The Sexiness of the Draper

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Roberta sent me this for the news, but I forgot to include it, and what the hell, it stands alone. The blog Elastic Waist, which various content related to waist training, has deep, hot love for Don Draper:

And wouldn’t you know it, it happened just as my Don Draper crush turned into a full-blown Don Draper mental fantasy. What happened was this: my man candy did something so shocking that my mouth actually dropped open and I blinked, not really believing that the dirty little scenarios that have been playing in my head had actually just happened on AMC.

Read the whole thing. Twice.


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  1. Don Draper, gallant hat remover to young punks, and remains sexy while doing so!

    That was a HOT article! So nice had to read it twice!

  2. You know, I was shocked by Don's behavior, too, but it sure seemed like Bobbie liked it, which puts a totally different spin on things. She did what he wanted because he turned her on.

    That's my interpretation and I'm sticking with it. He's still a rat bastard, but a sexy-as-hell one!

  3. Donny Brook — agreed. Rat bastard, and yet, because of his appeal, one is willing to indulge him. (o:

  4. I'll totally drink to that!

  5. DB, I'm not exactly interpreting that way. She loves negotiating because it's "hand-to-hand combat." She's turned on by conflict. Sexual conflict is a big thrill for her, and a struggle for dominance with a lover? Must be her hottest fantasy.

  6. And uh… next time she visited him? It was down on her knees.

  7. But, you know there is a flip side and that is what makes Don so irresistable. How many of you felt the simple act of his sitting in the hospital watching Peggy with concern was a panty-dropper. I mean I didn't find it a turn on, but it made me feel such love for his character. How can a man who would do that be at all bad. He is so complex.

    To top it off, a womanizer, who comes to the aid of a woman who has been used by another man.

    Even today, most employers would not have taken the time to help a subordinate in such a time of crisis.

  8. Absolutely so, Ell.

  9. Don is the kind of man we shouldn't want, the kind that our brain says "nooooo" to, but we can't help but want… He's the alpha male in the best and worst ways…
    Bobbie wanted to show that she was uneffected… and he showed her otherwise in the most alpha way possible. My husband and I sat open mouth shocked at the screen and then High Fived… and I mean who gets away with that! 🙂 it was totally hot and yet I dare another man to try that…
    and This is why Don Draper is all that!

  10. Has anyone picked up the fact that he was also a bit disgusted? They showed Don wash his face and rinse his mouth in the kitchen sink at home after they had sex in the car, and he wiped his hand off when he returned to the dinner table in the restaurant. Although he enjoys his interludes with Bobby, I think it's just business and power.

  11. One of the lies SAB told her therapist was that Don, that sexy bastard, would come home with "smells" on him! (That wasn't true since both Rachel and Midge each had their own places and Don could surely "freshen up!" And the clean white shirts in his desk drawer!) So I figured Don, recalling what the therapist *may* have told him and trapped in the car before getting home, couldn't wash Bobbi's "fragrance" from his mouth and hands in any place but the sink! And I doubt if SAB would sniff "little Don!" Then again, she is rather looney, so she might! LOL!

  12. That man is terribly sexy. But, damn, what a bastard. He's exhausting. I'm beginning to see the appeal of Tilden Katz.

  13. On a second viewing of the episode, Tilden didn't look so wimpy. I could see the appeal, beyond the stability.

  14. @Roberta…Tilden definitely sensed something was up with Rachel and Don. He looked more dorky than wimpy, to me. Then again, not too many men are as "chiseled" as Don Draper.

    Anyway, I wanna know what is on the menu of the FULL Don Draper Treatment!? *Ha!*

  15. LOL, Kay. Obviously he's got quite a repertoire. Apparently we've only scratched the surface. I suppose every woman needs a Don Draper at least once in her life. Maybe not forever, but at some point…

    As to Tilden Katz, I agree with you Roberta. He wasn't so bad looking. Of course he can't compare to dapper D2, but in his own right, he's not bad. Actually, he tends to be the type of guy I go for. He's tall, looks to be in decent shape, bookish looking…if he's really smart and funny too, then I'm set…Hey, Tilden, call me…

  16. Hey, Tilden, call me…

    LOL coming atcha!

