ever – this guy and his staff are terrific.

    And indeed they DID do an article on the Shaken vs, Stirred controversy:

  59. Peter YES! Thank you so much, I could NOT pull that name out of the memory banks.

  60. OK, here's my suggestion for the Joan Holloway:

    Chop a couple of very ripe tomatoes and let them drain through a wire strainer to collect the tomato water. Save the tomatoes for the salsa. Combine in a cocktail shaker two parts vodka, one part tomato water, a dash or two of Tabasco sauce and a pinch of salt with ice cubes and shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass, run a twist of lemon around the rim and float a very thin slice of cucumber on top.

    One hot but discreet tomato, slightly salty, but cool as a cucumber.

  61. Finding out your ages and feeling so young and stupid in comparison reminds me of when I was 9 years old and signed up for a Beast Machines message board, expecting the other posters to be my age, since it was a kids cartoon.

    Little did I know it was mostly 18 year olds posting.

    Oh, and proper martinis ARE stirred.

  62. Good call on the spicy tomato interpretation, Patti (and Elle)! I bet we could fill a book with Joan (and MM) inspired cocktails…

  63. Is anyone doing a tally here? I'm 39 and I hooked my Mom on the show over the summer with the DVDs — she's 67, so very much enjoys the memories the show brings out.

  64. Oh no! At 61 I'm no longer "The Oldest BasketCase"! Congratulations Sarah's Mom!

  65. I am 47 and Robin is 46 … We love the writing!

  66. 60, I was a true child of the 50's and 60's….bombay straight up with a twist if you please. The perfect martini! Love your site, I check it every day!

  67. I'm 54. Born in 1954. So I remember most of the stuff that's on the show.

    And I'm a fan of gin…give me a gimlet any day.

  68. HI, I am 41 born in 1967. I have a theory, which I posted on the bible as Carolyne, (you can check there) that Pete Cambell is class of 1956 from Dartmouth, just like my Dad (my Dad is NOTHING like him) I swear I have met "Pete Campell" over the years at functions and in terms of costume and hair and all, HE WALKED OUT of the pictures of seen that Dad has from that era!

    Love it , Love it, Love it.

    Maybe I am Trudy's secret love child! HAHAHAHAHAH

  69. I'll shake up those viewing numbers a bit! I'm 79 and have watched MM since the first episode. In the 1960s I was Betty (clueless), my husband was Don (silent and mysterious). We lived in a suburb north of Manhattan. Similar life style, similar problems. He commuted to the city. It didn't end well. Love the show.

  70. Arcadia, whoah. Thank you for bringing that backstory into the mix.

    Just… thank you.

  71. 38 here, long time reader, first time poster. Arcadia, blown away by your having lived Betty's life. Does the show ring true to you in its details?

  72. Huh, I'm 24.

    Watching Mad Men to me is like "oh my god, I'm watching a grown-up show!! Am I that kind of person now??

  73. Yes, Joyce, the show absolutely rings true in all its details. It's just amazing! The infidelities, the cavalier attitude toward women, the drinking, the smoking, all true. This was normal everyday life in the early 1960s for many people who lived and worked in situations similar to those depicted in MM. Crazy!

  74. Arcadia – what was Jimmy Barrett like?

  75. I'm 58, born in 1950.

    Thank you all for your insights. I love this show.

  76. Wow, I think I would have not liked being a woman in the 60s! Thank you for the response, Arcadia. Were you a Helen Gurley Brown girl?

  77. 42 here!

    My sister (who watches the show from her home up north, and chats with me about it every Monday) is 43. Husband, also a MM watcher, is 52.

    Arcadia, welcome. Your screen name is the same as that of the town I grew up in: a sunlit suburb that was full of the kind of couples you describe so well. They were the parents in the neighborhoods of my childhood.

    My mother is 75. She does not watch the show — though both my sister and I have mentioned it to her. She said something to my sister about having lived it, and being uninterested in "going through all that again".

    But Mom and Dad are still married. So consider the source, I suppose.

  78. 25. Was hooked by those terribly seductive "You know I'm no good" ads and have watched faithfully since the first episode. Have also managed to get my mother (55) hooked on it.

  79. Anne B: Sounds like you and your sister (now 42 and 43) are enjoying MM although your mother (75) prefers not to relive those years.

    My daughter, born in 1963 (now 45), watched a couple of episodes, found them too depressing, and quit. Even though the 1960s were difficult for our family, one of my sons (5 in 1960) and I are really enjoying comparing memories evoked by the show and guessing at what will happen next. In fact it was my son who recommended the show to me after he saw the first episode.

    Congratulations to your parents…still together after all these years!

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