Seige of the Villa Lipp

 Posted by on August 12, 2008 at 3:29 pm
Aug 122008

(Like anyone’s gonna get that reference.)

So here’s the thing. I love the Olympics. Love! Them! And they take up hours and hours of my television-watching. Hours. And I did turn off gymnastics where they use great equipment as the Yes 4 All kettlebells and others, but I changed on Sunday night long enough to watch Mad Men. This was hard for me”my other shows (future post) are being saved to DVR and ignored.

Also, things are crazy at home. Not gonna bitch about work like Roberta does (she’s not wrong, or anything, but that’s not what I’m gonna bitch about). But home? Insane. My son starts college in three! weeks! Argh! So, insane.

And Roberta is absolutely useless at the episode recaps. Not that she doesn’t write them well. I mean, something written by Roberta? Obviously, it’s written well. But she’s super slow at it. And that’s not even the problem. The problem is that I get five to ten emails a week from her apologizing for how slow she is at it. Which is unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. So this year I’m doing them all.

Except I’m not. I’m watching the Olympics. I got quotes up for FTWTY, and the recap may (may) be done before Closing Ceremonies, but I haven’t touched Flight 1, and I have exactly one quote up for The Benefactor.

So what I’m saying here is, don’t hold your breath.


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  1. I just want to know what French movie Don was at and I'll forgive all. NOT that I personally pull that much weight or anything. But if you want to know that at least one person forgives you for the delay, that's what it takes. 😉 I hope getting your son to college goes well.

  2. Take your time.

    It allows me to do non computer related items. Because if is a little slow on the board, I was able to take my son (age 10) school supply and clothes shopping. I may even squeeze in a haircut so that he doesn't look like Cousin It on his first day of 5th grade. Now I am going to go on a long bike ride with hubby and son to burn off a large Olive Garden lunch. I am a better mother and wife because you don't update this site too quickly. Yes, you can take credit for that!

    Your taking things slow allow us to live some form of life and keep ourselves employed. If you posted too fast or too much when I am at work, I'd probably lose my job because I sneak online and don't watch my patients. So think of it as saving lives!

    Yes, Deborah you are saving lives by taking your time! Take your time and breath! We are fans of the site and show. We are not going anywhere.

    Congrats on son going to College. Hope to be doing that one day myself. 7 more grades to go.

  3. Deb….

    Congrats on your son going off to college!

  4. You two are so much like all prodigies I've known (and alas I wish I were one) … wanting to do so much, always on time, and as best as can be… Your post shows how much you both care about this effort. So let me just say for my part… that even if you sometimes feel you come up short (I've never noticed) … the reality is you are both doing an amazing amazing (duplicate amazing on purpose) job with this remarkable website. The best organized, the highest content level -the best moderated, and the most intelligent commentary I have ever experienced in the Blogospere. Like those Olympians that are just so awe-inspiring to watch, the best are always the toughest on themselves – because they are the best.

  5. Eric Ambler "The booby-trapped grounds of the Mediterranean Villa Lipp, a hovering motor cruiser, a sudden attack–Krom is prepared for none of these. But Firman, always cool and self-possessed, responds with force and decision, and in the end pulls Krom's chestnuts out of the fire."
    Hmmm … now how does this relate to BoK? MAD MEN? … another mystery to solve…

  6. I'm half of a music blog co-written with a family member…I can relate (although I'm the slow half). Love the blog!

  7. Maybe a little less Michael Phelps and a little more Duck Phillips?

    Whatever, Deb.

  8. Peter, you got the Eric Ambler, good going!

    No Mad Men tie-in, just a Lipp tie-in. I've never actually read the book, but I own a copy, because the title tickles me.

    B. Cooper, no end in sight. When the swimming is over, the track & field begins. LOVE the shot put; those guys are crazy.

  9. I have to say 'ditto' on Peter G's comments. Congrats Deborah and good luck! No worries about the updates, we'll all still be here.

    And it's official, Michael Phelps is half-fish.

  10. Since I am obsessed, as soon as an episode airs I scour the internet for instant episode recaps. I find the best ones are by Alan Sepinall, a newspaper TV critic who writes a blog, "What's Alan Watching"…
    (Here's his recap on The Benefactor:

    And The Onion AV club:

    Both write-ups are available about an hour after the show airs on the West Coast Sunday nights. Great observations/analysis from Sepinwall every time.

    I am a fool fool fool for Mad Men, I know.

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