  17. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand women. Do they want nice guys or do they want assholes like Don? I've never treated a women like Don does, and I see guys who DO get all the girls. It sickens me.

  18. @Jorge….I'll take a shot at answering you. But keep in mind that I am NOT the spokeswoman for all females!

    Please realize that "Don Draper" is not a real person. And the bad behavior he displays on TV is sexy to *some* female viewers. Other women watching the show find "Don's" actions repulsive.

    Just remember, Jorge, that "Don Draper" is a fake TV character on a fake show and comments about him as a role reflect that! The show shouldn't be taken too seriously!!

  19. You know what Jorge? I go out with nice guys. They finish just fine.

    Here is a stunning dissertation on the topic:

    Click right here.

  20. Uh-oh. Trust me, this conversation is not going to get anywhere. I spent years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer boards, and not a month could go by without the question of "why do women want the Bad Boy" coming up in regard to Spike. No conclusions were ever reached, no one's mind was ever changed, and everyone just got annoyed by the time the subject came up for the seventeenth time.

  21. The simple premise is this:

    If a guy is great looking, he's going to be a jerk/bad boy/player/slut because he knows he will always get attention/looks/sex, so he doesn't have to try and is allowed to be picky/moody/disorganized. The ones who are not this way are either in church and married by now or gay.

    If a guy is not so great looking, he will have all those inner qualities of a good husband(or will at least make an effort to try) to please and win a woman. Ergo – the nice guy complex. Unfortunately, this is not the initial attraction most women want. They hope for the best looking one and try to change that bad boy. So they can have their cake and eat it too.

  22. Even nice guys on the surface can end up being assholes every now and then. And it's the same about women.

  23. COOL… please. We know the simple premise. And we're grownups, so we also know that not every handsome man is automatically bad nor is every less than handsome man automatically decent.

    Men = not that simple, shallow, or predictable.

    Also, women don't always go for the prettiest face in the room, which, per this system, is always the bad boy. Women can be attracted to the appearance of kindness as a top feature.

    Women = not that simple, shallow or predictable.

    Melville has it right. This is an overplayed, overworked and endlessly dreary topic, and no good can come of it. I'd like to put it to rest.

  24. OK, I know I said enough of Sopranos/Madmen comparisons. But the New York Times just did it for me.

  25. I mean New York Post, I was so excited to see someone else was on my wavelength that I typed too fast.

    I love it when I make some sense to someone.

  26. Holy s**t.

    Love that post. LOVE it. That woman can write.

    I know all about good boys versus bad boys. Played them all like carp in a shallow pond for years. Heard all the theories. Don't care.

    At this point, I just want to know (1) what The Full Don Draper Treatment would cost, and (2) how I could get it.


    Okay, in like a week — because that's when I'll be phyiscally able to, you know. 🙂 Doctor's orders and whatever.

    Jane! Write this down: a week from today, I'll have the champagne, the steak tartare, and YOUR BOSS.

    (Please don't tell my husband.)

  27. Your "doctor's orders" reminds me of the funniest medical conversation I ever had. Before I had my tubes tied, the doctor and I went over every conceivable question. Then it's the day, I'm on the Valium drip for a little while, then they wheel me in and the doctor says "Any last questions?"

    And I think of one, and say "When can I have sex?"

    and he says…

    "Wait until you get home."

    LOL! I love him. He's my favorite doctor EVER.

  28. Before I had my tubes tied, the doctor and I went over every conceivable question.

    Best freudian ever.

  29. Deb, I thought I found the best doctor ever.

    Now I think I'd prefer yours …


  30. OK, I'm going to say something very crude here, so you've been warned.

    We like the bad boys (and they're not always the pretty ones) because they know how to f***. Not "make love" or have sex, but that other nasty thing. Sometimes we like to be topped, not necessarily the way Don topped Bobbie but just to have a man take charge. It is only sexual and some men get this are are willing to do it. Be as nice as you want the rest of the time, but in the bedroom, be a man.

    There, I said it. No one disown me, please.

    The problem is that few men are able to be assertive in bed and attentive out of it. Ah, a girl can dream…

  31. Excellent point, Donny Brook. I couldn't have said it better myself. Don Draper is definitely NOT the man you want to marry. Just look at how he treats Bets. However, he is an intense f***–just look at how all the girls talk about him.

    I have to add that I knew a man just like Don. I didn't marry him. I married the nice guy and am very glad I did. I guess we girls have our "Marilyns" and "Jackies," too.

  32. I married the nice guy, too. He's the best.

  33. DB, my dear… some of the nice guys know what it is a woman like, say, you (or say, me) wants/needs, and has every desire and ability to deliver.

  34. So I'm wondering if Midge knows Sarah Tooney, too? As a freelance illustrator, she'd probably have to deal with an editor at a publishing house if she were designing book covers and jackets. And that would just be another person with whom to share notes…

  35. I think it all depends on whether the "nice guy" or the "bad boy" can make one happy . . . or be ourselves. I don't think that's an answer that any woman can really answer.

    "As to Tilden Katz, I agree with you Roberta. He wasn’t so bad looking. Of course he can’t compare to dapper D2, but in his own right, he’s not bad. Actually, he tends to be the type of guy I go for. He’s tall, looks to be in decent shape, bookish looking…if he’s really smart and funny too, then I’m set…Hey, Tilden, call me…"

    I hope, for Rachel's sake, that she is truly in love with Tilden. If she is simply settling for him after her disappointment with Don . . . then I will feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Katz.

  36. Hull, I've been wondering the same thing….Just who the hell is this Sarah from Random House? How would she know or be in contact with Bobbi? Will she ever be shown on Mad Men? Just how slutty has Don been over the years?

    Draper's one sexy bastard!

  37. We don't actually know for a fact that the "Sarah from Random House" actually exists, or if she does, whether she & Don actually do have a history. It's at least possible that his "I don't know what you're talking about" is genuine….unlikely, I admit, but possible.

    Why do I have the feeling that Bobbie is NOT going to take this lying down? (sorry, that was bad) But you know what I mean….she strikes me as the vindictive type. Fatal Attraction, anybody?

  38. We don’t actually know for a fact that the “Sarah from Random Houseâ€Â actually exists, or if she does, whether she & Don actually do have a history.

    I don't know, soupcon (great name, BTW), the look on Don's face seemed to betray him. I definitely got the sense that there was a woman at Random House who received the "full Don Draper treatment" (the lucky beyotch). One thing I did consider, though, is that she may have been single when she met and slept with Don, but is now married. Bobbie may have referred to her by her married name, which may have thrown Don for a loop. But he definitely knows someone there. I wonder what she has on him, because he looked scared as isht when Bobbie mentioned her name.

    Don is a player in the grand tradition of mack daddies. He doesn't brag or advertise his prowess because it's a natural part of who he is. Women are no novelty to him, whereas the other men on this show act like they're starving to death and women are an all-you-can eat buffet. True to form, Don doesn't flaunt his conquests. Serious players are never obvious in the way they entice women, and often empower the women to initiate or request the seduction. From what we've seen, that is definitely Don's M.O.

    It's interesting because publicly, Don comes across as a gentleman–he's diffident and respectful toward women. I find it intriguing, for example, that we've never seen him ogle women like the other men on the show. We've never seen him leer at any of the secretaries, he's not hanging out in research scoping ladies behind the two-way mirror, nor is he constantly trolling casting to try to pick up a model. He avoided Pete's bachelor party, and left the bikini fashion show. We never see him entertaining clients at strip clubs, nor did he participate in talking salaciously about Helen Bishop along with his doofus neighbors. With the exception of Rachel, we've never even seen him flirt with women, much less try to pick any of them up. In fact, we've even seen several instances where he refused the advances of women. He also seems uncomfortable and embarrassed when he's placed in those kind of situations–particularly when others are around and trying to gauge his reaction. But privately? Away from the watchful eye of others? That man's an alley cat on the prowl.

  39. @Hull…You completely called it out about Don!

    I figured Ms. Random House did exist because when Don clenched that jaw, that's all I needed to solidify that she was one of his conquests! Do wonder if she was someone he "slipped" with during that 18-month time jump. Or is she from back in the day, like Midge. Hmm….

    I do hope when he's through with Mrs. Unfunny Comic that he "upgrades" mistresses!

  40. Don might relate to Nixon and give us a chuckle, because we know the future shows that they both are, um, Tricky Dicks, but his libido is pure JFK.

    Talk about mirror images — one married a brunette and screwed blondes and, well, you guys know the rest.

    Bobbi might be more attracted if she gets off on power games. I wouldn't rule it out — or that she might boil Polly, ala Fatal Attraction if she can find a pot large enough. Okay, like most things on this show there is more than one way it could play out.

  41. What if Rachel had heard of Don's prowess too? :*)

    I'm mostly joking and being silly, but a small part of me wonders about that possibility. Let's see. She was born and raised in NYC, went to Barnard, is a high powered executive, so I'm sure she's well connected to other influential women in the city. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume she knows someone who knows someone who knows Don, given his taste in independent, successful women.

    What if that's why she went to Sterling Cooper in the first place. To see what all the talk was about. What did that guy from Mohawk say? "Everybody knows that Don Draper is Sterling Cooper." And didn't she actively seek out Sterling Cooper? Because of their…reputation…Heh. She was so determined to use them — even after they insulted her, wasted her time, and showed little innovation by recommending coupons as an enticement to her customers. Then there was all the flirtation and eye f*cking between her and Don, letting him know she was interested. What if she stuck around because she was intrigued by the prospect of receiving the Full Don Draper Treatment, and the "advertising" was just a ruse.

    She's a modern woman who works all the time, and perhaps she was curious about TFDDT — just as a temporary respite from work…She wasn't in the market for a big time romance, but maybe a nice roll, roll, roll in ze hay&#0153 would have been just the thing for her. Of course, it didn't turn out that way. It ended up being far more complicated than that. Maybe she thought she could remain detached and uninvolved — she's adept at controlling her emotions, so she thought she could manage it. But she couldn't. It turned out to be much more than she could handle.

    Can you tell I'm bored and looking for something to do… 😉

  42. Hull, that is frigging awesome!

    TFDDT is going into the glossary. If we ever do a BoK glossary.

  43. Just watched a re-run of the Regis and Kathy talk show this morning. Guest was Jon Hamm. Regis said that he is the "new Gregory Peck." Hamm discussed how he got started and that he was a St. Louis resident who was teaching acting. Decided to move to LA in his old Toyota Corolla with little money. he had an aunt who was living with Westwood and moved in. He started working as a prop man on adult movie sets. There was a casting call for Mad Men and he tried for it. He said he had to go for many interviews including a final one in NY for the execs. Part of the appeal of his character is the mystery behind him and because he is an unknown actor, that has added to the mystery apparently. He presented a dull personality during the interview and maybe it was because both of the hosts were just drooling over him and he was a bit embarrassed. Don't know if any of you out there had seen this show, but thought I'd pass the info on. This show was taped before the Emmy awards because the hosts said that he was up for an Emmy for best actor.

  44. Umm… this is before the Emmy awards. He is up for an Emmy for best actor.

  45. Right, this was a re-run of the Regis and Kathy talk show before the Emmies and of course we now know that the show received more Emmies for a drama than any series in the history of tv.

  46. Okay, the confusion here is you're saying "the Emmys" but what you mean is "the Emmy nominations." The Emmys are in the future.

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